1st Edition

Making Social Policy in Australia An introduction

By John Wiseman Copyright 1996
    268 Pages
    by Routledge

    268 Pages
    by Routledge

    Social policy affects everyone and is everyone's business. Even if you do not receive welfare payments, directly or indirectly you benefit from government servides and funding. Yet how are policies and programs actually developed? Can social policy help us create a more just society?

    This book offers an introduction to the theory and practice of social policy making in Australia. Using detailed case studies, it covers:

    * the ideas and values which inform the social policy process

    * how different groups can influence policy making

    * how social policy making takes place in social and political organisations

    * the political nature of policy making

    Making Social Policy in Australia is the most up to date introduction to Australian social policy currently available, and is essential reading for students and practitioners in human and community service work and government.

    Tony Dalton, Mary Draper and John Wiseman lecture in Social Work and Social Sciences at Rmit, Melbourne; Wendy Weeks lectures in Social Work and Social Policy at the University of Melbourne and is author (in collaboration) of Women Working Together: Lessons from feminist women's services. Each of the authors has been involved in policy debate and development for many years.

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    1 Towards a framework for understanding and participating in social policy making

    2 Why the historical and current context matters

    3 Debates about social goals

    4 Organisational maps and policy making

    5 Working in organisations

    6 Disputes about policy process: governments, citizens and markets

    7 The policy process as power and contest



    8 Pathways to excellence: developing Aboriginal education policy ELEANOR BOURKE

    9 How violence against women became an issue on the national policy agenda WENDY WEEKS AND KATE KILMORE

    10 The Kurds - who are they? Established Kurdish identity in Victoria HURRIYET BABACAN

    11 Low-start mortgages: implementation problems in a deregulated finance economy TONY DALTON

    12 Policy and planning in community s


    Tony Dalton, Mary Draper and John Wiseman all lecture in the Department of Social Work and Social Sciences at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Wendy Weeks is Senior Lecturer in Social Work and Social Policy at the University of Melbourne.