1st Edition

Making the Most of Your Medical Career Maximising Your Chances of Success

    ' Once you are in medical school you will need to apply for Foundation training; once in Foundation training you will need to apply for core or specialty training; if you go through core training, you will need to apply for specialty training; and once in specialty training, you will need to apply for consultancy posts. Knowing about this allows you to prepare for the next application, and enables you to show yourself in the best light in the application process...The majority of medical careers are becoming increasingly competitive, with many specialties subject to competition ratios of over 10 applicants for each place...' David McGowan and Helen Sims ' This book provides an excellent and easy-to-read path to making the most of your medical career starting as a student...and a ready source of really useful hints and tips that will help anyone reading this book maximise their personal and professional development.' From the Foreword by Dr Inam Haq Want to optimise your chances of success? Take a fresh look at the clinical world. Medical careers have changed and learning how to play the game is as important as being the best in your field. This inspirational new guide considers your medical career from a wide-ranging perspective, encouraging a positive, early outlook. On a highly practical note, it acts as a comprehensive information source, covering all aspects of job applications and medical careers. On a personal note the book fosters a complete reassessment of the way you view your working life. It offers fresh ideas to help identify important opportunities to improve your CV - taking opportunities when you can whilst making the most of what you have. Easy to read and conversational in tone, it details invaluable ideas on developing your portfolio and innovative methods to successfully market yourself, alongside sound approaches to the challenges and intricacies of the modern medical career.

    Preface. Section 1 - Introduction - Medical careers and the training pathway. Your medical career. The training pathways - what you need to be doing and by when. Section 2 - Introduction - How to plan for the future. Medical students. Foundation year trainees. Core and run-through trainees. Specialty training and beyond. The academic training pathway. Section 3 - How to get ahead of the competition. The medical curriculum vitae. The portfolio. Marketing yourself. M - Management. A - Audit. R - Research. K - Knowledge. E - Education. T - Training. Section 4 - How to publish your work. How to conduct research and publish your work. How to present your research. Section 5 - Introduction - The selection process and interviews. Selection centres. Best approach to interviews. Example interview questions. What to do if it all goes wrong.


    DR DAVID MCGOWAN Core Surgical Trainee Northern General Hospital Sheffield and DR HELEN SIMS Specialty Medical Trainee and Teaching Fellow Royal United Hospital Bath, Joseph Norris (Author) , Natalie Smith (Author) , Charles Zammit (Author)