1st Edition

Male Infertility - Men Talking

By Mary-Claire Mason Copyright 1993

    How do men react to diagnosis of male infertility and how, if at all, are all their lives affected by it? Male infertility is commonplace yet the male experience of it has been woefully neglected. Male Infertility - Men Talking explores these issues by gathering together men's stories and seeing what common strands, if any, exist between them. Mary-Claire Mason explores the past and present medical management of male infertility as this forms an essential backdrop to the men's stories but the main emphasis is on how men's lives are affected. In the first half of this book the discovery of sperm and the man's role in reproduction is considered together with a review of how the past affects the present medical management of male infertility and the problems that bedevil it. The male voice predominates in the second painful events and relationships with families and friends, their feeling of isolation, their medical experiences, the importance of biological fatherhood, and their hopes for the future.

    Part 1; Chapter 1 Introduction; Chapter 2 Setting the scene; Chapter 3 Definitions and detection; Chapter 4 Causes and treatment; Part 2; Chapter 5 Discussions; Chapter 6 Coping with the medical experience; Chapter 7 The quality of medical services; Chapter 8 The diagnosis; Chapter 9 The consequences; Chapter 10 The desire to be a father; Chapter 11 Creating a family; Chapter 12 Dealing with people; Chapter 13 Survival strategies; Chapter 14 Support; Chapter 15 Resolution; Chapter 16 Couples; Chapter 17 The way forward; Chapter 18 Parting thoughts;


    Mary-Claire Mason is a freelance writer with a personal interest in male infertility. She specialises in health and her articles have appeared in a range of publications including The Independent and The Guardian.

    'One of the few books to truly address the emotional and psychological implications of male sub/infertility'

    `Everyone, specialist to patient will benefit from reading this highly readable and enlightening masterpiece. Don't just sit there - READ IT.'