1st Edition

Making it Real Pt. 2, 2008

By Jill Thistlethwaite, George Ridgway Copyright 2007

    This work includes a Foreword by Jonathan Silverman, Associate Clinical Dean and Director of Communication Studies, School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge. Emphasis is placed on shared decision making, appraisal, and dealing with difficult situations as well as the more common topics such as taking a history and breaking bad news. Healthcare educators with an interest in communication skills training and personal and professional development will find this guide invaluable, as will undergraduate and postgraduate teachers in university and workplace settings. "As its central component, this manual of experiential learning provides a bank of ready-made simulated patient scenarios that will prove invaluable to anybody setting up a programme from scratch - here is a collection of scenarios with information for facilitators, participants and simulated patients and hints on how to run sessions on specific topics and it is clearly not just for beginners - those already running established programs will also find it so useful to be able to turn to a resource of simulated patient scenarios when planning a new session." "Now educators can turn to a practical source of expert guidance in setting up sessions utilising simulated patients. Experiential work with simulated patients is the most effective way of improving learners' communication skills. Practical, thoughtful and well considered help such as this new book is worth its weight in gold and will help so many educators as they strive to introduce this approach to learning into medical curricula and assessments." - Jonathan Silverman, in the Foreword.

    The importance of communication skills. A practical guide to working with simulated patients and as a simulated patient. A practical guide to individual sessions. Working with medical and health professional students: Information gathering. Information sharing and shared decision making. Risk communication and informed consent. Breaking bad news. A selection of difficult interactions. Communication between health professionals. Formal interactions between professionals. Developing scenarios in response to students' and professionals' needs. Simulated patients and assessment. Recent developments in communication skills training.


    Thistlethwaite, Jill; Ridgway, George