1st Edition

Making Places in the Prehistoric World Themes in Settlement Archaeology

By Joanna Bruck, Melissa Goodman Copyright 1999

    This groundbreaking volume addresses issues central to the study of prehistoric settlement including group memory, the transmission of ideology and the impact of mobility and seasonality on the construction of social identity. Building on these themes, the contributors point to new ways of understanding the relationship between settlement and landscape by replacing Capitalist models of spatial relations with more intimate histories of place.

    Part 1 Introduction: introduction. Part 2 How can we problematize working definitions for settlement studies: settling on sites - constraining concepts, John Carman; the site concept and the practice of intensive surface survey in the Aegean - space, place and representation, Jamie Merrick; archaeology, settlement and territory - re-evaluating temporal and spatial criteria in the reproduction of social space, James McGlad; redefining Neolithic settlement in the central Mediterranean region, Robin Skeates. Part 3 How can we address domestic practice from archaeological remains - unearthing settlements in Early Bronze Age Wessex, Joanna Bruck; settlements as monuments and homes - the identification and social character of settlements in Pre-Nuragic Sardinia, Christopher Hayden; writing histories of occupation - perceptions of settlement in later Epipalaeolithic and early Neolithic Levant, Brian Boyd. Part 4 What is a contextual interpretation of settlement: debating marginality - archaeologists on the edge?, Robert Young and Trevor Simmonds; houses or households? Prehistoric agrarian activities and settlement remains, Melissa Goodman; the role of settlements in interpreting the Polish Iron Age, Hanna Zawadska. Part 5 Can we identify principles of the organization of society over generations: what is a tell? Settlement in early agricultural southeast Europe, Douglass Bailey; rebuilding the world in Jomon Japan, Simon Kaner; moving places - thoughts on the character of the settlement record in the Neolithic of southern Britain, Joshua Pollard; settlement aspects of interaction between Basarwa hunter - gatherers and Bamangwato farmers in Botswana, Kathy Fewster.


    Joanna Bruck, Melissa Goodman