1st Edition

Management Dilemmas The Theory of Constraints Approach to Problem Identification and Solutions

By Eli Schragenheim Copyright 1998
    228 Pages
    by CRC Press

    228 Pages
    by CRC Press

    An incredible ability awaits managers who practice Theory of Constraints (TOC) techniques: they can take a problem, look beyond the less important details, and directly identify the source of trouble. They've been known to promptly resolve perplexing matters - while the uninformed remain stuck.
    So many more managers could gain the benefit of TOC thinking... if they only took the time. Eli Schragenheim now offers an informative and enjoyable self-learning method, proving how TOC can be invaluable at a wide variety of workplaces.
    Management Dilemmas: The Theory of Constraints Approach to Problem Identification and Solutions conveys TOC methods through "virtual experience"-stories of managers and the situations they need to resolve. Take note of the dilemmas they're facing. Think about how you would respond under those circumstances. Then, compare your reactions with Schragenheim's TOC-influenced analysis.
    Associated with Dr. Eli Goldratt (the founder of TOC) for seven years, Schragenheim doesn't tell how the stories end. Instead, he encourages the reader to try out TOC techniques-especially the need to arrive at the most precise answer by raising the right questions. The conclusions you reach today could greatly help your on-the-job thinking tomorrow!

    Basics of TOC and How to Analyze a Variety of Cases
    When Things Are Going Well, Why Change?
    Let There Be Light
    A Laboratory for the Repair of Communication
    The Profit That Came From the Wrong Product
    We Need That Department
    Where is My Personal Buffer?
    Crocodile Eyes-The Failure of a Great Project
    Missing Information
    The Perspective of an Organizational Change
    Planning the Next Season and How to be Supported by the Information System
    Success Can be a Problem, Too
    A Crisis at The Small News


    Eli Schragenheim