7th Edition

Management Communication A Case Analysis Approach

By James S. O'Rourke Copyright 2023
    528 Pages 47 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    528 Pages 47 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This new edition of Management Communication is a case-based textbook that introduces students to the strategic communication methods that are crucial to master in order for them to develop into effective and ethical managers at all levels of business. Effective communication skills are necessary for success in the business world, and James O’Rourke has written a highly readable book filled with anecdotes and examples to engage students in the learning process.

    This seventh edition includes both classic and new features. The strategic approach is integrated throughout the book, allowing students to understand how a communicated message affects the business as a whole. New case studies provide students with hands-on experience of scenarios they will encounter in the real world, looking at global companies such as Facebook and Nike. Further updates include new content on technology, corporate culture, and disinformation.

    An ethical thread is woven through the text, demonstrating how ethical decision making can be applied in all aspects of communication. Chapters on intercultural communication, nonverbal communication, and conflict management provide students with the skills to build relationships and influence stakeholders – key skills for any manager.

    This text will provide students with a well-rounded understanding of management communication and the support material ensures it serves as a complete resource for instructors.

    Table of Contents:

    Chapter 1:

    Management Communication in Transition

    Case 1.1

    Case 1.2

    Case 1.3

    Chapter 2:

    Communication and Strategy

    Case 2.1

    Case 2.2

    Case 2.3

    Chapter 3:

    Communication Ethics

    Case 3.1

    Case 3.2

    Chapter 4:


    Case 4.1

    Case 4.2

    Chapter 5:


    Case 5.1

    Case 5.2

    Case 5.3

    Chapter 6:


    Case 6.1

    Case 6.2

    Case 6.3

    Chapter 7:


    Case 7.1

    Case 7.2

    Chapter 8:

    Listening and Feedback

    Case 8.1 A

    Case 8.1 B

    Case 8.2 A

    Case 8.2 B

    Case 8.2 C

    Case 8.3

    Chapter 9:

    Nonverbal Communications

    Case 9.1

    Case 9.2

    Chapter 10:

    Intercultural Communication

    Case 10.1

    Case 10.2

    Case 10.3

    Chapter 11:

    Managing Conflict

    Case 11.1

    Case 11.2

    Case 11.3

    Chapter 12:

    Business Meetings that Work

    Case 12.1

    Case 12.2

    Chapter 13:

    Dealing with the News Media

    Case 13.1

    Case 13.2

    Case 13.3


    James S. O’Rourke is an American rhetorician and Professor of Management at the University of Notre Dame, USA. He was founder of the Fanning Center for Business Communication.

    “James S. O’Rourke’s Management Communication (7th edition) is a masterful, strategic excursion through business and management communication. Using some of the most significant business scenarios from industry, this book immerses students and practitioners into real world contexts to teach everything from intercultural communication and ethics to writing and speaking. Students are going to love it!”
    Heidi Schultz, PhD
    Clinical Professor, Management and Corporate Communication
    Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

    “As they say, Jim O’Rourke ‘wrote the book’ on Management Communication. The 7th edition takes an impressive leap forward and hits all the marks. It addresses enduring questions about why communication matters so much in business, introduces foundational skills with nuance and depth, and includes pithy, up-to-date cases featuring name-brand companies that appeal to students.”
    Elizabeth A. Powell, PhD
    Julie Logan Sands Associate Professor of Business
    Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, USA

    “Managerial communication has become more complex and nuanced. Professor O’Rourke’s 7th edition of Management Communication: A Case Analysis Approach provides relevant, up-to-date content and cases that effectively equip business leaders to successfully navigate an ever-changing global environment.”
    Matt Abrahams
    Lecturer in Strategic Communication
    Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, USA

    “This is a book I would recommend to every business school professor. O’Rourke’s updated and revised 7th edition takes on the most challenging issues in management communication and addresses changes in technology, management practices, and the increasingly uncertain global business world in a thoughtful, considered way. His cases offer clear, effective, and innovative content on management communication practices targeted to the greatest needs of both students and managers.”
    Professor Tracey Holden
    Department of Communication, University of Delaware, USA

    “While there is no substitute for real-life experience, this book comes close. O’Rourke’s research and writing style open up the dynamic management communication challenges so typical for leaders in an unpredictable global market environment. These cases are well selected, and they offer understanding beyond theory, teaching future leaders how to think.”
    Vilma Luoma-aho
    Professor of Corporate Communication, Vice Dean of Education
    Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics, Finland

    “Not many books are essential for success in Management Communication for instructors, researchers, or students. This one is. We can each immediately benefit from Prof. O’Rourke’s remarkable insight and experience. Building on the foundations of our discipline, he shows us how to anticipate and succeed in the challenges just ahead. Jim served as a beacon, helping to guide Wharton’s Communication Program. Now he returns in print to benefit faculty and students alike.”
    Lisa Warshaw
    Director, Wharton Communication Program (2000–2020),
    University of Pennsylvania, USA
    Founder, Peer Learning Venture