1st Edition

Maintenance Audits Handbook A Performance Measurement Framework

By Diego Galar Pascual, Uday Kumar Copyright 2016
    639 Pages
    by CRC Press

    640 Pages 271 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Maintenance Audits Handbook: A Performance Measurement Framework explores the maintenance function and performance of an organization, and outlines the key aspects required for an effective and efficient maintenance performance measurement (MPM) system. Incorporating different aspects of traditional literature and considering various frameworks on the subject, it examines the auditing process as well as the use and development of maintenance metrics. It identifies different frameworks and models showcasing how MPM systems should be implemented as well as the values that are created when different frameworks are used.

    The book presents performance indicators within a framework that classifies and sorts according to functional and hierarchical aspects. It introduces techniques that can help determine the right set of performance indicators. It also outlines a process that combines both numerical indicators with the classical result of massive questionnaires successfully incorporating both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of maintenance performance. In addition, the author provides examples of MPM frameworks that are used in organizations with condition-based, vibration-based, and reliability-centered maintenance.

    A useful handbook for students and maintenance professionals, this book provides readers with an understanding of how to

    • Align the organizational strategy to the strategies of the maintenance function

    • Link the maintenance performance measures to the different hierarchies of the organization and establish effective communication between them

    • Translate the MPIs at operational level to the corporate level (to create value for the whole organization and its customers)

    • Identify the weaknesses and strengths of the implemented maintenance strategy

    Maintenance Audits Handbook: A Performance Measurement Framework provides readers with a sound foundation for developing and measuring a comprehensive maintenance improvement strategy using qualitative and quantitative data, and serves as an ideal resource for maintenance/mechanical engineers, maintenance/performance/business/production managers and industry professionals involved in maintenance.

    The Need for Maintenance Metrics. Introducing a Metrics in Maintenance, and Associated Problems. The Human Factor in the Measurement of Maintenance Performance. Maintenance Costs Model: Base of Financial Indicators. Rams Parameters: Indicators of the Effectiveness of Maintenance. Maintenance Indicators and Scorecard. Maintenance Audit. Audit Model Application and Scorecard in Companies: Results and Conclusions. References. Appendices.


    Diego Galar Pascual, Uday Kumar

    "This is a very useful handbook for students and maintenance professionals alike that will enable them to align the maintenance with business requirements and create a hierarchy of measures which will allow opportunities for value creation to be identified. The rigorous performance management framework described in the book will then enable readers to strengthen areas of weakness in the maintenance strategy and its execution so that cost-effectiveness can be improved."
    —Paul Wheelhouse, Director, Red Wheel Solutions Ltd., UK

    "…easy-to-understand … a sound perspective … provides very useful insights for maintenance practitioners in the broader community…"
    —Jay Lee, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA