1st Edition

Making Relational Care Work for Older People Exploring Innovation and Best Practice in Everyday Life

By Jenny Kartupelis Copyright 2021
    174 Pages
    by Routledge

    174 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book explores the concept of relational care, what it feels like for older people and for carers, why it makes life happier and how those involved in residential or community care can make it work.

    Relational care is gaining traction as its benefits to individuals and society become recognised. This accessible book, based on real-life models and in-depth interviews, explores fresh ways that relational care can be facilitated in a variety of settings. It looks at practice in terms of team management, support for care workers, technology, design and architecture, intergenerational and multidisciplinary models, and their implications for resilience, wellbeing, policy and future funding. Chapters are arranged by theme and provide descriptions, learning points and resources for each model, as well as incorporating a wealth of interviews giving insights into the lived experience of relational care.

    This is a lively book full of realistic ideas and information for everyone who wants to find out more about, access or implement the best in care – the best for older people, their families, care workers, management and society.


    Sally Greengross

    Ann Gallagher



    Chapter 1. Relational Care: Improving Lives for Older People, Carers and Families

    Chapter 2. Creating Relational Care Models in Community Settings

    Chapter 3. Innovations in living together: relational care in residential settings

    Chapter 4. New ways of providing relational care

    Chapter 5. Technology: friend or foe?
    Lorraine Morley

    Chapter 6. The Future of Relational Care

    Appendix A: Measuring and evaluating wellbeing

    Appendix B: Notes on surveys and scope of the book




    Jenny Kartupelis started her career in public relations, establishing an award-winning consultancy; she subsequently moved into the charitable sector, helping to set up and becoming Director of a regional interfaith forum, for which she was awarded the MBE for services to interfaith relations. She has been commissioned to undertake extensive survey and analysis work by public- and third-sector bodies, resulting in changes of practice and policy. Jenny was educated at the Universities of Kent, Sussex and Cambridge and is an advisor to The World Congress of Faiths and Faith in Society Ltd.

    "Loneliness remains one of the big social issues in the 21st century. Fortunately, it is also driving the search for social solutions that bring us together, wherever we live. This new book on relational care highlights a range of innovative projects that are leading the way in social connecting." Stephen Burke, Director, United of All Ages, UK.

    "Care is a relationship, not a transaction. In this book Jenny Kartupelis considers different models of relational care with the aim of offering inspiration and practical advice to those seeking to put this understanding into practice. Drawing on her own interviews and other studies Kartupelis challenges assumptions that care at home is always ‘best’ and offers hope that old age can be lived well with others in different settings. This is a book written from the heart as well as the head. It raises important questions for both the design and funding of social care services as well as for the values we want to promote." Marian Barnes, Professor Emeritus, University of Brighton, UK

    "Jenny’s timely book reminds us afresh that in order for life to be fulfilled, we all need to relate to others, as givers and receivers. Building on her earlier work, Jenny inspires, challenges and assists society to celebrate older people who are not a problem, but are integral to our own flourishing as well as theirs." The Right Revd Dr Stephen Venner DL

    "This book presents new ways of thinking about care, including the potential of technology to support dramatic benefits. The success of technology in care comes down to leadership and focus on the human at the centre of care. Providers with strong leadership skills can successfully reap the benefits of all tools available to them and well led care technology firms will provide solutions that fit into the lives of people, not the other way around." Eric Kihlstrom, Chairman of Older and former Director of ISCF Healthy Ageing, UK

    "The current model of care provision is unsustainable, under immense duress, bureaucratic and increasingly expensive. This book looks at some of the answers, the arguments behind them and the critical role of innovation. The rise of digital delivery formats and AI represent an opportunity to help large numbers at scale and innovation is central to this. Innovation through technology can give insights to improve health outcomes as we age." Zoe Peden, Investment Manager Ananda Impact Ventures

    "Though this is an academic book in the field of gerontology, its messages resonate for all with a concern for the wellbeing of older people. Putting relationships at the heart of care and support services is surely a goal to which Anna Chaplaincy aspires in offering spiritual care." -Debbie Thrower, Anna Chaplaincy, The Bible Reading Fellowship