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Scholarly research into business and management proliferates globally. Its impact into management practice can be difficult to monitor and measure. This series, published in association with The British Academy of Management, presents shortform books that demonstrate how management scholarship has impacted upon the real world.

Incorporating case study examples and highlighting the link between scholarship, policy and practice, the series provides an essential resource for postgraduate students and researchers seeking to understand how to create impact through their work. The concise nature of the books also ensures that they can be useful reading for reflective practitioners.

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Impact in Doctoral Education Product, Person and Process

Impact in Doctoral Education: Product, Person and Process

1st Edition

By Emma Parry, Colin Pilbeam
April 09, 2024

Demonstrating how impact can be created and derived from doctoral programmes, this book focuses on their influence on academic knowledge, policy and practice. Significantly, it highlights the crucial impact of these programmes on the individual and the enduring consequences of this. Drawing on ...

Impact and the Management Researcher

Impact and the Management Researcher

1st Edition

By Usha C.V. Haley
September 25, 2023

Universities, governments, faculty-evaluation committees, grant-bestowing institutions, scholars, and accreditation organizations have increasingly insisted on identifying and placing value on research impact. Valuation of research and scholarly output predicts innovation, affects careers, and ...

The Research Impact Agenda Navigating the Impact of Impact

The Research Impact Agenda: Navigating the Impact of Impact

1st Edition

By Martyna Śliwa, Neil Kellard
September 25, 2023

This book contributes to the growing body of work addressing the processes and consequences of national governments’ audits of the performance of higher education institutions (HEIs) in different countries. The book discusses one recent area of focus within these audits, namely the measurement of ...

Delivering Impact in Management Research When Does it Really Happen?

Delivering Impact in Management Research: When Does it Really Happen?

1st Edition

By Robert MacIntosh, Katy Mason, Nic Beech, Jean M. Bartunek
January 09, 2023

Impact is of increasing importance to all researchers, given its growing centrality to those who fund, assess and use research around the world. Delivering Impact in Management Research sets out a detailed and nuanced analysis of how research impact is best delivered in practice. Starting with a ...

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