1st Edition

Malevolent Managers Insights using Executive Impression Management

By Terry A. Sheridan Copyright 2016
    220 Pages
    by Routledge

    220 Pages
    by Routledge

    Dr Terry A. Sheridan employs a new and unique theoretical perspective to examine how malevolent, tyrannical and mediocre managers commonly use violence in the workplace, not necessarily physical violence, but bullying, overt and covert emotional abuse - all forms of negative behaviour that are damaging to individuals and organisations. The theoretical basis for the author’s analysis and prescriptions is the new perspective of Executive Impression Management, which stems from Dr Sheridan’s research into the differences between a number of types of executives from their co-workers’ point of view. That investigation developed indicators to identify different negative management types and also helped define what has been called respectful management - the sort exercised by those managers who are good stewards. What makes this book unusual is that it is derived from qualitative research and covers an area where hardly any scholarly work has been produced. The author argues that the research methodology employed has resulted in a better understanding of impression management than has hitherto been possible. It addresses the confusion that often abounds regarding who is a good or bad manager and the fact that we can identify bad management through measures of company or organisational performance, but not how and why it went wrong. It will assist the leadership of organisations to make the right decisions about recruitment and promotion and to identify and challenge poor performance effectively.

    1. Foreword

    2. A new typology of discerning management behaviour

    3. Theoretical underpinnings to the research

    4. The findings regarding the Respectful Executive Impression Management

    5. The Tyrant and Mediocre Executive Impression Management

    6. How to identify a malevolent manager

    7. The impression management strategies used by non-fraudster managers

    8. Methods of malevolent managers

    9. Confronting the malevolent manager - the careful process of unmasking

    10. How to choose a manager who uses Respectful Executive Impression Management

    11. How to instil respect in your workplace despite malevolent managers and your position in the organisation

    12. Sharing is caring

    13. Conclusion


    Dr Terry A. Sheridan is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, member of the Fraud Advisory Panel (UK) and Australian Career Development Association and was awarded their Research of the Year Award in 2008. Her publications include Managerial Fraud (Gower, 2014), numerous articles, both scholarly and for general reading and many refereed conference papers. She has gained a reputation of being an able researcher and public speaker. She is the Managing Director of Guardian Angel Holdings Pty Ltd, having held several executive positions in the past with public corporations, statutory bodies and companies as well as non-profit organisations. Her volunteer work covers 26 years acting as Board member or Chair to several non-profits. Recently she founded the social enterprise, the Lovina Ladies League, in Northern Bali.