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Male Orders

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Male Orders attempts to understand male forms of identity, practice and association in the modern world. Acknowledging the challenges of feminism and gay liberation, these books offer a broad and critical exploration of men's lives.

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Unreasonable Men Masculinity and Social Theory

Unreasonable Men: Masculinity and Social Theory

1st Edition

By Victor J. Seidler
December 08, 1993

This much needed book is the first to show how dominant forms of masculinity are implicated in the traditions of social theory that have emerged since the Enlightenment. The author shows how an 'unreasonable' form of reason has emerged from the separation of reason from emotion, mind from body, ...

Fathers and Daughters

Fathers and Daughters

1st Edition

By Sue Sharpe
January 26, 1994

Fathers and Daughters explores the complex nature of this subject using the voices and experiences of both fathers and daughters. Sue Sharpe provides an examination of the important processes operating within the relationship such as those affecting gender roles, achievement, teenage sexuality, ...

Men, Sex and Relationships Writings From Achilles Heel

Men, Sex and Relationships: Writings From Achilles Heel

1st Edition

Edited By Victor J. Seidler
August 14, 1992

Men, Sex and Relationships follows on the success of The Achilles Heel Reader also edited by Vic Seidler in being a judicious mix between he academic and the personal. Drawn from contributins to Achilles Heel it provides the reader with helpful and insightful material on the men's relationships ...

The Making of Anti-Sexist Men

The Making of Anti-Sexist Men

1st Edition

By Harry Christian
June 24, 1994

The idea of the "anti-sexist man" is often treated with scorn by feminists and hesitantly by men. People are suspicious and unsure about the whole idea. Based around interviews with eight men who have responded positively to feminism, this book provides the reader with the first full length ...

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