Maintenance, Monitoring, Safety, Risk and Resilience of Bridges and Bridge Networks  book cover
1st Edition

Maintenance, Monitoring, Safety, Risk and Resilience of Bridges and Bridge Networks

ISBN 9781138028517
Published July 12, 2016 by CRC Press
652 Pages

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Book Description

Maintenance, Monitoring, Safety, Risk and Resilience of Bridges and Bridge Networks contains the lectures and papers presented at the Eighth International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management (IABMAS 2016), held in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná, Brazil, 26-30 June, 2016. This volume consists of a book of extended abstracts and a DVD containing the full papers of 369 contributions presented at IABMAS 2016, including the T.Y. Lin Lecture, eight Keynote Lectures, and 360 technical papers from 38 countries.

The contributions deal with the state-of-the-art as well as emerging concepts and innovative applications related to all main aspects of bridge maintenance, safety, management, resilience and sustainability. Major topics covered include: advanced materials, ageing of bridges, assessment and evaluation, bridge codes, bridge diagnostics, bridge management systems, composites, damage identification, design for durability, deterioration modeling, earthquake and accidental loadings, emerging technologies, fatigue, field testing, financial planning, health monitoring, high performance materials, inspection, life-cycle performance and cost, load models, maintenance strategies, non-destructive testing, optimization strategies, prediction of future traffic demands, rehabilitation, reliability and risk management, repair, replacement, residual service life, resilience, robustness, safety and serviceability, service life prediction, strengthening, structural integrity, and sustainability.

This volume provides both an up-to-date overview of the field of bridge engineering as well as significant contributions to the process of making more rational decisions concerning bridge maintenance, safety, serviceability, resilience, sustainability, monitoring, risk-based management, and life-cycle performance using traditional and emerging technologies for the purpose of enhancing the welfare of society. It will serve as a valuable reference to all involved with bridge structure and infrastructure systems, including students, researchers and engineers from all areas of bridge engineering.

Table of Contents


Bridge life-cycle performance and cost: Analysis, prediction, optimization and decision making
D.M. Frangopol, S. Sabatino &Y. Dong


Towards a standard policy for structural monitoring in cable-stayed bridges
M.A. Astiz

Bridge dynamics and aerodynamics: Design and practical requirements for high structural performance and safety
R.C. Battista

Dynamic identification and continuous dynamic monitoring of bridges
A. Cunha, E. Caetano, F. Magalhães & C. Moutinho

Implementation of system performance principles in bridge assessment and design
M. Ghosn

Design of large bridges for ease of inspection and maintenance and safety against ship impact
N. Hussain

Masonry arch bridges in the Italian railway engineering experience: State of condition, static reliability, seismic verification and retrofit strategies
C. Modena, G. Tecchio & F. da Porto

Feasibility of a 10,000m long span suspension bridge
M.C. Tang

SHM-based fatigue damage prognosis for long-span cable-supported bridges under multiple dynamic loadings
Y.-L. Xu


Life-cycle performance assessment of existing bridges in an aggressive environment
Organizers: M. Akiyama, D.M. Frangopol & I. Yoshida

Partial factors for reliability-based durability assessment of RC bridges using observational data
K. Kano, Y. Odake, M. Akiyama & D.M. Frangopol

Grouping and estimation of deterioration curves of existing bridges
I. Yoshida, Y. Ohtake &Y. Honjo

Life-cycle multi-hazard risk assessment of highway bridges
Y. Dong & D.M. Frangopol

Life-cycle sustainability of highway bridges
S. Sabatino & D.M. Frangopol

Risk-based approach for the optimal management of coastal bridges
A. Mondoro, D.M. Frangopol & M. Soliman

Carbonation rate in old structures assessed with air-permeability site NDT
K. Imamoto, R. Neves & R. Torrent

Analytical and experimental service life assessment of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau link
K. Li & R. Torrent

The role of concrete technology in improving long term bridge performance
F. Pacheco, R. Christ & B.F. Tutikian

Cost-based recovery processes and seismic resilience of aging bridges
A. Titi, F. Biondini & D.M. Frangopol

Bridge loading – measurement and modelling
Organizers: C. Caprani, X. Ruan, E. O’Brien &A. Nowak

Simplified methodology for dynamic analysis of curved road bridges with structure-vehicle interaction
E.P. Schmidt & C.E.N. Mazzilli

Characteristics of traffic loading effects of long-span continuous rigid frame bridge with high piers using micro-scaled traffic model
J.Wu, Q. Xiao, P.F. Xu, L.J.Wu &W.S. Han

Effects of increasing design traffic load on performance and life-cycle cost of bridges
C. Hanley, D.M. Frangopol, D. Kelliher &V. Pakrashi

Considering traffic growth in characteristic bridge load effect calculations
C. Leahy, E.J. O’Brien &A.J. O’Connor

Recent advancements in accuracy and robustness of Bridge WIM systems
A. Žnidariˇc, J. Kalin & M. Kreslin

Effect of vehicle-bridge interaction on bridge seismic response
S. Kameshwar & J.E. Padgett

A creation method of lane load characteristic on highway bridges based on deck monitoring video integrated with WIM data
Y. Pan, D.L.Wang, A.R. Chen & R.J. Ma

Live load model for refined analysis of short and medium-span bridge systems
G. Anitori, J.R. Casas & M. Ghosn

Influence of simplified traffic simulation on the assessment of long span bridge
J.Y. Zhou, X. Ruan & X.F. Shi

Vibration problems on design of grid bridges and viaducts and their maintenance
P.A. Lipener & R.M.L.R.F. Brasil

Novel techniques regarding the assessment and monitoring of bridges
Organizers: A. Strauss & D.M. Frangopol

Phased array ultrasonic inspection of rib-to-deck welded joints in orthotropic steel decks
T. Makita, H. Sakai, T. Suzuki & N. Yagi

Optimization of structural health monitoring and maintenance planning based on Bayesian joint modeling of time-dependent measurements and hazard functions
C. Xing, R. Caspeele & L. Taerwe

A structural monitoring framework relying on wireless sensors networks and spectro-temporal compressive sensing
R. Klis, E. Chatzi & M. Spiridonakos

Calculation of optimised bridge dynamic amplification factor using bridge weigh-in-motion data
J. Kalin, A. Žnidariˇc & M. Kreslin

Application of system-based correction factors in condition rating of steel-composite bridges
G. Anitori, J.R. Casas & M. Ghosn

Nonlinear analyses techniques for the assessment of the track-bridge interaction
A. Strauss, B. Täubling, L. Jirovský, K. Bergmeister, M. Šomodíková, D. Lehký, D. Novák & D.M. Frangopol

Structural behavior of damaged arch bridges
K. Mendlig, D. Proske, A. Strauss, A. Krawtschuk & O. Zeman

Recommendations concerning the inspection and maintenance of bridges and viaducts
J. Pacheco, M. Carvalho & P. Helene

Reliability assessment of concrete columns
J. Podroužek, V. Benko, P. Kendický &A. Strauss

Satellite InSAR applicability for monitoring bridge deformations
M. Lazecky, I. Hlavacova, M. Bakon, J. Papco, J.J.M. de Sousa & J. Kolomaznik

Smart bridge structural health monitoring
Organizers: B. Glisic, J.P. Lynch, H. Sohn & D. Zonta

Vibration-based damage assessment based on a data driven damage feature
L. Martinelli, M. Domaneschi & M.P. Limongelli

Structural health monitoring – a smart timber bridge
T.K. Hosteng, B.M. Phares & J.P.Wacker

Multi-sensor structural monitoring of Colle Isarco Viaduct
A. Bonelli, A. Beltempo, C. Cappello, D. Bolognani, O.S. Bursi, D. Zonta, C. Costa &W. Pardatscher

Improved structural health monitoring of bridges using digital image correlation
J.Winkler & C. Hendy

On-site non-destructive evaluation system for PC structures using X-ray and neutron sources
Y. Oshima, M. Ishida, M. Uesaka &Y. Otake

Multiphase mobile sensor network for beam health monitoring
T.J. Matarazzo, M. Horner, K. Koser & S.N. Pakzad

Structural reliability methods for bridge safety and maintenance
Organizers: A.T. Beck, S.M.C. Diniz & F. Stucchi

Probabilistic modelling and assessment of railway bridges
L. Connolly, A.J. O’Connor & E.J. O’Brien

Reliability analysis of circular RC columns confined by CFRP
J.R. Ferreira & S.M.C. Diniz

A stochastic dynamics approach for efficient incremental dynamic analysis
K.R.M. dos Santos, I.A. Kougioumtzoglou &A.T. Beck

Fatigue reliability assessment method for concrete girder bridges
C.S.Wang, P.J. Zhang, J.W. Zhao, M.S. Zhai & Q.Wang

Performance assessment of strengthened concrete girder bridges based on monitoring data
C.S.Wang, P.J. Zhang, X.K. Quan & Q.Wang

Improving the sustainability of a bridge during the retrofitting
M. Munoz, M. Iuliano, R. Yadav, B. Chen & B. Briseghella

Rehabilitation, strengthening and management of bridges inAustralia
Organizers: N. Powers & R. Al-Mahaidi

Practical risk based approach to determine flood impact
N. Powers

Torsional strengthening of concrete bridge girders using the NSM CFRP strips
G. Al-Bayati, R. Al-Mahaidi & R. Kalfat

Optimisation of inspection and maintenance activities for bridge components
H. Mohseni, H. Tran & S. Setunge

Analysis of flood impact on reinforced concrete (prestressed) girder bridges – a case study
F. Kalendher, S. Setunge, H. Mohseni &W. Lokuge

CFRP confinement of concrete columns damaged by high expansion level of alkali-aggregate reaction
T. Kubat, R. Al-Mahaidi &A. Shayan

Experimental investigation on CFRP strengthened steel plates with inclined cracks
N.J. Aljabar, X.L. Zhao, R. Al-Mahaidi, E. Ghafoori, M. Motavalli & N. Powers

Evaluation and strengthening of New Zealand bridges for increased vehicle loads
J. Reynolds

Improving the bond performance of FRP applied to concrete members using mechanical substrate strengthening and FRP spike anchors
R. Kalfat & R. Al-Mahaidi

Durability of FRP strengthened reinforced concrete flexural members for bridge structures
R.J. Gravina, H. Aydin, S.A. Hadigheh & P. Visintin

Techniques of rehabilitation and strengthening for existing bridges
Organizer: J. Timerman

Carbon-fiber reinforced polymer used in the reinforcement of rectangular openings in the web of reinforced concrete beams
E.E. Matar

Fatigue strengthening of riveted girders in a historic railway metallic bridge in Switzerland using pre-stressed un-bonded CFRP laminates
E. Ghafoori, M. Motavalli, A. Herwig, A. Nussbaumer, G.S. Prinz & M. Fontana

Safety of existing structures
F.R. Stucchi, F. Fanti, J. Carandina & F.L. Blancas

Strengthening of the Chillon highway viaduct deck slab with reinforced UHPFRC
E. Brühwiler & M. Bastien-Masse

Determination of the fibre content and orientation in UHPFRC layers using NDT – application to the simulation of the behaviour of strengthened beams
M. Pimentel & S. Nunes

Widening and reinforcement of existing concrete bridges – the Brazilian experience
J.A.P. Vitório

Suitability of bridges for Tiete-Parana waterway navigational clearance
M. Freire & F. Assali

Strengthening an existing bridge using external tendons – the Samambaias River/PR case
A. Bertrand

São Vicente Suspension Bridge rehabilitation and cable substitution
R. Timerman, H. Corres, F. Prieto & S. Doniak

Research and applications in bridge health monitoring
Organizers: N. Catbas, J. Casas, H. Furuta & D.M. Frangopol

Monitoring of shear cracking in partially prestressed concrete beams by distributed optical fiber sensors
G. Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, J.R. Casas, S. Villalba-Herrero &A. Barrias

Accelerated Finite Element model calibration by substructure analysis with parallel genetic algorithm optimization
K. Zhou, Z.Y.Wu & M. Cashany

Development of a web interface for structural health monitoring data visualization and structural performance assessment
A.B. Colombo &T.N. Bittencourt

Reliability evaluation of reinforced concrete bridges using structural health monitoring
A.B. Colombo, T.N. Bittencourt & D.M. Frangopol

Experimental damage identification in a post tensioned concrete beam
M.P. Limongelli, D. Siegert, E. Merliot, J.Waeytens, F. Bourquin, R. Vidal, V. Le Corvec, I. Gueguen & L.M. Cottineau

Probabilistic seismic resilience analysis for bridges shocked by near-fault pulse-like ground motions
Y. Liu, D.G. Lu & F. Paolacci

An innovation monitoring method of vehicle induced aerodynamic load on sound barrier integrated with photogrammetry and image analysis
D.L.Wang, Y. Pan, X. Shen, R.J. Ma &A.R. Chen

Structural health monitoring system design for cable supported bridges: A proposed framework and recommendations
J.E. Mayorga & F.A. Cerda

Damage localization through empirical modal analysis on a full scale cable stayed bridge
A. Torres & F.A. Cerda

Data mining and analysis of large-scale bridge structure health monitoring
H. Tian, C. Chao, M. Hu & X. Jin

On the use of a passing vehicle for bridge health monitoring
E.J. O’Brien &A. Malekjafarian

Application of a cross correlation technique for assessment of a non-homogeneous stress field
J.L.A.O. Sousa & H.Wiggenhauser

Structural health monitoring of a prestressed concrete bridge in a critical state of conservation
C.F. Rodrigues, C.F. Sousa, H. Figueiras & J.A. Figueiras

Monitoring of the Infante D. Henrique Bridge with self organizing maps
M. Marcy, G. Doz, F. Magalhães &A. Cunha

Numerical simulation based bridge safety, maintenance and management
Organizers: A.R. Chen & X. Ruan

Evaluation of temperature effect on the dynamic parameters of a laboratory scaled bridge
N.A. Guzman & F.A. Cerda

Rehabilitation of Chekiang Road Bridge in Shanghai
Y.F. Fang, H. Yan, C.L. Zhang, K. Song & L. Chen

Design proposal for Songpu Bridge:Widening the riveted truss bridge with ortho-composite-slab
C.L. Zhang, C.Y. Shao, Y.F. Fang, Q.Wang & Q. Shen

Research on measuring the pre-tension force in bolts using ultrasonic method
Y. Zhao, B. Hu & P.F. Zhang

Research on new method for measuring the pre-tension force of bolts
Y. Zhao, B. Hu & P.F. Zhang

“Limited” concept based protection-again-vessel-collision design for existing bridges
Q.E. Deng,W. Liang, H.W. Lu & Q. Miao

Bayesian updating based resistance model of bridge suspender
X.Wang, X. Ruan & K. Zhou

Optimize bridge construction process based on BIM technology
X.F. Shi, Z.Q. Liu, X. Yan & Z.Q. Ma

Numerical study on the chloride attack of a concrete cable-stayed bridge
X. Ruan, Z. Yin & Z. Pan

Management of major bridges for resilience, safety and maintenance
Organizers: N. Catbas, A.R. Chen, N. Apaydin, L. Feng & X. Ruan

Nonstationary characteristics of Typhoon Fung-Wong observed at Sutong Bridge site based on SHMS
H.Wang, T.Y. Tao, Y.P. Zhang &A.Q. Li

Bridge scour risk in a changing climate: A sensitivity analysis
H. Dikanski, B. Imam, A. Hagen-Zanker, K. Avery & D. Castlo

An elegant hybrid solution to cross the Bosphorus strait in a mixed-traffic environment within an ever-expanding urban context
R. Sorge

Using innovative maintenance to extend lifetime of railway bridges and tunnels

The application of health monitoring system for the maintenance of Chinese bridges
M.S. Pei &A.R. Chen

Structural health monitoring system-SHMs of the long span bridges in Turkey
S. Bas, N.M. Apaydin, A. Ilki & F.N. Catbas

Block travel of heavy duty trucks over a suspension bridge: A case study
S.U. Dikmen, E. Safak & N.M. Apaydin

Bridge foundations – structural and geotechnical aspects
Organizers: M.M. Futai, A.D. Gusmão, R.P. da Cunha & R.A. de Oliveira

Structural analysis of pile caps, used in bridge foundation, subject to AAR
C.M.T.M. Gameleira, V.Q.G. Nunes, P.A. Régis & R.A. de Oliveira

Study on the stress distribution in the foundation of blocks on four piles, used in bridges
V.Q.G. Nunes, C.M.T.M. Gameleira, P.A. Régis & R.A. de Oliveira

A probabilistic evaluation of an integral abutment bridge
M. Munoz, B. Briseghella & P. Smaldini

Analysis of pile cap behavior in connection with steel piles
R. Burgos Filho, F.C. Zarzar Júnior & R.A. de Oliveira

Numerical staged-construction analysis of precast concrete bridge
A.C.F. Leite, F.A.N. Silva & R.A. de Oliveira

Advanced and innovative approaches to bridge management including risk management
Organizers: L. Klatter & R.M. Ellis

Network level risk analysis in bridge management
P.D. Thompson

Bridge performance analysis in transportation asset management plans
P.D. Thompson

Practical performance measures for bridge management
R.M. Ellis, D.J. Evans & C. McElhinney

Tracking bridge conditions versus budgets using bridge management system tools in Prince Edward Island Department of Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy
D.J. Evans & R.M. Ellis

Issue approach for medium term renovation and replacement planning
G. Klanker, L. Klatter & J. Bakker

A methodology to determine the most sustainable bridge work programs through improved structure level considerations
Z. Mirzaei & B.T. Adey

Management of bridges with shallow foundations exposed to local scour
N. Tanasic & R. Hajdin

An application of expected utility theory for the optimization of bridge maintenance strategies
C. Cappello, D. Bolognani, R. Zandonini & D. Zonta


Steel bridge rehabilitation
Organizer: M. Sakano

A strengthening theory to prevent fatigue crack initiation in old metallic bridges
E. Ghafoori, M. Motavalli, A. Nussbaumer, X.L. Zhao, A. Herwig, M. Fontana & G.S. Prinz

Behavior confirmation and functional evaluation of bridge bearings based on the field measurement
N. Shibasaki, C.M. Ikeda & M. Sakano

Rationalization of fatigue cracks inspections in steel bridges through application of eddy current tests
L.H. Ichinose, M. Mizue & M. Sakano

Fatigue strength improvement of rib-to-deck joints of orthotropic steel deck by peening
T. Ishikawa, R. Matsumoto, J. Rockenbach, H. Kawano & S. Tsutsumi

Fatigue strength improvement by peening from back surface of the weld toe
R. Matsumoto, J. Rockenbach, H. Kawano, T. Ishikawa & S. Tsutsumi

Enhancing low-cycle fatigue strength of cruciform welded joints by weld toe grinding
K. Kinoshita & K. Ueda

Improving the durability of existing orthotropic steel decks using steel plates and stud bolts
A. Sato, A. Tabata & S. Ono

Replacement of cable stays on Tjörn Bridge
J. Laigaard, M. Skoglund &A. Maglica

Aging road infrastructure – challenges for owners and operators
Organizer: J. Krieger

Assessing condition of concrete bridge decks by robotic platform RABIT for development of deterioration and predictive models
N. Gucunski, B. Basily, J. Kim, T. Duong, A. Maher, K. Dinh, H. Azari & H. Ghasemi

Aging highway bridges – challenges for owners and operators
J. Krieger & R. Holst

German guidelines for the re-assessment of existing highway bridges
B. Novák

Re-assessment and upgrading strategies for highway bridges – case studies
V. Boros

European standardization of quality specifications for roadway bridges
Organizers: J.A.S. de Carvalho, C. Matos & J. Casas

COST Action TU1406 quality specifications for roadway bridges (BridgeSpec)
J. Campos e Matos, J.R. Casas & S. Fernandes

European standardization of quality specifications for roadway bridges: An overview
J.R. Casas

Performance indicators in assessment of concrete arch bridges
A.M. Ivankovi´c, M. Srbi´c & J. Radi´c

Quality control plans for road bridges
R. Hajdin

Performance goals for roadway bridges
I. Stipanovic Oslakovic & G. Klanker

Performance indicators for roadway bridges
A. Strauss, A. Vidovic, I. Zambon, F. Dengg, N. Tanasic & J.C. Matos

Quality control of road bridges in Poland
J. Bie´n, M. Ku˙zawa, M. Gładysz-Bie´n &T. Kami´nski

Bridges for high-speed railways
Organizers: R.A.B. Calçada, J.M. Goicolea &T.N. Bittencourt

Dynamic evaluation considering the vehicle-structure interaction of a railway bridge subjected to heavy axle load trains
L.R. Ticona Melo, T.N. Bittencourt, D. Ribeiro & R.A.B. Calçada

Influence of track irregularities in the global and local dynamic response of precast decks under railway traffic loads
J. Malveiro, C.F. Sousa, R.A.B. Calçada & D. Ribeiro

Damage identification of a railway bridge based on genetic algorithms
A. Meixedo, R.A.B. Calçada, V. Alves, D. Ribeiro &A. Cury

Field measurements of maglev train-induced vibrations
Z.-L.Wang, S.-W. Chen, Y.-L. Xu & G.-Q. Li

Development and application ofWeigh-In-Motion (WIM) technology for bridge structures
Organizers: H. Nassif, T. Bittencourt & D. Su

Live loads in condition assessment of old bridges
T. Kami´nski, J. Bie´n, M. Ku˙zawa & J. Zwolski

Evaluation of toll rate using Weigh-In-Motion data for Korean expressway
Y. Choi, S. Kwon & S. Lee

Evaluation of overweight enforcement system using the high-speedWeigh-In-Motion in Korea expressway
S. Kwon, Y. Choi & S. Lee

Development of the high speedWeigh-In-Motion system using double diagonal sensor array
S. Kwon, Y. Choi & S. Lee

Live load predictions based on daily maximum vehicle weight fromWeigh-In-Motion (WIM) data
H. Nassif & D. Su

Characterization of truck traffic in New Jersey based on 20 years ofWeigh-In-Motion (WIM) data
D. Su & H. Nassif

Calibration ofWeigh-In-Motion system considering temperature effects
E.-S. Hwang & D.Y. Kim

Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) – innovations and implementations
Organizers: U.B. Attanayake, H. Aktan & R. Dissanayake

Foundation solutions for accelerated bridge construction
U.B. Attanayake & H.M. Aktan

Substructure solutions for accelerated bridge construction
A.P. Ranasinghe

Monitoring bridge moves
A.W. Mohammed, U.B. Attanayake & H.M. Aktan

Experimental testing of high and low damage seismic resistant connections for Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)
M. Mashal &A. Palermo

Retrofitting of damaged bridges – the sustainable solution
R. Dissanayake & C. Bandara

Prefabricated vs cast-in-situ concrete bridges in a whole life perspective
P. Linneberg & J.S. Jensen

Bridge networks maintenance, safety, reliability, resilience, and sustainability
Organizers: P. Bocchini & M. Pozzi

Maintenance and seismic retrofit cost assessment of existing bridges
M.A. Zanini, L. Hofer, F. Faleschini, P. Franchetti & C. Pellegrino

Value of information analysis for typical bridge network topologies
C. Malings & M. Pozzi

Metrics and algorithm for optimal retrofit strategy of resilient transportation networks
A. Karamlou, P. Bocchini &V. Christou

Seismic resilience of aging bridges and transportation networks
L. Capacci, F. Biondini &A. Titi

Sensitivity of network-level seismic performance measures to the bridge fragility model adopted
F. Cavalieri, P. Franchin, A. Lupoi & S. Tesfamariam

Seismic loss assessment of deteriorating bridge networks
M.A. Zanini, F. Faleschini & C. Pellegrino

Monitoring and evaluation of railway bridges
Organizers: E.-S. Hwang & H. Nassif

Long term monitoring of traffic action effect of a short span RC railway bridge for safety examination
V. Grigoriou & E. Brühwiler

Experimental investigation on the beam-slab connection behavior of a damaged real railway bridge
A.P.C. Neto, E.P. Lima, R.P. Hune, T.N. Bittencourt, A.B. Colombo & C.T. Yanagihara

Deflection and acceleration measurements for high speed railway bridges
E.-S. Hwang, D.Y. Kim & S.-M. Kim

Reliability analysis of PSC-I girder railway bridge based on measured train axle loads
I. Yeo & K.H. Kim

Characteristics of live load for railway bridges based on statistical analysis of WIM data
I. Paik, S.M. Park, G.O. Kim & I.H. Yeo

Deterioration and assessment of steel bridges
P. Ryjáˇcek, M. Macho, V. Stanˇcík & M. Polák

Fatigue assessment of centenarian railway bridges
H. Nassif, P. Lou & D. Su

Structural health monitoring (SHM) for load rating of an existing railroad bridge
H. Nassif, P. Lou & D. Su

Bridge maintenance and strengthening – the Portuguese experience
Organizers: P.J.S. Cruz & L.O. Santos

Tests of a railway bridge before and after stressing of strengthening bars
J. Rodrigues & M. Ledesma

Extending the life of centenary metal bridges
P.J.S. Cruz

Mitigation and monitoring of the structural effects due to internal expansive reactions in concrete
L.O. Santos, E. Pereira, A.S. Silva &A.B. Ribeiro

Train-bridge dynamic interaction on a stone masonry railway bridge
P. Jorge, D. Ribeiro, C. Costa, A. Arêde & R.A.B. Calçada

Experimental assessment of the components and materials of stone arch railway bridges
A. Arêde, C. Costa, A. Topa Gomes, J. Menezes, R. Silva, R. Gonçalves & M. Morais


Advanced materials

Behavior of bridge decks under drying shrinkage using large-scale testing
Y. Tung, R. Hindi, A. Ibrahim,W. Lindquist & D. Tobias

Tensile behavior byWeibull analysis in binary, ternary and quaternary concretes designed with micro and nano-silica additions
L.E. Zapata-Orduz, G. Portela & O.M. Suárez

Steel-UHPC lightweight composite bridge girders for long-span bridges
X.D. Shao & L. Deng

Self-centering bridge column with CFRP tendons under seismic loads
A. Mohebbi, M.S. Saiidi &A. Itani

Shear behavior of ultra high performance concrete beams
C.M. Powell, M.P. Manning, B.D.Weldon, M.J. McGinnis, A.J. Giesler, D.V. Jauregui & C.M. Newtson

Reliability-based scheduling and selection of maintenance actions with application to the FRP strengthening of RC bridge girders
D.Y. Yang, D.M. Frangopol & J.G. Teng

Evaluation of a material model for sliding springs in modular bridge expansion joint systems
F. Artmont & S. Roy

Solution to hydration heat problem in bridge abutments and piers
M. Kaszynska & S. Skibicki

No-cement eco-binder as a potential material for bridge construction
H.-A. Nguyen, T.-P. Chang, C.-T. Chen &Y.-W. Liu

Sustainable strengthening of RC members with high performance concrete overlays
N. Randl, M. Steiner & M. Peyerl

Aging and deterioration modeling

Time-dependent probabilistic modeling of corrosion propagation for service life prediction in RC structures
E.L. Portela, T.N. Bittencourt &A.T. Beck

Influence of corrosion on membrane action in reinforced concrete slabs
W. Botte, R. Caspeele & L. Taerwe

Environmental durability of FRP to steel bonded joints in bridges
M. Heshmati, R. Haghani & M. Al-Emrani

Remaining strength evaluation method of plate girders with corroded flange under sleepers
K. Fujii & N. Asao

Accounting for observation-specific correlation in deterioration modeling of bridge components using binary probit models with random effects
Y. Qiao, M. Moomen, Z. Zhang, T.U. Saeed, B. Agbelie & S. Labi

Discrete-outcome modeling of bridge component deterioration: Accounting for the effects of maintenance and observation-specific correlation using random effects
T.U. Saeed, Y. Qiao, M. Moomen, S. Labi &A. Ahmed

Analytical and numerical modeling of the influence of aggregate on cement mortar diffusivity
Z. Jiang, Y. Xi, X. Gu, Q. Huang &W. Zhang

Assessment and evaluation

Protection, repair, and rehabilitation of deteriorated reinforced concrete bridges: A comprehensive overview considering seismic vulnerability
A. Pipinato

First applications of structural redundancy in Chilean bridges
P.I. Figueroa & M.A. Valenzuela

Finite element analysis of soil-steel arch bridge
D. Beben &A. Stryczek

Analysis of exterior bridge girder rotation due to eccentric construction loading using TAEG software
J. Schmeltz, Md. Ashiquzzaman, R. Hindi,W. Lindquist &A. Ibrahim

Parametric study of the ductility capacity in common highway bridges
M.C. Gómez-Soberón, A. Ayala-Contreras, G. Mendoza-García & L. Gómez-Soberón

Evaluation of reinforced concrete arch bridges
L.L.-Y. Lai

Nonlinear structural analysis of floating bridges
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Maintenance strategies, repair and replacement

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Management systems

Analysis of suitability of new measurement technologies to examine changes in geometric parameters of a suspension bridge
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Validation of field exterior girder rotation in non-skewed bridge due to construction loads with FE analysis
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Study on the wind characteristics of a tropical storm: A comparison of stationarity and non-stationarity
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Average bridge consumption costs for route segments
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Improvement opportunity for bridge inspections in Brazil
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New design methods

Nonlinear analysis of track-bridge interaction on a cable-stayed bridge
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Damage identification in the concrete jack arch bridge using spectral moments
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Car measuring road surface properties and viewer apparatus integrating data measured
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A case study in the application of live load testing and structural health monitoring
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Practical structural monitoring and diagnostic testing of steel deck truss bridge
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Finite model updating method considering bridge support condition
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Comparison of different techniques for measuring the vertical deflection in concrete box-girder viaducts with large spans and large height
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Comparison of different techniques for measuring the cable tension of a cable-stayed bridge during the tensioning process
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Measured and calculated influence lines in a concrete frame bridge structure
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Experimental investigations on the effective width for shear
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Non-destructive testing

Comparisons of actual thermal loads on steel box girders with design loads
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Vibration response characteristics of sound barrier under vehicle-induced aerodynamic load and its anti-fatigue design suggestion
D.L.Wang, B.J.Wang, Y. Cui &A.R. Chen

Traffic load effects on dynamic bridge performance
I. Paeglite, J. Smirnovs &A. Paeglitis

Analysis of cables in cable-stayed bridges
I.C. Santos, E.S. Caetano & J.L.V. Brito

Optimum design/optimization

Degradation prediction and maintenance optimization strategy system of bridge structure life cycle
J. Li, K. Zhang, Z.B. Xu, S.D. Li & R.Q. Chen

Assessment of a bridge in Ensenada, Buenos Aires province, Argentina
V.G. Rosato, L.P. Traversa, F.H. Iloro, M.V. Correa, R.A. García & J.D. Sota

Using calibrated probabilistic deterioration information to optimize the rehabilitation schedule of bridges
F. Alogdianakis, D.C. Charmpis & I. Balafas

Lifetime performance of composite bridges with protective coating
H. Gervásio, B. Heitner & P.J.S. Cruz

Historical study of the design solution for bridges in the state of Parana
M.L. Santos Filho

Short span modular bridges of Bamboo by self construction, a sustainable alternative
F.A. Lamus, S. Andrade & C.F. Urazán

Prediction of future traffic demands

Steel bridge corrosion protection codes, analysis and applications
A. Pipinato

Chesapeake Bay bridge dehumidification design
M. Nader, G. Baker, J. Duxbury, C. Choi, E. Gundel &A. Tamrat

Galvanized rebar: Advantages, application and performance in steel reinforced structures
L. Abdala & D.B.P. Albagli

Optimum service life determination based on cost-benefit analysis
S. Kim

Proposal maintenance plan on cable supported bridges. Chilean experience and future challenges
M. Márquez, M.A. Valenzuela, J. Espinoza & J. Campusano

Safety, reliability and serviceability

Bridge tendon ducts evaluation by using NDT and invasive methods
G. Rapaport

A graphical method for measurement set selection in structural system identification with observability techniques
J.A. Lozano-Galant, M. Nogal, E. Castillo & J. Turmo

Dynamic analysis of high-speed train-track-cable-stayed bridge coupled system
Z.H. Zhu, L.D.Wang,W. Gong & X.F.Wang

Damage safety assessment of highway bridges
Y. Xia & X.Wang

Studying the spectral behavior of concrete for evaluation non-destructively of resistance in situ
P. Gorkos, F. Bordin, M.R. Veronez, A. Santos, J. Santos &A. Larocca

Cost-effectiveness of a system-wide program for bridge deck condition monitoring using NDT
B. Taylor, Y. Qiao, M. Bowman & S. Labi

Safety evaluation system of highway utility based on hazard log
S.D. Li, R.Q. Chen, Z.B. Xu, K. Zhang & J. Li

WIM-based state-specific live load spectra for Alabama
A.S. Nowak & O. Iatsko

Case study – Nonlinear reliability analysis of a concrete bridge
R. Pukl, T. Sajdlova, L. Routil, D. Novák & P. Seda

Visual inspections and diagnostics

Fatigue in prestressed concrete bridges: Analysis, assessment and retrofit
A. Pipinato

FEM analysis and modernization of historic arch railway viaducts
D. Beben,W. Anigacz & J. Ukleja

Simultaneous translation of two steel lattice bridges in the EFC – horizontal transition
A.M.S. Filho, L. Felix & C.W.S. Cutrim

Lifting up a 270 meter long sinking bridge over Guadalquivir River with the technique of jet-grouting
C. Jurado

Extending the lifetime of structures – prevention of and protection against corrosion
R. Brueckner, C. Atkins & P. Lambert

Smart-Deck: All-over realtime humidity-monitoring and preventive cathodic corrosion protection
C. Driessen & M. Raupach

Strengthening solutions for reinforced concrete bridges superstructures built on continuous beams
C. Chiotan & D.D. Morlova

Strain analysis of adhesive joints used to bond FRP laminates to structural steel members
R. Haghani & M. Al-Emrani

Renovation of corroded steel member with resin and rebars
H. Ogami, K. Fujii, H. Iwasaki, T. Yamada & R. Satake

Structural rehabilitation of the Kamoro suspension bridge in Madagascar
L.F. Torricelli, C. Magnani, A. Marchiondelli & G. Oliva

Experimental study of post-installed corbels with adhesive anchors
J.H.L. Damasceno, B. Catoia & M. de A. Ferreira

Initial inspections and monitoring plan of Rio-Niterói bridge
P. Franchetti, M. Frizzarin & F. Chiariello

Non-destructive testing in bridge structures performance evaluation: A case study
D.J. Souza, E.S. Santos, E.P. Flôr, G.P. Marinho, G.C. Reus, H.C. Cezario, L.A. Camara & M.L. Santos Filho

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Dr. Dan Frangopol is the inaugural holder of the Fazlur R. Khan Endowed Chair of Structural Engineering and Architecture at Lehigh University. Before joining Lehigh University in 2006, he was Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he is now Professor Emeritus. In 1976, he received his doctorate in Applied Sciences from the University of Liège, Belgium. He is recognized as a leader in the field of life-cycle engineering of civil and marine structures. His main research interests are in the application of probabilistic concepts and methods to civil and marine engineering including structural reliability, probability-based design and optimization of buildings, bridges and naval ships, structural health monitoring, life-cycle performance maintenance, management and cost of structures and infrastructures under uncertainty, risk-based assessment and decision-making, infrastructure sustainability and resilience to disasters, and stochastic mechanics. Dr. Frangopol is the Founding President of the International Associations for Bridge Maintenance and Safety (IABMAS) and Life-Cycle Civil Engineering (IALCCE). He has authored/co-authored 2 books, 40 book chapters, over 350 articles in archival journals including 9 prize winning papers, and many papers in conference proceedings. He is the Founding Editor of Structure and Infrastructure Engineering and of the Book Series Structures and Infrastructures. He is the recipient of several medals, awards, and prizes, holds 4 honorary doctorates and 12 honorary professorships from major universities. He is a foreign member of the Academia Europaea (Academy of Europe, London), an Honorary Member of the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences, and a Distinguished Member of ASCE.

Dr. André Teófilo Beck is an associate professor at the Structural Engineering Department, University of São Paulo, Brazil. Prof. Beck holds a Ph.D. in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the University of Newcastle, Australia. His research interests include structural reliability analysis and structural optimization considering life-cycle costs. Dr. Beck supervises a number of Ph.D. students and is an active reviewer for two dozens of international journals. He has published around 60 papers in international peer-reviewed journals.