Magnetization Oscillations and Waves  book cover
1st Edition

Magnetization Oscillations and Waves

ISBN 9780849394607
Published September 17, 1996 by CRC Press
464 Pages

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Book Description

Written by two well-known researchers in the field, this useful reference takes an applied approach to high frequency processes including oscillations and waves in ferromagnets, antiferromagnets, and ferrimagnets. Problems evaluated include ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic resonances, spin waves, nonlinear processes, and high frequency manifestations of interactions between the magnetic system and other systems of magnetically ordered substances as elastic waves and charge carriers.

Unlike previous monographs on this subject, which are highly theoretical and written for very advanced readers, this book requires only an average college background in mathematics and experimental physics. It will be a valuable addition to the library of engineers and scientists in research and development for communications applications, and scientists interested in nonlinear magnetic phenomena. It also serves as an excellent introduction to the topic for newcomers in the field.

Magnetization Oscillations and Waves not only presents results but also shows readers how to obtain them; most formulas are derived with so many details that readers can reproduce them. The book includes many summaries and tables and detailed references to significant work in the area by European researchers.

Table of Contents

Isotropic Ferromagnet Magnetized to Saturation
Elementary Magnetic Moments
Weiss Theory
Exchange Interaction
Equation of Motion of Magnetization
High-Frequency Magnetic Susceptibility
Solution of the Linearized Equation of Motion
Peculiarities of the Susceptibility Tensor
High-Frequency Permeability
Allowance for Magnetic Losses
Dissipative Terms and Dissipation Parameters
Susceptibility Tensor Components
Uniform Oscillations in a Small Ellipsoid
Internal and External Magnetic Fields
Forced Oscillations
Anisotropic Ferromagnet
Landau-Lifshitz Equation
Generalization of Equation of Motion
Methods of Analysis of Ferromagnetic Resonance in Anisotropic Ferromagnet
Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy
Origins of Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy
Phenomenological Description
Equilibrium Orientations of Magnetization
Ferromagnetic Resonance in a Single Crystal
Sphere of Uniaxial Ferromagnet
Sphere of a Cubic Ferromagnet
Simultaneous Allowance for Different Kinds of Anisotropy
Ferromagnetic Resonance in a Polycrystal
Independent-Grain and Strongly-Coupled Grain Approximations
Influence of Porosity
Antiferromagnets and Ferrites
Antiferromagnetism and Ferrimagnetism
Crystal and Magnetic Structures
Equations of Motion and Energy Terms
Ground States and Small Oscillations
Antiferromagnetic Resonance
Antiferromagnet with an Easy Axis of Anisotropy: Steady States
Oscillations in Antiparallel State
Oscillations in Noncollinear State
Oscillations in Transverse and Arbitrarily Oriented Fields
Antiferromagnet with Easy Plane of Anisotropy
Magnetic Oscillations in Ferrimagnets
Ground States of Two-Sublattice Ferrimagnet
Oscillations in Antiparallel Ground State
Oscillations in Noncollinear Ground State
Damped and Forced Oscillations
Fundamentals of Electrodynamics of Gyrotropic Media
General Equations and Boundary Conditions
Equations for Bigyotropic Media
Uniform Plane Waves
General Relations
Longitudinal Magnetization
Transverse Magnetization
Energy Relations
Equation of Energy Balance
Energy Losses
Perturbation Method
Gyrotropic Perturbation of a Waveguide
Gyrotropic Perturbation of a Resonator
Quasistatic Approximation
Resonator with Walls of Real Metal
Waveguides and Resonators with Gyrotropic Media. Microwave Ferrite Devices
Waveguide with Longitudinally Magnetized Medium
Circular Waveguide
Circular Waveguide with Ferrite Rod
Faraday Ferrite Devices
Waveguide with Transversely Magnetized Ferrite
Rectangular Waveguide Filled with Ferrite
Rectangular Waveguide with Ferrite Plates
Microwave Ferrite Devices
Resonators with Gyrotropic Media
Eigenoscillations and Forced Oscillations
Waveguide Resonators
Ferrite Resonators
Use of Perturbation Method
Waveguides and Waveguide Junctions with Ferrite Samples
Ferrite Ellipsoid in a Waveguide
Coupling of Orthogonal Waveguides. Ferrite Band-Pass Filters
General Properties of Nonreciprocal Junctions
Magnetostatic Waves and Oscillations
Magnetostatic Approximation
Nonexchange Magnetostatic Waves in Plates and Rods
Volume Waves in Plates
Surface Waves
Magnetostatic Waves in Waveguides with Finite Cross Section
Energy Flow and Losses
Magnetostatic Waves in Ferrite Films: Excitation, Applications
Magnetostatic Oscillations (Walker's Modes)
Metallized Cylinder
Sphere and Ellipsoid of Revolution
Damping, Excitation, and Coupling
Spin Waves
Spin Waves in Unbounded Ferromagnet
Energy and Effective Field of Exchange Interaction
Dispersion Law
Magnetization, Field Components, and Damping
Spin Waves in Bounded Bodies
Exchange Boundary Conditions
Standing Spin Waves in Films
Propagating Spin Waves in Films
Spin Waves in Nonuniform Magnetic Fields
Quantization of Magnetic Oscillations and Waves
Thermal Magnons
Elements of Microscopic Spin-Wave Theory
Diagonalization of the Hamiltonian
Discussion of the Dispersion Law
Allowance for Dipole-Dipole Interaction and Anisotropy
Interaction of Magnons
Magnetic Oscillations and Waves in Unsaturated Ferromagnet
Oscillations of Domain Walls
Domain Walls and Domain Structures
Equation of Motion of a Domain Wall
Dynamic Susceptibility
Ferromagnetic Resonance in Samples with Domain Structure
Ellipsoid of Uniaxial Ferromagnet
Sphere of Cubic Ferromagnet
Nonuniform Modes in Unsaturated Samples
Nonlinear Oscillations of Magnetization
Ferromagnetic Resonance in Strong Alternating Fields
Rigorous Solution of Equation of Motion
Approximate Methods
Harmonic Generation and Frequency Conversion
Frequency Doubling
Frequency Mixing
Parametric Excitation of Magnetic Oscillations and Waves
Nonlinear Coupling of Magnetic Modes
Thresholds of Parametric Excitation under Transverse Pumping
First-Order and Second-Order Instabilities
Threshold Fields
Effect of Pumping-Field Polarization
Longitudinal and Oblique Pumping
Longitudinal Pumping
Effect of Nonuniformities
Oblique Pumping
Instability of Nonuniform Modes and Nonuniform Pumping
Parametric Excitation of Magnetostatic Oscillations and Waves
Ferrite Parametric Amplifier
Nonuniform Pumping
Above-Threshold State
Reaction of Parametric Spin Waves on Pumping
Phase Mechanism
Nonlinear Damping
Stability of the Above-Threshold State
Nonlinear Microwave Ferrite Devices
Spin-Spin Relaxation
Relaxation Processes in Magnetically Ordered Substances
Kinds of Relaxation Processes
Methods of Theoretical Study
Inherent Spin-Spin Processes
Three-Magnon Splitting
Three-Magnon Confluence
Four-Magnon Scattering
Inherent Processes for Uniform Precession
Experimental Data
Two-Magnon Processes
Theory of Two-Magnon Processes
Disorder in Distribution of Ions over Lattice Sites
Anisotropy-Field Variation and Pores in Polycrystals
Surface Roughness
Magnetoelastic Coupling
Elastic Properties and Magnetoelastic Interaction
Elastic Waves and Oscillations
Magnetoelastic Energy and Equations of Motion
Effect of Elastic Stresses on Ferromagnetic Resonance
Magnetoelastic Waves
Normal Waves
Damping and Excitation
Magnetoelastic Waves in Nonuniform Steady Magnetic Field
Parametric Excitation of Magnetoelastic Waves
Longitudinal Pumping of Magnetoelastic Waves
Parametric Excitation Caused by Magnetoelastic Coupling
Elastic Pumping
Spin-Lattice Relaxation
Ionic Anisotropy and Relaxation
Anisotropy Caused by Impurity Ions
Energy Levels of Ions
One-Ion Theory of Ferromagnetic-Resonance Anisotropy
Near-Crossing Energy Levels
Experimental Data
Ion Relaxation Processes
Transverse Relaxation
Longitudinal (Slow) Relaxation
Relaxation of Ionic-Level Populations
Experimental Data
Interaction of Magnetic Oscillations and Waves with Charge Carriers
Effect of Charge Carriers in Semiconductors
Damping of Magnetic Oscillations Caused by Conductivity
Influence of Interionic Electron Transitions
Interaction of Spin Waves with Charge Carriers
Ferromagnetic Resonance and Spin Waves in Metals
Thin-Film Model
Theory without Allowance for Exchange Interaction
Influence of Exchange Interaction
Processes of Magnetic Relaxation
Units and Constants
Demagnetization Factors
Dirac Delta Function and Kronecker Delta Symbol
Subject Index to the Bibliography

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