Maintenance, Safety, Risk, Management and Life-Cycle Performance of Bridges : Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management (IABMAS 2018), 9-13 July 2018, Melbourne, Australia book cover
1st Edition

Maintenance, Safety, Risk, Management and Life-Cycle Performance of Bridges
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management (IABMAS 2018), 9-13 July 2018, Melbourne, Australia

ISBN 9781138730458
Published June 5, 2018 by CRC Press
588 Pages

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Book Description

Maintenance, Safety, Risk, Management and Life-Cycle Performance of Bridges contains lectures and papers presented at the Ninth International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management (IABMAS 2018), held in Melbourne, Australia, 9-13 July 2018. This volume consists of a book of extended abstracts and a USB card containing the full papers of 393 contributions presented at IABMAS 2018, including the T.Y. Lin Lecture, 10 Keynote Lectures, and 382 technical papers from 40 countries.

The contributions presented at IABMAS 2018 deal with the state of the art as well as emerging concepts and innovative applications related to the main aspects of bridge maintenance, safety, risk, management and life-cycle performance. Major topics include: new design methods, bridge codes, heavy vehicle and load models, bridge management systems, prediction of future traffic models, service life prediction, residual service life, sustainability and life-cycle assessments, maintenance strategies, bridge diagnostics, health monitoring, non-destructive testing, field testing, safety and serviceability, assessment and evaluation, damage identification, deterioration modelling, repair and retrofitting strategies, bridge reliability, fatigue and corrosion, extreme loads, advanced experimental simulations, and advanced computer simulations, among others.

This volume provides both an up-to-date overview of the field of bridge engineering and significant contributions to the process of more rational decision-making on bridge maintenance, safety, risk, management and life-cycle performance of bridges for the purpose of enhancing the welfare of society. The Editors hope that these Proceedings will serve as a valuable reference to all concerned with bridge structure and infrastructure systems, including students, researchers and engineers from all areas of bridge engineering.

Table of Contents

T.Y. Lin Lecture

Bridge maintenance, renovation and management – Research and development of governmental program in Japan
Y. Fujino

Keynote Lectures

Life-cycle reliability of bridges under independent and interacting hazards
M. Akiyama & D.M. Frangopol

Assessment of the dynamic behaviour of railway bridges for high-speed traffic
R. Calçada

A vision for vision-based technologies for bridge health monitoring
N. Catbas, C.Z. Dong, O. Celik &T. Khuc

The engineering and management of major steel box girder bridges; lessons from West Gate Bridge
I. Firth

Managing existing bridges – On the brink of an exciting future
R. Hajdin

Timber bridges in Australia, where to from here?
J.A. Hilton

Innovative and sustainable operation and maintenance of bridges
J.S. Jensen

Long term bridge performance program status and preliminary results
B.V. Johnson, J.E. Purdy & D.H. Liu

Value of monitoring data for long-span bridge operation – Aerodynamic point of view
H.K. Kim, S.J. Kim, S. Kim &W.H. Jung

Design concept of the Twin River Bridges in Chongqing
M.C. Tang


MS01: Innovations and world leading research and practice in bridge management systems
Organizers: N. Powers & S. Joshi

Experience of management of bridges prior to and post evaluation of BMS on NH network of India
S. Joshi, N. Naga & U. Rajesh

BIM related workflow for an image-based deformation monitoring of bridges
N. Hallermann, J. Taraben & G. Morgenthal

Utilizing BMS to develop programs and reports for PEI transportation
D.J. Evans & R.M. Ellis

Creating the basis for implementing BIMS in existing infrastructure components
J.S. Jensen & F.R. Gottfredsen

Creation of “live data” for existing infrastructure
F.R. Gottfredsen & H. Pedersen

A simulated maintenance costing using a Markov deterioration model for bridge components
H.D. Tran, S. Setunge, Y.C. Koay & H. Luczak

Maintenance cost evaluation based on bridge performance degradation model
S.H. Kim,W.H. Heo, J.G. Choi & M. Gombosuren

An integrated model-based bridge management system
S.T. Hou, G.Wu & H.L. Li

Indian Bridge Management System – Overview and way forward
S. Joshi & S.S. Raju

Bridge management implemented by the South African National Roads Agency
E.J. Kruger &A.A. Nyokana

The optimal maintenance strategy of bridge using Bayesian approach
J.H. Lee, K.Y. Lee, S.M. Ahn & J.S. Kong

Development and implementation of digital bridge management systems in the Gulf region
D.E. Moore & S. Naelini

Research on bridge management system based on BIM technology
Y.D. Qin & R.C. Xiao

Bridge maintenance strategies – A brief comparison among different countries around the world
M.C. Scutaru, C.C. Comisu, G. Boac˘a & N. ¸T˘aranu

The development of a modern bridge asset management system
A. Sonnenberg

Risk assessment for bridge management systems
P.D. Thompson

What are the attributes of a superior bridge management system?
H.D. Tran, S. Setunge, Y.C. Koay & H. Luczak

Using Petri-Net modelling for a data-driven approach to bridge management and safety
P.C. Yianni, L.C. Neves, D. Rama, J.D. Andrews & R. Dean

Network importance of Melbourne’s metropolitan bridges – Development of a strategic bridge prioritisation framework
S. Di Cicco

MS02: Innovative methods in strengthening of concrete bridges
Organizers: R. Kalfat, R. Al-Mahaidi & B. Pham

Experimental investigation into the fatigue life of patch anchors used to anchor FRP laminates bonded to concrete
A. Al-Saoudi, R. Al-Mahaidi & R. Kalfat

Mathematical analysis of an innovative method for strengthening concrete beams using pre-stressed FRP laminates
S.R. Atashipour, J. Yang, R. Haghani & M. Al-Emrani

Bond performance of FRP-strengthened reinforced concrete in aggressive environmental conditions
R.J. Gravina, J. Li, H. Aydin, S. Setunge, P. Visintin, S.T. Smith & R. Al-Mahaidi

Developments in external post tensioning strengthening – An update of latest innovations and applications
D. Cecan & P.Y. Souesme

S-N curves for RC beams strengthened with FRP
L.C. Meneghetti, M.R. Garcez & R.M. Teixeira

UHPFRC technology to enhance the performance of existing concrete bridges
E. Brühwiler

Strengthening of concrete bridges girders using FRP and patch anchors
R. Jumaah, R. Kalfat & R. Al-Mahaidi

FRP strengthening of concrete structures using AS5100-2017
H.B. Pham

Flexural FRP strengthening of concrete bridges using an innovative concept
J. Yang, R. Haghani & M. Al-Emrani

CFRP strengthening of ASR affected concrete piers of railway bridges
M. Lima, R. Salamy & D. Miller

Feasibility of reinforcement in Brazilian concrete highway bridges using carbon fiber-reinforced polymer
A. Medeiros,W. Mazer, C.E. Rossigali &T.N. Bittencourt

Influence of arch bridge skewness
A. Outtier, E. Van Puymbroeck & H. De Backer

Ensuring safety and assessment of life-cycle costs using SHM for concrete bridges
J. Creighton, S.N. Kazi & K. Islami

MS03: Developments and trends in composite steel-concrete structures
Organizers: S.H. Kim, K.F. Chung & G. Ranzi

Push-out test on shear behavior of joint structure between corrugated steel web and concrete lower slab
S.Wang, Y. Liu, J. He & C. Li

Effect of rebar strength inY-type perfobond rib shear connectors
S.H. Kim, O. Han, K.S. Kim, S.J. Kim & J.Y. Shin

Energy dissipating characteristics ofY-type perfobond rib shear connectors
S.H. Kim, K.S. Kim, O. Han & J.G. Choi

Strengthening of steel girder flanges with concrete-filled ribs
S.H. Kim, J. Shin, O. Han, K. Hwang & K.B. Rho

Redundancy evaluation of composite twin I-girder bridges in fractured condition
H. Lam,W. Lin, T. Yoda & K. Ono

Group effect ofY-type perfobond rib shear connectors
O. Altanzagas, E. Ganzorig, S.H. Kim, O. Han &T.S. Kim

Evaluation of the ultimate response of post-tensioned composite slabs
G. Ranzi

Service behaviour of composite steel-concrete slabs with a simplified approach and a hygro-thermo-chemical-mechanical model for the non-uniform shrinkage evaluation
M. Bocciarelli & G. Ranzi

Behavior of an innovative demountable steel-concrete connector under static loading
F. Yang &Y. Liu

A new era of steel bridge service life
F. Piccoli, R. Pavan & E. Siviero

Designing long integral bridges for environmental loading in South Africa
S.A. Skorpen, E.P. Kearsley & E.J. Kruger

Seismic performance and retrofit evaluation of hollow-core composite bridge columns
M.M. Abdulazeez, A. Gheni, N. Colbert & M.A. ElGawady

MS04: Strengthening, monitoring and life-cycle assessment of steel bridges
Organizers: E. Ghafoori, R. Al-Mahaidi, X.L. Zhao, M. Motavalli & M. Dawood

Fatigue improvement of welded bridge details in stainless steel using high-frequency mechanical impact treatment
M. Al-Emrani, P. Shams-Hakimi, C. Schneider, Z. Barsoum & H. Groth

The effect of the CFRP properties on the fatigue strengthening of steel plates in multiaxial loading
N.J. Aljabar, X.L. Zhao, R. Al-Mahaidi, E. Ghafoori, M. Motavalli &Y.C. Koay

Improving the fatigue design of orthotropic steel decks
H. De Backer,W. Nagy &A. Outtier

Flat Prestressed Unbonded Reinforcement (FPUR) system for strengthening of steel I-beams
A. Hosseini, E. Ghafoori, M. Motavalli, A. Nussbaumer, X.L. Zhao & R. Al-Mahaidi

Prestressed FRP-strengthening and wireless monitoring of a metallic bridge in Australia
E. Ghafoori, A. Hosseini, R. Al-Mahaidi, X.L. Zhao, M. Motavalli &Y.C. Koay

The peak stress method for fatigue analysis of welded details
G. Meneghetti, A. Campagnolo & B. Atzori

Prolonging the service life of steel truss bridges
A. Pipinato, R. Pavan, P. Collin, R. Hallmark, S. Ivanov, R. Geier & M. van der Burg

Steel bridge retrofit solution for movable cases
R. Pavan &A. Ruzzante

Steel box-girder bridge diseases identification based on computer vision system
D.Wang,Y. Pan & B. Peng

Bond behaviour of CFRP-steel double-lap shear joints exposed to marine atmosphere
Q.Q. Yu, R.X. Gao, X.L. Gu & X.L. Zhao

Drilling-hole shape for retarding the fatigue crack propagation
Z.Y. YuanZhou, B.H. Ji & Z.Q. Fu

Study on crack stop holes in weld of orthotropic steel bridge decks
Z.Q. Fu, G.Y. Sun, Y. Yao & B.H. Ji

Fatigue performance of hammer-peened diaphragm-to-rib welds in orthotropic steel decks
Q.D.Wang, B.H. Ji & Z.Q. Fu

Fatigue stress analysis of diaphragm-U-rib welding joints and local optimization
Y. Zhi, Y.X.Wang, H.B. Sun & B.H. Ji

Grouting compactness monitoring of concrete-filled steel tube arch bridge using electro-mechanical impedance technique
Q. Feng, Y.B. Liang &T.H. Yi

Study on soil-steel bridge response during backfilling
T. Maleska & D. Beben

Experimental investigation of retrofitted web-gap regions in steel bridge girders
M. Motaleb, M. Rahman, R. Hindi,W. Lindquist &A. Ibrahim

Investigation of live load deflection limit for steel cable stayed and suspension bridges
E.S. Hwang, D.Y. Kim & K.J. Park

MS05:Advancements in performance assessment, monitoring, and management of bridges under fatigue deterioration
Organizers: M. Soliman & D.M. Frangopol

Large-scale strain sensing approach for detecting fatigue cracks in steel bridges
X. Kong, J. Li, C. Bennett,W. Collins, S. Laflamme & H. Jo

Fatigue assessment of concrete girder bridges based on traffic information
P.J. Zhang, C.S.Wang, Q.Wang & L. Duan

Historical load effects on fatigue of metallic railway bridges
B. Imam & P.A. Salter

Multi-objective optimum service life bridge management based on fatigue damage detection
S. Kim & D.M. Frangopol

Probabilistic fatigue life prediction employing an advanced crack propagation model
Y.-J. Lee, J.H. Lee & S. Lee

Development of calibration factor for fatigue assessment
J.Y. Park, H.K. Kim &Y.C. Park

Fatigue assessment of deteriorated steel bridge members considering corrosion
Y.C. Park, L.S. An & H.K. Kim

Reliability analysis of steel bridges under propagating fatigue cracks
H. Ali & M. Soliman

A non-concurrent multiscale simulation of fatigue crack on orthotropic steel decks
B.Wang, H. De Backer &A. Chen

Numerical fracture mechanics analysis of distortion-induced fatigue in steel bridges
C.S.Wang, B. Cui, N.X. Ma, L. Duan &Y.Z.Wang

Fatigue life assessment of reinforced concrete bridges from monitoring data
P. Junges, R.C.A. Pinto & L.F. Fadel Miguel

Measurement of time-dependent corrosion of steel bridge from corrosion monitoring
S.-H. Jeon, J.M. You, J.-H. Ahn, K.-I. Cho &Y.S. Jeong

Structural monitoring of Eltham Rail Trestle Bridge using advanced non-destructive testing techniques
M. Maizuar, L. Zhang, S. Miramini & P. Mendis

Fatigue life assessment of damaged steel strands
Y.C. Park, S.M. Yoo, C.Y. Kim & M.S. Park

MS06: Footbridges:Advances in vibration serviceability assessment
Organizers: C. Caprani, F. Tubino, K. Van Nimmen & F. Venuti

Dynamic analysis of scissors-type of deployable pedestrian bridge under earthquake
Y. Chikahiro, S. Zenzai, S. Shigeru & I. Ario

A dynamic system identification of the Ha’penny footbridge
R. Donnelly, M. Nogal, P. Gorman &A.J. O’Connor

Parameter identification of a biodynamic walking model for human-structure interaction
A. Firus, J. Schneider, H. Berthold, M. Albinger &A. Seyfarth

Robust vibration serviceability assessment of footbridges for crowd walking excitation
K. Lievens, P. Van den Broeck, G. De Roeck & G. Lombaert

Model updating of a GFRP footbridge using Tchebichef moment descriptors
J.W. Ngan, C. Caprani &Y. Bai

Vibration serviceability assessment of a multi-span footbridge
J.W. Ngan, C. Caprani &A. de Lacy

A study of pedestrian evacuation on bridge sidewalk by simulation method
Z.R. Jin, X. Ruan &Y. Li

Uncertainty propagation in serviceability assessment of footbridges
F. Tubino, L. Pagnini & G. Piccardo

Vision-based methodology for characterizing the flow of a high-density crowd
J. Van Hauwermeiren, P. Van den Broeck, K. Van Nimmen & M. Vergauwen

Using full-scale observations to estimate the parameters governing human-structure interaction
K. Van Nimmen, P. Van den Broeck & G. Lombaert

Comparison between structure- and crowd-based mitigation strategies on vibrating footbridges
F. Venuti &A. Reggio

Dynamic study ofYangtze River Bridge at Chongqing-Lichuan railway
K.J. Chen, Y.P. Zeng & S.X. Chen

FIR and IIR filtering and data driven stochastic subspace identification for the continuous dynamic modal parameter identification of cable stayed bridge
I. Khan, K. Malik, S. Ali & D. Shan

MS07: Recent advances in bridge design and construction
Organizers: U. Attanayake & H. Aktan

Deployable mobile bridge created from Origami
I. Ario, S. Ono, I. Tanikura, Y. Chikahiro, M. Nakazawa, P. Pawlowski, C. Graczykowski & J. Holnicki-Szulc

Rational decision-support system for selecting bridge construction alternatives
U.B. Attanayake & H.M. Aktan

Standardizing lateral bridge slide design
U.B. Attanayake & H.M. Aktan

Accelerated construction of robust bridges through material and detailing innovations
B. Graybeal, Z. Haber, I. De la Varga & R. Spragg

Bearing friction values for slide-in bridge construction
K.R. Johnson, S. Dorafshan, M.W. Halling, M. Maguire, P.J. Barr & M.P. Culmo

Dynamic effects caused by SPMT bridge transport
S. Dorafshan, M. Maguire, M.W. Halling, P. Barr & M.P. Culmo

Development of precast slab using ultra high strength fiber reinforced concrete for replacement on highway bridge
T. Kitamura,W. Zhao, I. Iwasaki, M. Kishida, Y. Ishihara & I. Iwaki

An advanced technique for the analysis of box girder bridge superstructures
K. Kashefi &A.H. Sheikh

Construction simulation of cable-stayed bridges
J.A. Lozano-Galant, D. Xu & J. Turmo

Design of pergola structures for high speed rail bridges
A.P. Ranasinghe & E.G. Honarvar

How new performance based contracts add value in maintenance contracts
J.D. van derWalt & E. Scheepbouwer

Design method for scissors-type bridges
Y. Hama, I. Ario & K. Adachi

MS08: Submerged floating tunnels and underwater tunnel: Design, safety and maintenance issues
Organizers: L. Martinelli, Y. Xiang & B. Faggiano

Dynamic interaction with travelling vehicles in a submerged floating tunnel
M.G. Mulas, L. Martinelli & G. Palamà

Maximum stresses in mooring lines during parametric excitation
D. Cantero &A. Rønnquist

Overview on the structural features of Submerged Floating Tunnels
B. Jiang, B. Liang, B. Faggiano, G. Iovane & F.M. Mazzolani

Research on the finite element analysis method of the bucket foundation of submerged floating tunnel
J. Xiang, X. Feng, S. Feng & J. Mao

Feasibility study on a submerged floating tunnel for the Qiongzhou Strait in China
B. Jiang, B. Liang, B. Faggiano, G. Iovane & F.M. Mazzolani

Research on simulation of traffic loads in submerged floating tunnel
B. Jiang, S.Wu, B. Liang & L. Chen

Submerged floating tunnels under seismic and seaquake loadings
L. Martinelli

SFTs under dynamic loads: New design issues and numerical simulation
F. Perotti, F. Foti, L. Martinelli & M. Tomasin

An experimental study on bending behavior of composite hollow RC in Submerged Floating Tunnel (SFT)
J.H. Seo, D.H.Won &W.S. Park

A novel life-cycle based management system for disaster mitigation of bridges
Y.C. Sung, K.C. Chang, C.C. Chen, C.C. Hsu, K.W. Chou & H.H. Hung

MS09:Vibration-based structural health monitoring of bridges: Research and applications
Organizers: M.P. Limongelli, J.R. Casas &A. Cunha

Monitoring footbridges using wireless mesh networks
M. Domaneschi, C. Apostoliti, G.P. Cimellaro, B. Glisic & K. Kliewer

Effectiveness damage characterization for different sensor settings: Full scale case
J. Grandón & F. Cerda

Ambient vibration monitoring of a railway bridge for scour detection
C.W. Kim, D. Kawabe & M. Kondo

System identification of a bridge by a sparse-like system matrix
T. Mimasu, Y. Goi & C.W. Kim

Obtaining full-field response for optimal sensor placement
J. Kullaa

Potential of drive-by inspection for railway bridges
A.H. Eslami-Khouzani & C. Caprani

The interpolation method for vibration based damage localization: Influence of feature uncertainties
M.P. Limongelli &A. Fathi

Uncertainties reduction on modal parameters estimation in existing bridges using ambient and free-vibration test
N. De Conto, F. Lorenzoni, F. da Porto & C. Modena

Monitoring of the Chillon viaduct after strengthening with UHPFRC
H. Martín-Sanz, V. Dertimanis, L.D. Avendaño-Valencia, E. Chatzi & E. Brühwiler

Development of vibration-based parameters as damage sensitive features for bridge structures
J.J. Moughty & J.R. Casas

A bespoke signal processing algorithm for operational modal testing of post-tensioned steel and concrete beams
D. Noble, M. Nogal, A.J. O’Connor &V. Pakrashi

The effect of local scour of a single pier on the vibration parameters of a multi-span bridge under seismic excitation
A. Anžlin, L.J. Prendergast, K. Gavin & M.P. Limongelli

MS10: Corrosion and safety of existing concrete bridges
Organizers: M. Akiyama, D.M. Frangopol & H. Matsuzaki

Effect of different steel weight loss distributions on the life-cycle reliability of PC girders
N. Nishiya, H. Fukushima, A. Sakurai, M. Akiyama, P. Bocchini & D.M. Frangopol

Optimum strengthening strategy for deteriorating reinforced concrete bridges
H. Baji & C.Q. Li

Strengthening of reinforced concrete bridges by external prestressing
L.H.B. Pinheiro, L.M. Trautwein & L.C. Almeida

Inhibiting corrosion of prestressed cables using an ultrasonic impregnation process
X. Hallopeau, P.M. Dubois & D. Michaux

Effects of current density on the spatial variability associated with steel corrosion and flexural behavior of corroded RC beams
S. Lim, H. Song, M. Akiyama & D.M. Frangopol

Seismic failure mode evaluation of bridges with deteriorated isolators
H. Matsuzaki, Y. Kubo, T. Tsumura & S. Unjoh

Durability of reinforced concrete bridges in marine environments
R.E. Melchers & I.A. Chaves

Damage accumulation in aging highway bridges considering multiple earthquake events
B. Panchireddi, U. Yadav & J. Ghosh

Optimum lifetime inspection and maintenance planning for bridges considering utility
S. Sabatino & D.M. Frangopol

FEM approach to appraise bridges affected by Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR)
R.V. Gorga, L.F.M. Sanchez, B. Martín-Pérez & M. Noël

Techniques to rehabilitate bridge columns affected by Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR)
L.F.M. Sanchez, M. Noël &V.A.A. Santos

Influence of tendon breaks on structural behavior of concrete beams
H. Kaneko, K. Suzuki, K. Amaya, K. Hamaoka, M. Hara, M. Fukuda, E. Sasaki, P. Tuttipongsawat, T. Kuroda, K. Takase &Y. Ikawa

MS11: Special elements in bridge construction and practice
Organizer: M. Nasser Darwish

Bridges approach slabs with fibre reinforced polymers
M. Nasser Darwish

Guidance on defects in hidden bridge components
T.M. Pape, P. Burnton, J. Collins, D. Ashurst, P. Sparkes, J.Webb & C. Christodoulou

Captain Cook Bridge bearing replacement
W. Mengel, P. Adams,W. Hansford & J. Spathonis

Reliability assessment of reinforced concrete pylons subjected to biaxial bending
J. Hyeon Kim & H. Sung Lee

Experimental research on shear behavior of rubber-ring perfobond connector
Y.Q. Liu, Y. Liu & F.Wang

Effect of hinge-type connections on the lateral cyclic behavior of a prestressed high-strength concrete pile
B. Lim, J.W. Kang, Y.J. Kim & H. Yoon

Seismic vulnerability analysis of typical bearings for simply supported railway bridges
G. Yang, J. Dong & D.S. Shan

Hanger replacement effect: Experimental and numerical investigation on the Bosphorus Bridge
S. Bas, N.M. Apaydin, A. Ilki & N. Catbas

Investigation of limit temperature span of continuous bridges considering track-bridge interaction
Y.H. Yan, D.J.Wu & Q. Li

MS12: Bridge safety evaluation and risk assessment: Code requirements vs. practical considerations
Organizers: M. Liu & H. Nassif

Code development for existing structures: Influence of concrete strength statistics
B.L. Badimuena & S.M.C. Diniz

Risk-based performance evaluation for concrete bridge deck repair
H. Huang & M. Liu

The bridge assessment maze
C. Jager, T.M. Pape, P. Shaw & R. Heywood

Bridge risk management: Credibility gaps
P.S. McCarten

Codes and standard issues in assessing existing bridges
R. Pavan & E. Siviero

Horizontal interface shear requirements for precast prestressed concrete bridge beams with slender webs in beam and slab bridge constructions
M. Slevin &A.J. O’Connor

Bridge safety assessment for strength II limit state in AASHTO LRFD specifications
H. Nassif, P. Lou & P. Truban

Large skewed bridge for high speed trains. Northwest of Spain
C. Jurado

Repair and retrofitting of bridges – present and future
H. Singh

Displacement coefficient method for bridge subjected to pulse-like ground motions
K.Y. Liu, S.T.Wang, C.C. Hwang & C.H. Kuo

The condition of Padang’s bridges after 2009 earthquake disaster
Masrilayanti, R. Kurniawan, Nidiasari & Nurhamidah

MS13:Advanced computational and experimental techniques for extreme load performance of bridges
Organizers: J. Hashemi, R. Al-Mahaidi & D.M. Frangopol

Advanced nonlinear finite element modelling of reinforced concrete bridge piers
E.P.G. Bruun, A. Kuan, G.T. Proestos, E.C. Bentz & M.P. Collins

Seismic analysis of a stone masonry arch railway bridge
C. Costa, A. Arêde & R. Silva

Numerical assessment of composite bridges subjected toWildland Urban Interface (WUI) fires
A.P. Dissanayake, S. Setunge, S. Venkatesan, K.A.M. Moinuddin & D. Sutherland

Joint irregularity in the seismic behavior of highway bridges
M.C. Gómez-Soberón, A.E. Gómez-Benítez & R.J. Aguirre-Eligio

Linking seismic resilience into sustainability assessment of limited-ductility RC bridges
A.Y. Al-Attraqchi, M.J. Hashemi, R. Al-Mahaidi & P. Rajeev

Study on impact behavior of piers subjected to vehicle collisions
R.W. Li & D.Y. Zhou

Fragility analysis of non-ductile RC bridges subjected to extreme hydrodynamic forces
I.M.I. Qeshta, M.J. Hashemi, R.J. Gravina & S. Setunge

Dynamic response of an isolated bridge under basic pulse-type ground motions
M.H. Tsai & Z.Y. Jiang

Research on seismic performance of self-compacting concrete bridge columns
Z.Wang, H. Duan, H.Wei, J. Yang & X. Sun

Seismic fragility of high-speed railway bridge with high pier
J. Dong, D.S. Shan, G.J. Yang &Y.P. Zeng

Research on the influence law of central buckle on long-span suspension bridge’s dynamic and seismic performance
L.P. Liu, Y. Liu &Y. Li

MS14: Steel bridge rehabilitation
Organizer: M. Sakano

Ayala bridge, retrofitting of an historic steel bridge in Manilla (Philippines)
V. Buchin-Roulie, N. Kaczkowski, A. Gros & F. Tesson

Orthotropic steel bridge deck study with UHPFRC cold composite overlay
L. Duan, T.O.N. Houankpo, C.S.Wang & E. Brühwiler

Effect of diaphragms on the exterior girders during bridge construction
F. Hraib, L. Hui & R. Hindi

Inspection of Bingo Bridge by using high-sensitivity magnetic nondestructive testing
T. Ishikawa, Y. Kuramitsu, H. Furuta & K. Tsukada

Theoretical analysis of CFRP bonding repair method using low-elasticity adhesive at the plate end
K. Komon, T. Ishikawa, H. Suzuki, Y. Fujii & H. Namaki

Fatigue strength and improvement effect of the center stay rod
S. Kawano, S. Ogo, A. Okumura, Y. Mizokami & M. Sakano

Repair of corroded steel plate girders with ultra-high performance concrete
K.F. McMullen, A.E. Zaghi & M.P. Culmo

Retrofitting method against fatigue cracking of web gap plates
C. Sakamoto, M. Sakano, H. Konishi & M. Koyama

Adhesive and bolting reinforcement for distortion-induced fatigue of steel bridges
Y.Z.Wang, B. Cui, Q.Wang, L. Duan & C.S.Wang

Vibration study of train passing bridge with small radius and reverse curve
Y.M. Song, D.J.Wu & J. Zhang

Repairing a sinking bridge over Guadalquivir river
C. Jurado

MS15: Bridge loading – measurement and modelling
Organizers: C. Caprani, A. Nowak, E.J. O’Brien & X. Ruan

Traffic load patterning on long span bridges
D. Guo & C. Caprani

Traffic and wind simulation for extreme loads on long-span bridges
A.A. Hayrapetova, A.J. O’Connor, J.D. Sørensen & H.S. Toft

Developing a new bridge live load model for South Africa
P.F. van der Spuy & R. Lenner

Using images to estimate traffic loading on long-span bridges
F. Daize, E.A. Micu, E.J. O’Brien &A. Malekjafarian

Long span bridges – current age & design life – a global survey
J. De Maria, C. Caprani & D. Guo

A new method to understanding loading and traffic characteristics of traffic flow
X.J.Wang & X. Ruan

Bridge live load models in U.S. and Europe
A. Ramesh Babu, A.S. Nowak & E.J. O’Brien

Bridge network planning for heavy vehicles in Queensland
T.M. Pape, P.A. Shaw, C. Doherty, G. Danicic, A. Robertson & D.Wilson

Strength evaluation of prestressed concrete bridges by dynamic load testing
E.S. Hernandez & J.J. Myers

Limiting exterior girder rotation during construction for non-skewed bridges
L. Hui, F. Hraib & R. Hindi

Impacts of specialized hauling vehicles on the Texas bridge network
J.Weissmann &A.J.Weissmann

Impact of quantity of weigh-in-motion data on load effects on bridges
A. Žnidariˇc, M. Kreslin, J. Kalin & G. Turk

MS16: Bridge monitoring:Techniques and results regarding bridge condition and loading
Organizers: E.O.L. Lantsoght & D.A. Hordijk

Structural health monitoring and serviceability assessment of bridges in Romania
C.C. Comisu, M.C. Scutaru, N. ¸ T˘aranu & G. Boac˘a

Deformation monitoring of a simply supported railway bridge under varying dynamic loads
K. Faulkner, F. Huseynov, J. Brownjohn &Y. Xu

DIC-monitoring of full-scale concrete bridge using high-resolution wide-angle lens camera
P.S. Halding, J.W. Schmidt & C.O. Christensen

Monitoring crack width and strain during proof load testing
E.O.L. Lantsoght, C. van der Veen & D.A. Hordijk

Twenty years monitoring of a high strength concrete cantilever bridge
E.O.L. Lantsoght, C. van der Veen, H. van der Ham &A. de Boer

Estimating climate effects on bridge decks deterioration
S. Liu, H. Zhu, L. Yang & M. Habib

Railway bridge monitoring system using inertial sensors
P. Olaszek, D. Sala, M. Kokot & M. Pia˛tek

Non-destructive testing of bridges – Health assessment & monitoring
C.R. Raikar

Rating of masonry arch bridges in USA
A.P. Ranasinghe, N.Y. Khadbai &A.K. Ranasinghe

Monitoring design for long-span bridges
K. Suzuki, C. Miki, E. Sasaki &A. Tanabe

Testing of bridge structures using laser scanning method
W. Anigacz, D. Beben & J. Kwiatkowski

Special Sessions

SS01: Perturbations on SHM results due to environmental changes
Organizers: M. Baessler, F. Hille,W.H. Hu & G. Morgenthal

A study on diverse strategies for discriminating environmental from damage based variations in monitoring data
M. Baeßler & F. Hille

Automated operational modal analysis of a lively footbridge for tracking long term dynamic behaviour
D.H. Tang,W.H. Hu, J. Teng, E.S. Caetano & Á. Cunha

Damage detection under environmental variability using Bayesian virtual sensing
J. Kullaa

Assessment of MEMS-based sensors for inclination measurements
S. Rau & G. Morgenthal

Fine temperature effect analysis based time-varying dynamic properties evaluation of long-span suspension bridges in natural environments
J.S. Zhu & Q.L. Meng

Inverse analysis using compatible displacements
J. Lei, D. Xu & J. Turmo

SS02: Continuous bridge monitoring and damage detection
Organizers: A. Miyamoto, E. Brühwiler, R. Kiviluoma & P. Hradil

Combined structural and traffic monitoring of steel suspension bridge
P. Hradil & K. Koski

“Pocket-monitoring” for the fatigue safety verification of bridge members in steel and reinforced concrete
E. Brühwiler

Structural risk assessment and management through the capture of dynamic movement
M. Kudrenko

Continuous structural health monitoring for short and medium span bridges
A. Miyamoto

A strain sensor based monitoring and damage detection system for a two-span beam bridge
P.Waibel, O. Schneider, H.B. Keller, J. Müller, O. Schneider & S. Keller

Automatic data collection system for structural health monitoring
A. Yabe, T. Iye &A. Miyamoto

SS03: Bridge safety, maintenance and management under hazards and changing climate
Organizers: Y. Dong, M. Soliman & D.M. Frangopol

Vulnerability of bridges exposed to coastal hazards and climate change
G.P. Balomenos, S. Kameshwar, B. Bass, J.E. Padgett & P. Bedient

Probabilistic multi-hazard assessment of seismic and scour effects on bridge structures
Z. Chen & X. Guo

Reliability based corrosion damage assessment for concrete bridge decks under a changing climate
L.I. Peng & M.G. Stewart

Risk-informed assessment of climate change by considering deterioration and hazards
Y.H. Li &Y. Dong

Climate change and potential impact on the seismic vulnerability of highway bridge structures
M. Mortagi & J. Ghosh

SS04: Structural health monitoring for infrastructure asset management
Organizers: J. Li, X.-W. Ye, T.-H. Yi & H.P. Chen

Traffic load modelling for urban highway bridges using weigh-in-motion data
T.L. Huang, J.J. Liao, J. Zhong, J.W. Zhong & H.P. Chen

Acceleration response analysis of a long-span steel arch bridge subjected to high-speed trains integrating SHM data
H.L. Li, Y.L. Ding, H.W. Zhao & S.T. Hou

Optimal weight problem for response sensitivity-based damage identification
J. Zhou, L.Wang & Z.-R. Lu

A mesoscopic analysis of chloride diffusion with adaptive mesh refinement
Z. Pan, D.Wang, R. Ma &A. Chen

Bridge displacement monitoring using acceleration measurement for efficient bridge management
Y. Umekawa & H. Suganuma

Guide for a successful monitoring project from Finland

Bending-shear fatigue behavior of concrete girder bridges
M. Yuan, D. Yan &Y. Liu

SS05: Self-sensing and connected infrastructures for a smart transport future
Organizer: F. Giustozzi

Global instrumentation, vehicle, track and bridge on operation railway of MRS logistic railway
R. Montoya & L. Fernando Martha

Pervasive fibre-optic sensor networks in bridges: A UK case study
L.J. Butler, M.Z.E.B. Elshafie & C.R. Middleton

Shear force-based method for detecting vehicle speed and axle spacing
L. Deng,W. He, Y. Yu & C.S. Cai

Virtual design of adaptive road-bridge-types in a comprehensive 5D-BIM assessment
M. Nöldgen, J.B.P. Lim & S. Giebat

TRUSS-ITN methods for detecting bridge damage from response to traffic
A. González, D. Martínez, E.J. O’Brien, M. Casero, J.J. Moughty, J.R. Casas, M. Vagnoli, R. Remenyte-Prescott, J.D. Andrews, F. Huseynov & J. Brownjohn

SS06:Advances in corrosion modelling of steel bridges
Organizer: M. Mahmoodian

Structural reliability analysis of corroding steel bridges using random-field representation
V. Aryai, M. Mahmoodian, N.V. Ferdowsi & F. Ariai

Corrosion risks: Assessment of enclosed spaces, monitoring real bridges
M.W.K. Bowers

Effect of corrosion on mechanical properties of steel bridge elements
L. Li, M. Mahmoodian & C.Q. Li

3D cellular automata based numerical simulation of atmospheric corrosion process on weathering steel
J.S. Zhu, X.Y. Guo & J.F. Kang

Structural performance of bridges under deterioration processes: Bicentenario bridge
J.D. González & F.A. Cerda

Predictive modelling of the deterioration of Australian state bridge network
H.D. Tran, S. Setunge, Y.C. Koay & H. Luczak

SS07: European standardization of quality specifications for roadway bridges
Organizers: J.R. Casas & J.C. Matos

Quality specifications for roadway bridges in Europe
J.R. Casas & J.C. Matos

Quality specifications and performance indicators for road bridges in Europe
A. Strauss, S. Fernandes, J.R. Casas, L. Mold & J.C. Matos

Quality control plan for RC bridges exposed to flooding events
N. Tanasic & R. Hajdin

Monitoring in management of roadway bridges
J. Bie´n, T. Kami´nski & M. Ku˙zawa

Bridge management in Australia and New Zealand: Current approaches and future needs
M.M. Melhem, C. Caprani &A. Ng

Repair and retrofitting of bridges under IBMS protocol
S.S. Raju &T. Kiran Kumar

SS08: Construction management issues in bridge engineering and construction
Organizer: M. Nasser Darwish

The construction of the new Tappan Zee Bridge
R.D. Csogi

A case study of early cracks of a concrete pylon
J. Song & X.F. Shi

A case study of using a support vector machine on bridge inspection data
Arong, S. Murakami &Yiliguoqi

Evaluation of slab lifting strategies for maintenance of middle slabs in double-deck tunnels
S.M. Kim, Y.K. Cho & B.K. Park

Research and application of maintenance for a combined highway-railway bridge
J. Fu, T. Zhang, Z. Li, Q. Ding & J. Huang

SS09: CIM: Community Information Modeling – The new frontier of civil engineering
Organizers: G.P. Cimellaro, M. Domaneschi & S. Mahin

Fuzzy based tool to measure the resilience of communities
O. Kammouh, A. Zamani Noori, M. Domaneschi & G.P. Cimellaro

Resilience assessment of city-scale transportation networks using Monte Carlo simulation
O. Kammouh, A. Cardoni, S. Marasco, G.P. Cimellaro & S. Mahin

Seismic resilience of electric power networks in urban areas
S. Sordo, M. Domaneschi, G.P. Cimellaro & S. Mahin

Seismic resilience of bridges in transportation networks
M. Domaneschi, G. Scutiero, G.P. Cimellaro, A.A. Khalil, C. Pellecchia & E.M. Ricciardi

Resilience framework for seaport infrastructure: Theory and application
A. Balbi, M.P. Repetto, O. Kammouh & G.P. Cimellaro

Seismic damage assessment of a virtual large-scale city model
M. Domaneschi, S. Marasco, G. Scutiero, A. Zamani Noori, O. Kammouh, V. Taurino & G.P. Cimellaro

SS10: Assessment and evaluation of deteriorated bridges
Organizers: H.K. Kim & J.R. Casas

Seismic retrofit of truss bridge for highway and railway
T. Hanai, T. Tamura &Y. Hirayama

Safety assessment of bridges for transportation of power plant generator
I.Y. Paik, K.H. Jeong, M.K. Jun, J.H. Jeong, S.-H. Hong, H. Koo & R.C. Lee

Evaluation of adhered sea-salt particle amount to bridge, anti-adhesion countermeasures
A. Toktorbai uulu, H. Katsuchi & H. Yamada

Influence of collision on structural performance of steel girder
E. Yamaguchi, Y. Tanaka & H. Tsuji

Sectional analysis of corroded wires in chloride-contaminated tendon
C.H. Yoo, S.H. Bong, H.K. Kim &Y.C. Park

GA-based model updating for existing bridges
J.C. Kim, J. Yoon & S. Shin

SS11: Life-cycle structural redundancy, robustness and resilience of bridges under multiple hazards
Organizers: F. Biondini & D.M. Frangopol

Survey on life-cycle structural performance indicators for bridges
F. Biondini & D.M. Frangopol

Seismic resilience of road bridges: Lessons learned from the 14 November 2016 Kaik.oura earthquake
A.I. Sarkis, A. Palermo, O. Kammouh & G.P. Cimellaro

Renewal-theory-based life-cycle risk assessment of bridge deck unseating under hurricanes
D.Y. Yang & D.M. Frangopol

Life-cycle seismic resilience of aging bridges and road networks considering bridge capacity correlation
L. Capacci & F. Biondini

Time-dependent probability of exceeding restoration levels in resilience analysis
F. Nocera, P. Gardoni & G.P. Cimellaro

Computational investigation on the piers of a U-slab bridge under raising flood intensity
M. Nasim, S. Setunge, H. Mohseni & S.W. Zhou

SS12: Centenary bridges –An insight into construction and technology history
Organizers: P. Cruz & P.G. Malerba

The dream of building bridges over the Tagus River mouth in Lisbon
P.J.S. Cruz

Articulated and continuous cantilever bridges after a century of experience
P.G. Malerba

Whipple’s 1841 Bowstring Truss –World’s first scientifically designed Truss bridge
I.A. Nitschke & F.E. Griggs Jr.

The use of machine learning techniques to assess damage in critical infrastructure
M.A. Terra, R.A. Pereira Junior, L.F.M. Sanchez, M. Noël &W.R. Junior

Shear capacity of an existing RC bridge deck slab: FE analysis using continuum elements
J. Shu

Rehabilitation of timber bridge piles using a wrapping system
R. Borzou &W. Lokuge

Investigating snipe depth in girders and corbels in timber bridges
J. Cohen,W. Lokuge & N. Herath

SS13:Value of information of SHM for life-cycle management of bridges
Organizers: S. Thöns, M. Stewart, D.G. Lu &A.J. O’Connor

Sensitivity analysis of value of information framework
M.S. Khan, S. Ghosh, J. Ghosh & C. Caprani

Health monitoring data modeling and reliability prediction of an actual bridge based on ARMA model
D.G. Lu,W.H. Zhang & Z. Zhao

Assessment of terrorism risk mitigation measures for iconic bridges
S. Thöns & M.G. Stewart

Evaluation of fatigue crack propagation considering the modal superposition technique
C.S. Horas, G. Alencar, R. Calçada &A. Jesus

Inspection and assessment of one of Australia’s earliest masonry bridges
D. McDonnell, D. Ashurst & I. Berger

SS14: Resilience of bridges to climate change, natural & man-made hazards
Organizers: A.J. O’Connor & M. Nogal

Seismic performance of bridges with rocking piers in Hanshin Expressway
K. Azumi, K. Sugioka & N. Mitsukawa

Resilience assessment of highway bridges using SMA-based isolation bearings
Y. Dong, Y. Zheng &Y.H. Li

Resilience evaluation of a cable-stayed bridge
H. Gil, K. Han, S. Seo & J. Park

Seismic fragility of highway bridges considering improved bearing deterioration modeling
S. Shekhar & J. Ghosh

Structural behavior of a steel-concrete composite beam under fire condition
M.S. Kang, H. Pak, J.W. Kang, S.H. Kee & B.J. Choi

The performance estimation of pile-protective structures using simplified collision model
G.H. Lee

Effect of slenderness-ratio parameter on seismic performance of steel piers
H. Takezawa, K. Ono, S. Okada & K. Azumi

SS15: Latest developments on jointless bridges
Organizers: B. Briseghella,W.P. Yen & B.C. Chen

Trial design study on integral abutment bridge supported on UHPC-RC segmental pile
G.D. Chen, B.C. Chen, F.Y. Huang, Y.Z. Zhuang & H. Tabatabai

Parametric studies on seismic behavior of integral abutment steel bridges considering SSI
Q. Zhao, S. Dong, Z. Qi & B.C. Chen

Research on SSI simulation method of integral abutment bridge under earthquake
Q. Zhao, J. Qiu, Z. An & Z. Qi

Seismic behavior and cyclic tests on integral abutment–pile joints
Q. Zhao, Y. Li, Z. Qi & B.C. Chen

Design and construction challenges of jointless bridges in seismic regions
B. Khaleghi &W.P. Yen

Fatigue strength improvement of welded joints using SBHS700 by applying ICR treatment
Y. Ono & K. Kinoshita

Three bridges with the same name “Kömürhan Bridge”
N. Apaydin & O. Yaldiz

SS16: Revised fatigue detail categories for bridges (in European standards)
Organizer: U. Kuhlmann

Assessment of fatigue tests to review detail categories of EC3
H. Bartsch & M. Feldmann

Recommended fatigue strengths of thick-walled circular K-joints and influence of weld root irregularities
S. Bove, M. Euler & U. Kuhlmann

Considering high frequency mechanical impact treatments in design
S. Breunig & U. Kuhlmann

Statistical analysis of fatigue test data according to Eurocode 3
K. Drebenstedt & M. Euler

Quantifying uncertainty in visual inspection data
J. Bennetts, G.Webb, S. Denton, P.J. Vardanega & N. Loudon

BrIM bridge inspections in the context of industry 4.0 trends
M. Salamak & M. Januszka

SS17: Smart bridge components: Monitoring and optimization of EJs, bearings and dampers
Organizer: K. Islami

“Smart” bridge expansion joints enabling optimized decision-making at different life-cycle stages
P. Savioz, K. Islami &V.V. Ghodke

Advances in materials and further improvements in bridge pot bearings
S.N. Kazi, V.V. Ghodke & C. Sarmiento

Breaking the Asphalt code – Polyurethane flexible plug expansion joint
C. Sarmiento, G. Pope & S.N. Kazi

Critical factors in minimizing total life cycle costs of bridge expansion joints
G. Pope, J. Creighton &V.V. Ghodke

Smart bridge components (expansion joints, bearings, seismic devices) for intelligent infrastructure
K. Islami, N. Meng & C. O’Suilleabhain

SS18: Challenges for bridge technology implementation and management in developing countries
Organizers: T.N. Bittencourt, M.A. Valenzuela, F.C. Carrizo & M. Márquez

Maintenance plan proposal on cable-stayed bridge: Application toYelcho Bridge
M. Márquez, J. Campusano, F. Hernández, J. Errazuriz & M.A. Valenzuela

Management systems for inspection and maintenance of Chilean road bridges
M. Márquez, M.A. Valenzuela, G. Arias, M. Pertierra & C. Sepulveda

Dynamic analysis of a steel-concrete composite railway bridge considering vehicle-bridge interaction
L.R. Ticona Melo, T.N. Bittencourt, D. Ribeiro & R. Calçada

Management system for natural risk disaster on infrastructure: A regional approach
M.A. Valenzuela, N. Valenzuela, A. Peña-Fritz & R. Romo

Strengthened Chilean bridges using carbon fiber: State of knowledge
M. Márquez, M.A. Valenzuela & H. Pinto

UAV: First Chilean proposal of use on road bridge inspections
M.A. Valenzuela, N. Valenzuela, A. Peña-Fritz, D. Torres & M. Márquez

SS19: Bridge deterioration modeling and probabilistic bridge maintenance needs forecasting
Organizers: R. Goyal, M. Whelan &T.L. Cavalline

Predictive fidelity of bridge deterioration models: Probabilistic vs deterministic
R. Goyal, M. Whelan &T.L. Cavalline

Life cycle assessment for civil engineering structures of railway bridges
G. Lener, J. Schmid &A. Strauss

National-scale bridge element deterioration model for the USA
P.D. Thompson

Damage location in experimental/numerical models by acceleration amplitude change
R.L. Silva, L.M. Trautwein, L.C. Almeida, G.H. Siqueira & C.S. Barbosa

Early detection of reinforcing-bar corrosion with linearized inverse scattering method
T. Tsunoda & K. Suzuki

Fragility curves for concrete girder bridges under flood hazard
F. Kalendher, S. Setunge, D. Robert & H. Mohseni

SS20: Monitoring and assessment of bridges using novel techniques
Organizers: A. Strauss, K. Bergmeister & D.M. Frangopol

Performance analysis of distributed optical fiber bonding adhesives to concrete
A. Barrias, J.R. Casas & S. Villalba

Structural performance assessment using digital image correlation systems
A. Strauss, R.Wendner, M. Marcon, B. Krug, P. Castillo & D.M. Frangopol

Development of response-based load and resistance factor rating (RB-LRFR) methodology
M. Ghosn, B. Sivakumar & E. Senturk

Monitoring-based quantification of input parameters for chloride ion ingress models
M. Šomodíková, B. Teplý, A. Strauss & I. Zambon

In-service stress and strain behavior of Missouri bridge A7957
H.H. Alghazali & J.J. Myers

General Sessions

Numerical assessment of the load-carrying capacity of a masonry bridge
R. Silva, C. Costa &A. Arêde

Fatigue performance of diaphragm cutouts in steel box girder
C.X. Li, L. Ke, Z.Y. Chen, Y.M. Xiong & Z. Hu

Assessment of shear lag in pultruded GFRP bridge decks
S. Zhang & C. Caprani

Dynamic response analysis of widening bridge due to moving vehicles
Y. Li, T. Yang, Z. Li & L. Liu

A preventive strengthening strategy for aged steel columns
W. Lin, N. Taniguchi, T. Yoda & S. Satake

Generalized Pareto distribution for reliability of bridges exposed to fatigue
M. Nesterova, F. Schmidt, E. Brühwiler & C. Soize

Numerical model updating of cable-stayed bridge based on experimental data
I.C. Santos, J.L.V. Brito & E.S. Caetano

Rotational stiffness between vertical and horizontal members of system supports
J.H.Won, H.D. Lee, A.R. Oh & N.K. Jang

Research on transverse mechanical property of widened box girder bridge
W.Q.Wu, H. Zhang & Z.X. Tang

Sensitivity and reliability analysis of long span cable stayed bridge
X.Wang,W.Wu, J. Zhang &Y. Cai

The development of the reinforcement method for U-shaped rib on orthotropic steel decks to improve the fatigue durability from the lower side
H. Yatsumoto, A. Tabata, H. Kobayashi, S. Inokuchi & H. Matsushita

Effect of the shear deformation in the structural system identification methods
J.A. Lozano-Galant, D. Tomás, G. Ramos & J. Turmo

Optimizing rehabilitation strategies for bridge decks under performance-based contracting setting
M. Alsharqawi, T. Zayed & S. Abu Dabous

Impacts of dynamic loads on the soil-steel bridges
D. Beben

Automated steel bridge coating inspection using neural network trained image processing
A. Elbeheri &T. Zayed

Inspection, structural health monitoring and maintenance of a cable-stayed bridge in Vienna, Austria
P. Furtner

Determination of stay cable forces using highly mobile vibration measurement devices
G. Morgenthal, S. Rau, J. Taraben, T. Abbas & N. Hallermann

Estimation of bridge frequencies from a passing vehicle
N. Jin, T.S. Paraskeva & E.G. Dimitrakopoulos

Study on compressive strength of steel plates with a partial loss of cross-sectional area
K. Saito & K. Nozaka

Use of stochastic optimization in the analysis of weigh-in-motion data
F. El Hajj Chehade, R. Younes, H. Mroueh & F. Hage Chehade

Parametric analysis of rib distortion in orthotropic steel decks
H. Fang & H. De Backer

Rehabilitation of the swing bridge from 1905, North of Spain
F. Collazos-Arias, D. Garcia-Sánchez, M.L. Ruiz-Bedia, O.-R. Ramos-Gutiérrez & M.-A. Delgado-Nuñez

Management of risk disasters: Application in Aysen and Valparaiso, Chile
M.A. Valenzuela, N. Valenzuela, P. Moraga, F. Pineda, M. Márquez & R. Romo

Fatigue behavior of full-penetration inclined cruciform welded-joints with artificial pit corrosion
X.Wei & Z.Y. Jie

Stress-concentration effects due to weld root imperfections in orthotropic steel decks
H. De Backer,W. Nagy &A. Outtier

AS5100.2: 2017 changes to traffic-barrier loadings – a Victorian perspective
B.E. Gibbens

Displacement-based seismic design to AS5100.2: 2017 – simplified
B.E. Gibbens

How did the future work out? The tale of E.J. Whitten Bridge
R.A. Percy & P.J. Robinson

How strong is your bridge? Optimising New Zealand’s longest road bridge
J.Waldin, B. McHaffie &V.Wong

Performance of prestressed concrete girder in ultimate bending for AS5100:2004 and AS5100:2017
M.M. Melhem, C. Caprani & M.G. Stewart

Coupling finite elements to model steel to concrete bond
R.J. Gravina, L.A.G. Bitencourt Jr. & L.C. Meneghetti

Shear and torsion design review – Australian and international standards
T. Hossain, S. Mikhael, A. Chaudry & S. Mohanakumar

Intermodal research to increase the reliability of transport infrastructures
R. Holst

Traffic safety and passenger comfort for steel railway bridges
E.S. Hwang & D.-Y. Kim

The ultimate limit state vs. limit analysis of masonry arch bridges
T. Kami´nski

Importance of simulation in the design of experimental tests
M. Karalar & M. Dicleli

Experimental investigation on the low cycle fatigue life of piles
M. Karalar & M. Dicleli

Investigation on the closed longitudinal U-ribs corrosion of cable stayed bridge with steel plate deck
K.Y. Lee, S.H. Jin, D.S. Oh, H.S. Joo & D.K. Kim

Experimental and analytical investigation of bridge deck under restrained shrinkage
M. Rahman, Y. Chen, R. Hindi, A. Ibrahim &W. Lindquist

Methods for fast and reliable determination of damping and tension force of stay cables
T. Mack & R. Geier

Noise radiation from steel bridge structure – Old Årsta bridge Stockholm
A. Olsen, R.S. Lützen & S. Holmes

Damping performance identification for large-scale dampers of a cable-stayed bridge
X.H. Hu & C.X. Ge

Use of comparative vacuum monitoring sensors for automated, wireless health monitoring of bridges and infrastructure
D. Roach

Considerations for identification of moisture in building materials using Bluetooth®
R. Helmerich, L. Moldenhaue, G. Voigt, F. Adao & E. Köppe

Quantifying increases in maintenance costs of Prestressed Reinforced Concrete (PRC) bridges due to increasing fatigue from heavier traffic loads
M. Frizzarin, L. Mancassola & P. Franchetti

Assessment of concrete pylon of cable stayed bridge with floating crane collision
J.H. Lee, S.-C. Lee, H.-Y. Kim & S.K. Park

Parametric analysis of dissipative rocking superstructures
Z. Chegini &A. Palermo

Mechanical properties of alkali activated concrete based class C fly ash
E. Gomaa, S. Sargon, A. Gheni & M.A. ElGawady

Bayesian integration of NDT with corrosion model for service-life predictions
S.A. Faroz & S. Ghosh

Brunei Temburong Link – Temburong Viaduct
N. Hussain, S. Yip & J. Cain

Effect of cracks on air-tightness of vacuum tube bridge structures
P. Devkota, J. Park & E. Choi

Moving substrate in an ephemeral stream revisited: A continuing case study
G.R. Herrmann &T.G. Cleveland

Experimental study on the fatigue resistance of prestressing strands at low temperature
F. Bomholt, H. Alawieh & M. Knobloch

Multi-scale finite element model updating of highway bridge based on long-gauge strain response
S. Chen, G.Wu & H. Li

Limit analysis of an old and damaged R.C. grillage deck
E. Conti, P.G. Malerba, M. Quagliaroli &A. Maffei

Nonlinear analysis of a R.C. grillage deck exposed to corrosion
E. Conti, P.G. Malerba, M. Quagliaroli & D. Scaperrotta

Determining vehicle weight limit based on the cumulative fatigue damage on bridges
L. Deng &W. Yan

Vortex-induced vibration prediction of bridges based on data fusion theory
S. Xu, D.Wang, R. Ma, A. Chen & H. Tian

Development of phased array ultrasonic test system for detection of fatigue crack of rib-to-deck weld of orthotropic steel deck system
H. Shirahata

Inspection of steel bridges by modal hammer from bridge deck only
B.T. Svendsen, G.T. Frøseth &A. Rønnquist

Assessment of lateral thermal diffusion of impulse thermography method in measuring size of non-planar defects
H.Q. Tran, J. Huh, C. Kang, K. Kwak & J. Ahn

Corrosion segmentation and quantitative analysis based on deep neural networks
D.Wang, B. Peng &Y. Pan

Effect of small steel-piece size on Charpy absorbed energy
D. Kitazume, K. Ono, K. Anami &T. Iida

A two-stage static structural system identification by observability method
J. Lei, M. Nogal, J.A. Lozano-Galant, D. Xu & J. Turmo

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Nigel Powers is currently the Project Director – North Western Projects for VicRoads and leads the delivery of approximately $1B AUD of major road construction projects in the North and West of the state of Victoria. He has over 17 years’ experience with bridges and structures and has fulfilled various roles including the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of bridges and other road structures. Nigel has a passion for bridges which has led to roles on the Austroads Bridge Task Force and the Standards Australia Committee reviewing AS5100 - Australian Bridge Design Code. He also has a passion for working with academia to further research in the industry which has led partnering with various Universities to undertake research on bridge maintenance, management and rehabilitation. In 2014 Nigel formed the Australian branch of IABMAS and is the founding President.

Professor Dan Frangopol is the inaugural holder of the Fazlur R. Khan Endowed Chair of Structural Engineering and Architecture at Lehigh University. Before joining Lehigh University in 2006, he was Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he is now Professor Emeritus. He is recognized as a leader in the field of life-cycle engineering of civil and marine structures. His main research interests are in the application of probabilistic concepts and methods to civil and marine engineering including structural reliability, probability-based design and optimization of buildings, bridges and naval ships, life-cycle performance maintenance, management and cost of structures and infrastructures under uncertainty, risk-based assessment and decision-making, and infrastructure sustainability and resilience to disasters. He is the Founding President of the International Associations for Bridge Maintenance and Safety (IABMAS) and Life-Cycle Civil Engineering (IALCCE). He is the Founding Editor of international peer-reviewed journal Structure and Infrastructure Engineering. Dr. Frangopol is the recipient of several prestigious awards from ASCE, IABSE, IASSAR, and other professional organizations, such as the OPAL Award, Newmark Medal, Alfredo Ang Award, T.Y. Lin Medal, F. R. Khan Medal, and Croes Medal (twice). He holds 4 honorary doctorates and 12 honorary professorships from major universities. He is a foreign member of the Academia Europaea (Academy of Europe, London) and the Royal Academy of Belgium, an Honorary Member of the Romanian Academy, and a Distinguished Member of ASCE.

Dr Riadh Al-Mahaidi is a Professor of Structural Engineering and Director of the Smart Structures Laboratory at Swinburne University of Technology. He also holds the position Vice President (International Engagement) at Swinburne. Prior to joining Swinburne in January 2010, he was the Head of the Structures Group at Monash University. Over the past 20 years, he focused his research and practice on life time integrity of bridges, particularly in the area of structural strength assessment and retrofitting using advanced composite materials. He was awarded the 2012 Vice Chancellor's Internationalization Award, the RW Chapman Medals in 2005 and 2010 for best journal publication in Engineers Australia Structural Journal. Prof Al-Mahaidi and his research group won the 2016 Engineers Australia Excellence Award for Innovation, Research and Development (High Commendation) for the Multi-Axis Substructure Testing (MAST) System they built at Swinburne. He was awarded the 2017 WH Warren Medal by Board of the College of Civil Engineers of Engineers Australia. Prof Al-Mahaid is a Fellow of the American Concrete Institute, Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Australia, and a Fellow of the International Institute for FRP in Construction IIFC.

Dr Colin Caprani is a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng MIEAust) and Chartered Structural Engineer (CEng MIEI, MIStructE) with considerable industrial and academic experience. He has worked as a design structural engineer on a wide range of projects, including integral bridges, new-concept bridge beam development, large-scale commercial mixed-use developments, and renovation and refurbishment of listed structures. His research specializations involve highway bridge traffic loading for short- and long-span bridges; vibration serviceability of footbridges; structural reliability and statistics of extremes; and Intelligent Transportation System - infrastructure interaction. He has lectured on numerous courses in three universities