1st Edition

Management A Developing Country Perspective

By Betty Jane Punnett Copyright 2012
    200 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    200 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The global business world appears to be changing and there is an ever greater focus on developing countries. This change in the international business environment is not reflected in the range of management textbooks currently available, as most are written from a developed country perspective

    This book introduces and assesses the typical theories and management approaches that are popular in developed countries, from the perspective of managers in developing countries. A wide variety of countries, with many different environments and cultures are explored and the book covers key concepts, such as

    • Economic development
    • Planning and strategic management
    • Operations management
    • HRM
    • Leadership

    With the added benefit of various pedagogical features and supplementary web materials, students taking classes requiring an understanding of management concepts will find Punnett’s book adds serious value. It could be used as core reading for a range of classes, including international business, management, development studies and managing in a developing country.

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    1. Introduction and Overview  2. Terminology of Development  3. Characteristics of Developing Countries  4. Management Issues and Examples  5. Explanations of Economic Development  6. Planning and Strategic Management in Developing Countries  7. Organizing and Operating an International Company  8. Human Resource Management  9. Managing an International Workforce  10. Motivation in Developing Countries  11. Leadership in Developing Countries  12. Special Issues for Managers in Developing Countries


    Betty Jane Punnett teaches at the University of the West Indies, Barbados. Her research focuses on culture and management, particularly in the Caribbean. She has published over sixty papers in international journals, and five books

    'BJ Punnett’s book may well be described as a tour de force in the study and the practice of Management in developing countries. Written in an engaging and highly readable style, the book packs significant and relevant statistics, concepts, and theories. A unique feature is that it brings to the fore the challenges and nuanced realities as well as the economic and socio-cultural factors that contextualise the practise of management in developing areas. A must read for students, researchers and practitioners.'

    Bill Buenar Puplampu, University of Ghana Business School and Dean, Central Business School, Central University College, Ghana

    'There is a growing importance of emerging and developing countries in today’s global world. Betty Jane Punnett's book is the first of its kind. There’s nothing like it available for the developing world. Although Punnett states it is not an international business textbook, I highly recommend it for international business students and scholars as well as anyone planning to do business in developing countries.'

    Terri R. Lituchy, Concordia University, John Molson School of Business, Canada

    'This is a fresh, innovative approach to Management from a developing country perspective. This book is current, relevant and engaging. The cases illustrate real life issues and the chapters are well structured, clearly written and have a depth of pertinent information. This book takes a realistic and holistic view of the issues faced today in developing countries and is written by an expert at the forefront of her subject.'

    Spinder Dhaliwal, University of Surrey, UK

    'This textbook approaches the study of Management in developing countries by utilizing developed countries' theories and models as well as consultants' experiences to analyze how factors defining developing countries affect management. Drawing on numerous examples from the BRICs, the Caribbean and other regions of the world, it is definitely a welcome publication that helps close the gap on the lack of available teaching resources on the topic.'

    Maribel Aponte-Garcia, University of Puerto Rico

    'As a Brazilian and an international academic I really loved this book. Its framework gives us an interesting way to profoundly engage with Management across cultures and different economic contexts. I am so glad to have been exposed to typical theories and management approaches that are popular in developed countries from the perspective of managers in developing/emerging countries like Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. These countries face a different environment from that in developed countries, and this needs to be reflected in how management processes are carried out. Management: A Developing Country Perspective provides a valuable asset for lecturers in developing countries who want to ensure that students consider the realities of their environment.'

    Neusa Maria Bastos F. Santos, Fulbright Scholar, University of Michigan, USA and Professor of Management at Pontificia Universidade Catolica de São Paulo, Brazil

    'Our study of international business is becoming as obsolete as the old G-7 unless we expand our focus to include developing countries in their increasingly vital, central roles. This book promises to provide a very helpful introduction and analysis of that neglected sector of our global economy.'

    Charles Vance, Loyola Marymount University, USA

    'Betty Jane's insider perspective and view of management in the developing world is a welcome addition to instructional tomes on the new economy of the 21st century. Understanding Africa now and its complicated cultural, gender and value inter linkages is critical to claiming the 'last frontier' in human development. Her style, which includes practical examples and exercises for the management student is an inclusive way of helping students grapple with the complex issues that bedevil development in Africa and similar places.'

    Samuel Sejjaaka, Makerere University Business School, Uganda

    'Due to her extraordinary vision, Dr. Punnet always knows in advance what could be a great contribution for science and practice in management. This book enforces previous contributions on research, that management theories based on western developed countries will not be applicable for other different cultural environments. But her knowledge is not only based on her methodology, but on her personal professional life. This book is perfect not only for academics teaching abroad, or locally to global students, but also for practitioners who will be led to consider different options when dealing with organizations or people belonging to developing countries.'

    Silvia Inés Monserrat, Business School, Unicen, Argentina

    'This is not your typical Management book nor is it typical of an International Management book. The topics are covered nicely, but from a perspective that emphasizes "developing countries" (not the familiar term "emerging markets"). Here we're taken on a journey which vividly illustrates how the developing countries have springboarded the heavy infrastructure in land line ICT and are committed to newer technologies. She convincingly argues that they're not rooted in the past, but instead shows how many of these countries may be in positions to be innovative leaders of the future. This book is provocative and offers us a new perspective on Management in the developing world.'

    Mary Ann Von Glinow, AIB President