Mahatma Gandhi : Essays and Reflections on his Life and Work book cover
1st Edition

Mahatma Gandhi
Essays and Reflections on his Life and Work

Edited By

S. Radhakrishnan

ISBN 9780367180232
Published October 16, 2020 by Routledge
557 Pages

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Book Description

Published in 1939, this work was presented to Mahatma Gandhi on his 70th birthday, October 22nd, 1939. This work is not only a remarkable tribute from notable men and women of diverse views, but an important estimate of the life and thought of Mahatma Gandhi.

Table of Contents

Introduction, Sir S. Radhakrishnan  Mahatma Gandhi: An Estimate Horace G. Alexander  The Tribute of a Friend, C. F. Andrews  The Essence of Gandhiji, George S. Arundale  The Servant of India, Bishop V. S. Azariah  Gandhi, as Bridge and Reconciler, Ernest Baker  ‘A light Upon His Name’, Laurence Binyon  ‘A Way of Living’, Mrs Pearl S. Buck  Mahatma, Ananda K. Coomsraswamy  Two Meetings with Gandhi, Lionel Curtis  Gandhi and the Congress, Bhagavan Das  Gandhi’s Statement, Albert Einstein  Gandhiji as a Social Scientist and Social Inventor, Richard B. Gregg  The Hour and the Man, Gerald Heard  M. K. Gandhi: Apostle of Light and Truth-force, Carl Heath  The Significance of Gandhi for the Outlook of a Christian Pacifist, Stephen Hobhouse  On Freedom and Belonging, W. E. Hocking  The Nature of Gandhi’s Greatness, John Haynes Holmes  A South African Tribute, R. F. Alfred Hoernle  Gandhi in South Africa, Ian H. Hofmeyer  Gandhi and the Future of Pacifism, Laurence Housman  Gandhi’s Satyagraha and the Way of the Cross, John S. Hoyland  An Indian Statesman’s Tribute, Sir Mirza M. Ismail  The Authority of Detachment and Moral Force, C. E. M. Joad  Mahatma Gandhi and Soul Force, Rufus M. Jones  Gandhi’s Achievements for the British Commonwealth, A. Berriedale Keith  Gandi’s Place in World History, Count Hermann Keyserling  A Birthday Greeting, George Lansbury  Gandhi’s Faith and Influence, John Macmurray  The Need of a Life Instilled with Unity, Don Salvador de Madariaga  The Power of Non-Violence, Miss Ethel Mannin  Gandhi and the Child, Dr. Maria Montessori  The Evolution of Mr. Gandhi, Arthur Moore  The Hindu Idea of Truth, J. H. Muirhead  Gandhi’s Spiritual Authority, Gilbert Murray  A Visit from the Far East, Yone Noguchi  Gandhi in his Many Aspects, B. Pattabhisitaramayya  Gandhi’s Message to the Whole World, Miss Maude D. Petre  The Wisdom of Gandhi, Hy. S. L. Polak  The Triumph of the Spirit, Llewelyn Powys  Homage from China, M. Quo Tai-Chi  A Stateman in Beggar’s Garb, Sir Abdul Qadir  India’s Debt to Gandhi, Rajendraprased  The Fool of God, Reginald Reynolds  Homage from a Man of the West to Gandhi, Romain Rolland  An Englishwoman’s Faith, Miss Maude Royden  The Fruits of True Leadership, Lord Samuel  Impressions from the Round Table Conference, Lord Sankey  A Great Prophet of Hinduism, D. S. Sarma  The Great Little Mahatma, Mrs. Clare Sheridan  Gandhi’s Political Method, J. C. Smuts  The Poet’s Verdict, Rabindranath Tagore  Gandhi: A Character Study, Edward Thompson  The Path of Satyagraha, Srimati Sophia Wadia  Gandhi’s Fast for Hindu-Muslim Unity, Bishop Foss Westcott  Mahatma Gandhi and Aggressive Pacifism, Jack. C. Winslow  Reflections on Mr. Gandhi’s Leadership, H. G. Wood  Gandhi - After Forty-Seven Years, Sir Francis Younghusband  Patriotism and Public Spirt, Sir Alfred Zimmern  Thanks to Gandhi, Arnold Zweig  Letters, Lord Halifax, Upton Sinclair, A. H. Compton Memorial Section  Introduction, S. Radhakrishnan Gandhi,  The Martyr, Vera Brittain  The World Mission of the Mahatma, George Catlin  Tribute to Gandhi, G. D. H. Cole  Gandhi, The Rt. Hon. Sir Stafford Cripps  Mahatma Gandhi E. M. Foster  Mahatma Gandhi, L. W. Grensted  M. K. Gandhi, The Rt. Hon. Lord Halifax  On Mahatma Ghandi, S. I. Hsiung  A Note on Gandhi, Aldous Huxley  Mahaprasthan, B. K. Mallik  Mahatma Gandhi, Kingsley Martin  The Challenge of Gandhi, John Middleton Murray  The Perfect Artist, Jawaharlal Nehru  Gandhi, Herman Ould  Last Days Vincent Sheean  Mahatma Gandhi, Thakin Nu  How Gandhi Helped Me, Dame Sybil Thorndike  Gandhi’s Message to the World, Roy Walker

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