1st Edition

Makers Of Japan

By J Morris Copyright 1906
    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    400 Pages
    by Routledge

    First Published in 1906, Morris melds Japanese culture and historic past to create a discourse on the change in attitude to foreign powers in the 1800’s. By providing a general impression of Japan and her people, and discussing the workings of reform, as exemplified in the lives of her patriots, the book explores Japan’s status amongst the international community as an enlightened nation and modern powerhouse.

    1. His Majesty the Emperor of Japan.  2. Prince Tokugawa Keiki : The Last of the Shoguns.  3. Fujita Toko.  4. Sakuma Shuri (Otherwise SHOZAN).  5. Yoshida Torajiro (Otherwise SHO-IN).  6. Marquis Ito.  7. Prince Iwakura Tomomi.  8. Prince Sanjo Denetomi.  9. Count Inouye Kaoru.  10. Viscount Okubo Toshimichi.  11. Count Goto Shojiro.  12. Marshal Saigo Takamori.  13. Field-Marshal Marquis Yamagata.  14. Count Okuma Shigenobu.  15. Field-Marshal Marquis Oyama.  16. Fukusawa Yukichi.  17. Marquis Kido Koin.  18. Count Itagaki.  19. Count Matsukata Masayoshi.  20 Admiral Viscount Enomoto.  21. Admiral Togo Heihachi.  22 Baron Eichi Shinusawa.


    J Morris