1st Edition

Major Events in Early Vertebrate Evolution

Edited By Per Erik Ahlberg Copyright 2001

    A multi-author volume Major Events in Early Vertebrate Evolution examines the origin and early evolution of the backboned animals (vertebrates)-the group which comprises all fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, including ourselves. This volume draws together evidence from fossils, genes, and developmental biology (the study of how embryos grow and develop) to answer questions such as:
    *When did the first backboned animals appear?
    *How are the different groups of backboned animals related to each other?
    *How did bones and teeth evolve?
    The authors are all experts of international standing in their respective fields, and present some of their own recent findings in conjunction with reviews of the latest work in this fast-moving and fascinating area of biology.

    1. Deuterostome Phylogeny: The Context for the Origin and Evolution of the Vertebrates Henry Gee 2. Amphioxus and the Evolutionary Origin of the Vertebrate Neural Crest and Midbrain/Hindbrain Boundary Linda Z. Holland and Nicholas D. Holland 3. The Origin of the Neural Crest Peter W. H. Holland, Hiroshi Wada, Miguel Manzanares, Robb Krumlauf and Sebastian M. Shimeld 4. The Origin and Early Fossil History of the Chordate Acustico-Lateralis System, with Remarks on the Reality of the


    Per Erik Ahlberg