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    by Routledge

    by Routledge

    Based on original research conducted by the author over the past twenty years, this book is a definitive investigation of enduring change. Hundreds of therapists and change agents, in addition to a diverse group of people who have self-initiated experiences, or structured therapy, have been interviewed about their most dramatic growth and the factors that contributed to making their changes last.

    Written for helping and leadership professionals, as well as the public, this book will give readers the knowledge and tools they need to understand the mechanisms and processes of lasting change.

    Preface 1. What Do We Really Understand About Change? 2. Stories of Personal Transformation 3. Kinds of Change: Magnitude, Rate, Levels, and Significance 4. Why Changes Don't Last 5. Some Universal Features of Change Efforts 6. The Process of Lasting Change 7. Conditions That Promote Enduring Change 8. Adjunctive Structures That Sustain Changes 9. The Certainty of Failure and Uncertainty of Change References


    Jeffrey A. Kottler

    ". . . [T]his book has the potential to be a classic with a shelf life that will sustain. The topic is everlasting and the examples given are universal- this one will stay with us for a long time!" -- Dr. Fred Bemak, Ohio State University
    "This book is a new and innovative contribution to the field. There is nothing like it and it is a critical issue for professionals who are working. . . to create change. Again, a Kottler first of its kind, moving into new terrain in a creative and engaging manner!" -- Dr. Fred Bemak, Ohio State University
    "Making Changes Last is a definitive investigation of creating enduring change." -- Horizons