1st Edition

Man and Natural Resources An Agricultural Perspective

By Cedric Stanton Hicks Copyright 1975

    Originally published in 1975, yet prophetic in its wisdom this book deals with major aspects of man’s ecological destruction in an industrial framework. As well as discussing the destruction of forests by early civilizations the book examines the rate and extension of environmental deterioration in more recent times and the importance of the integrated ‘feed-back’ controls which maintain stability in the ecosphere of which humankind forms a part. Examining the role of entropy, energy quanta and indeterminacy in overthrowing both science and economic theory, the book provides examples from the 20th Century of the uncontrolled demands for energy and material resources, as well as of increasing toxic hazard in the biosphere.



    Cedric Stanton Hicks was Professor of Human Physiology and Pharmacology at the University of Adelaide, Australia.

    Review of the original edition of Man & Natural Resources:

    ‘This is an important book…packed with information on the history of agriculture and the stages by which human invention, first technical then industrial has turned the cultivation of the land into a means of destroying our habitat, our society and ultimately our natural resources as well.’ New Scientist