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The Causes of the First World War The Long Blame Game

The Causes of the First World War: The Long Blame Game

2nd Edition


By Annika Mombauer
May 30, 2024

More than a hundred years after it began, the question of the origins of World War I remains contested. Based on Mombauer’s The Origins of the First World War (2002), this thoroughly revised and expanded volume surveys the long debate, taking the analysis from 1914 to the centenary and beyond. The ...

Gender and the Historian

Gender and the Historian

1st Edition

By Johanna Alberti
January 15, 2002

Why are most famous historians men? How have women changed the writing of history over the last decades? What lives and stories have been hidden from history? Until recently history was predominantly the domain of men. That men were the authors of our past meant that in many cases only half of the ...

Nationalism History and Theory

Nationalism: History and Theory

1st Edition

By Paul Lawrence
November 25, 2004

Massive changes have taken place in the way nations and nationalism are thought about. From being viewed enthusiastically by historians as a force for beneficial change before the First World War, today appeals to 'national' sentiment are viewed as far more complex and problematic. This book looks ...

The Origins of the First World War Controversies and Consensus

The Origins of the First World War: Controversies and Consensus

1st Edition

By Annika Mombauer
March 22, 2002

The seminal event of the 20th century, the origins of the First World War have always been difficult to establish and have aroused deep controversy. Annika Mombauer tracks the impassioned debates as they developed at critical points through the twentieth century. The book focuses on the ...

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