1st Edition

Mahatma Gandhi At Work His Own Story Continued

Edited By C. F. Andrews Copyright 1931
    414 Pages
    by Routledge

    420 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1931, this book forms the third volume of the series, following on from Mahatma Gandhi: His Own Story, and relates in his own words Mahatma Gandhi's epic stuggle in the Transvaal to set right the wrongs which had been done to the Indian Community. There he first proved to the world the practical success of his own original method, called Satyagraha, or Truth Force, whereby the evils of the world may be righted without recourse to the false arbitrament of war.

    1. The South African Scene.  2. The Evils of Indenture.  3. My First Experiences.  4. After the Boer War.  5. A Simpler Life.  6. The Profession of Law.  7. The Registration Ordinance.  8. The Satyagraha Oath.  9. In England.  10. The First Encounter.  11. Imprisonment.  12. Imprisonment.  13. The Attempted Settlement.  14. A Breach of Faith.  15. The Struggle Renewed.  16. General Botha's Offer.  17. 'Hind Swaraj'.  18. Tolstoy Farm.  19. Mr Godhale's Visit.  20. The Famous March (by C. F. Andrews).  21. The End of the Struggle.  Appendix.  1. First Days in South Africa.  2. The Origin of Satyagraha.  3. Prison Days: Mr Doke's Diary.  4. The Assault on Mr. Gandhi.  5. Thoughts on the Gita.  6. The Closing Events.  7. Mr Polak's Visit to India.  8. The Indian Women's Part.  9. Mr. Gadhi's Farewell.


    F.C. Andrews