Management, Information and Educational Engineering : Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Management, Information and Educational Engineering (MIEE 2014), Xiamen, China, November 22-23, 2014 book cover
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Management, Information and Educational Engineering
Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Management, Information and Educational Engineering (MIEE 2014), Xiamen, China, November 22-23, 2014

ISBN 9781138027282
Published June 1, 2015 by CRC Press
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Book Description

This book contains selected Computer, Management, Information and Educational Engineering related papers from the 2014 International Conference on Management, Information and Educational Engineering (MIEE 2014) which was held in Xiamen, China on November 22-23, 2014. The conference aimed to provide a platform for researchers, engineers and academics as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Computer, Management, Information and Educational Engineering. The papers have been grouped under the following overarching themes: Computer Science and Information Engineering, New Technologies in Education and Sports, and Engineering Management, Production Management, Business and Economics.

Table of Contents

VOLUME 1 Computer science and information engineering

A project-based approach for teaching C++ object-oriented programming language
C. He
Research and design of NVT plug-in module-based network security detection system
H.L. Cai, L.Y.Q. Deng, T.M. Xue & X. Yu
Examining users’ intention to continue using sns based on an extended expectation-confirmation model
B. Dai & Y.Z. Liu
Axiomatization of Owen value for games with coalition structures under precedence constraints
H.X. Sun & C.P. Nie
A remote control system based on S3C2440
Q. Li, K.J. Ren, Y.L. Wu & R.M. Liu
Design of access control system based on SEP4020
K.J. Ren, Q. Li, Y.L. Wu & R.M. Liu
Study and practice on teaching mode in electric automation technology specialty of higher vocational colleges based on CDIO 
L.Y. Fang, F.G. Wu, X. Zhang, X.Y. Zhou & S.W. Fu
The application of task-based approach in the teaching of broadcast media—the case of Video Creation course
H. Liu & Y.J. Guan
Research on “4 in 1” and “4D linkage” university—enterprise cooperation training base—taking the major of software technology in high vocational education as an example
Y.F. Liu & C. He
Based on coal mine internet of integration of the cloud computing platform architecture
H.W. Ding & Y.B. Zhao
Optimization of the internal accounting control based on the internet of Things
Y.H. Dai & X.Y. Ge
Exploration on personalized information service mode of university digital library based on the network environment
L.H. Ma, N.N. Sun & G.S. Zhang
Computer network reliability analyses and optimization methods
Z. Wang
Research on legal protection to the right to privacy based on network
L.P. Wang
Using open source software and mobile devices for collecting research data in terrain
K. Myška, B. Celá & K. Rybenská
Study on the choice of the third-party logistics service provider based on fresh vegetables
J.H. Li
Forecasting ability of alternative distance-to-default based on the merton model
Y.L. Cai, CH.W. Chen & X.J. Dong
Research on warranty policies for the new-tech equipment
H.M. Wang & Y.X. Jia
Implementation of the demonstration center network acl technology
F.H. Li & X. Cao
Study on human capital of farmers in poor areas in northwest China—from sustainable livelihoods angle
C.Y. Li, Q.F. Hou & J.M. Han
Analysis of sentiment transition of retweeting messages on sina weibo
Y. Kang, C. Zhang & X.T. Wang
Construction of intramural practical training base based on Siemens PLC and configuration software
G. Li, W.T. Jin, J.Y. Gan, W.Q. You, H.W. Guo & H.L. Xing
Design of virtual platform in experiment course reform of principles and interface technique of microcomputer
Z. Zhang & Z.Y. Liu
Translation teaching of college English in China based on ESP teaching
S. Liu & J.S. Ren
Analysis and design of integrated task console software system of shipborne UA Vs
P.F. Peng, L. Gong & Q. Yu
Skewed data learning algorithm based on multi-granularity
H.B. Fang
Empirical research on relationship between ownership structure and cash dividend policy of chinese listed companies—based on panel data
H. Liu & J.M. Ye
Performance evaluation of logistics enterprise based on dea model
Y.Y. Ye
Construction and exploration of the art design teaching platform based on scientific and technological information
Y. Liu, W. Tan & H. Tan
An exploration of open machinery training system
H. Tan
Definition of the concept of Roliball and rheological study history
Y.T. Yang, Y.S. Liu & Z.F. Chen
LEEP combined with Matrine gel and ciprofloxacin hydrochloride suppository in the treatment of severe cervical erosion
L. Xu & P. Xu
Design and implementation of seafood cold-chain logistics monitoring system
H.R. Liu, M. Wang, Y.X. Liang & Y.J. Yu
Effect of family control on company’s investment-cash flow sensitivity: Evidence from china’s listed companies
Z.J. Zeng & J.L. Li
Discussion on optimization in information and computing science curricular of local universities against the background of universities and colleges’ transformation
Z.Y. Hou
Cloud ontology semantically improves cloud computing services
L.G. Deng & X.Y. Liu
Design and simulation of electric vehicle cruise control system based on MATLA B
W.J. Zhang, W.L. Niu, X. Wang & T. Jin
Development of intelligent vehicle test system based on mobile terminal platform
Y.C. Zhang, L.C. Tang, X.C. Huo, X.F. Zhao & Y. Yin
Application of Flash animation in power system relay protection teaching
J.T. Shi, Y.W. Tian & H.Y. Wu
Research on the vocational ability-oriented curriculum integration system of secondary vocational and undergraduate education of automobile service engineering major
H.M. Lv & L.Y. Zhu
Three-dimensional planning study of the urban outdoor advertisement on the basis of WebGis
R.H. Xie
Enlightenment and teaching reflection of digital media technology to the education of modern graphic design
R.H. Xie & M.S. Liu
Research on the accounting risk and control strategy in network environment
T. Fei
E-commerce curriculum development based on cglc mode
G.R. Chen
Modeling property price along the metro lines in China
Y.G. Xu & G. Cheng
A new image denoising method combining the contourlet transform and partial differential equation
R. Zhao & T. Wang
Optimal dividend and capital injection strategies in the perturbed classical risk model with transaction costs
Y.M. Yue
Research of Half Fuzzy graph and its application
H. Wang & X.F. Yu
Comparative study on total flavonoids in different parts of Aleuritopteris argentea
X.W. Zhang & B. Gao
Steganalysis technology for adaptive embedding of GIF image
Y.H. He
Tamper detection based on defocused image difference
Z.H. Wang
Study of tampering detection based on image fusion
H.F. Huang
Splicing detection based on consistency of color filter array’s characteristics
Y.H. Chang
Online detection and control of pulp concentration
B.J. Sun, S.J. Hu & C. Zhang
Research on opportunistic networks applied in remote areas
D.H. Gong
PROF IBUS-DP interface development for intelligent instrument
G.X. Miao
Research on network word-of-mouth marketing strategy under the environment of social media
L.B. Hu, S. Cao, Y. Cao & Y.P. Wang
A method of face recognition based on maximum margin criterion and difference vector
G. Cheng & Y.Y. Liu
Research and application of oil spill tracking buoy based on BeiDou satellite
R. Yang, W.W. Zhu & Q. Gu
Analysis on the age feature of the development of upper limb strength and lower limb strength in Chinese teenagers
Y.J. Lin, W. Chen, L.Q. Qiu, C.X. Cai & J.H. Li
Correlation between the standing long jump performance and the skinfold thickness and weight of teenagers
W. Chen, L.Q. Qiu Y.J. Lin, C.X. Cai & J.H. Li
Multi-attribute group decision-making model with interval-valued fuzzy number for personnel selection based on group’s ideal solution
Z.S. Liu, J.J. Zhang & H. Xue
Research on the construction of electronic information engineering characteristic specialty
B. Guo, X.M. Bai & G. Yang
Research on measuring the corporate default willingness based on prospect theory
X.D. Lin, L. Cheng & D.D. Zeng
A novel fruit fly algorithm for solving the parallel test sheet generation problem
F.R. Wang, W.H. Wang & J.X. Dong
Discussion on promoting the development of multi-interdisciplinary research in the new type of research institutes
Y. Zhou, Y. Li, J.F. Chen, Q. Liao & H.X. Song
Study on construction and application of web-based course’s evaluation index system
S.G. Xu & Y. Zhang
Appetite regulation network and obesity
D. Fu
Construction of M-learning resources based on cloud-terminal integration
H. Zhao, Y. Shi & X.p. Li
Research and realization of pruning-branch to adopt data-stream
W. Lv
Study on the traditional method for communication between vlans of iot based on education simulation technology
H.H. Shi, Y.J. Wang & X. Xu
Teaching the single arm routing method for communication between VLANs of iot based on Packet Tracer
H.H. Shi, Y.J. Wang & X. Xu
Optimization of the plastic injection molding process using Taguchi method, RSM, and GA 
W.C. Chen, M.H. Nguyen, H.S. Chiou & T.N. Chen
Application of modular teaching in computer public courses for art major
Y. Zhang & J.M. Shuai
Operating performance evaluation of listed companies in China’s electric home appliance industry
F. Chen & X.Q. Yan
Building an “information service supermarket” of the university digital library in the information era
L.H. Ma, J. Zhao & Y.L. Zhao
Cloud computing-based KMS in comprehensive hospitals
Z.H. Luo, L.X. Yun & X. Zhang
Analysis on the application of database technology practice in information management
Y.X. Lan
The application of database technology in urban traffic service information system
Z. Zhang & J.L. Ren
The application of multimedia technology in martial arts classroom
X.F. Zhao
Exploration into resources sharing via the internet for sports information
X.H. Luo
Research and exploration in computer experimental teaching for system capacity training
S.S. Li & C.B. Quan
A self-adaptive cooperative protocol in VANET 
J.Q. Li, X.Q. Di, X. Liu, H. Qi, L.G. Cong & H.Y. Yu
Research on key technologies of remote network attack and defense
teaching experimental platform
J.Q. Li, X.Q. Di, M. Wang, J. Qiu & J.P. Zhao
The design of a central node of the wireless sensor network used in seismic monitoring
Z.T. Li, J.H. Fu, Y.K. Guo & Q. Tan
The application of Logic Pro in music writing with multi-part
J.M. Zhang
A study of use technology acceptance model of web-based digital learning environment for interior decoration labor safety education
Y.Y. Tyan, H.Y. Chen & Y.W. Wu
Application of database technology in information society present situation and existing problems of analysis
F. Kong
Analysis on characteristics of experimental video art
X. Wang
Application of TRIZ and inherent safety in the design of a safety device for intravenous infusion tubing
Y.C. Lin, H.L. Hsiao, S.C. Yang & K.Y. Li
Design and realization of cloud computing network teaching platform
L.M. Wang
The design and implementation of network courseware of “algorithm design and analysis”
C. Feng
Psychological warfare’s influence on volleyball athletes’ performance based on multi-layer data analysis and sports media
X.H. An
The application of computer image processing technology in arts creation
C.S. Liu
The man-machine engineering design of a multimedia platform
C.L. Pan
Electroencephalographic coherence for exposure to low-frequency noise
C.C. Yang & C.Y. Chou
The artistic expression analysis of animation technology based on three dimensions
H. Nie
The impacts of computer graphics accessibility functions on ceramic paintings
Y. Gao
Basketball tactics system design based on .NET platform
H. Jiang

VOLUME 2 New technologies in education and sports

Research on the information literacy education of university embedded cognition
N.N. Sun & L.H. Ma
Problems and countermeasures of the cohesive models between secondary vocational education and undergraduate education system—a case of automotive major
P. Tang, R.Y. Zhu, H.M. Lv & J.S. Xia
Study on innovation in ideological and political education based on the internet age
H.X. Guo
Study on solfeggio teaching under MIDI environment
Y.A. Wang
A study on English language acquisition of bilingual children with different bilingual proficiency
F.C. An, Y.S. Wu & Z.A. Zhang
Exploitation on school-based traditional ethnic sports course in primary and middle schools of ethnic region in northwest Guangxi
L.C. Wei
A discourse-based English passive voice teaching
X.F. Zhai & G.F. Ding
Study on the talent training model of safety engineering specialty based on career orientation
X.Y. Liu, G.H. Liu, Y.J. Xiong, H.S. Wang & Z.Q. Xia
The compared research of modern sports teaching mode in China and the usa
L.J. Wei
Network information foraging behavior strategy of virtual scientific research team members
Q. Wang & W.Y. Chen
Exploration on adaptability education for college students
F. G. Meng, K. Wang & M.X. Zhu
An empirical analysis of competitiveness of foreign trade in Guizhou province
W. Liu & Y. Shang
Evaluating the function and effect of an educational game
J.J. Tang & W.Q. Qu
Research into validity of implementation of humanistic quality-based education in integrated English teaching of English major
Z.H. Wang
A brief talk about harmonious ideological-education
Y.T. Dong
Discussion on innovative talent cultivating mode under the ideology of CDIO engineering educational concept
Z.R. Bai, X.M. Liu, J.J. Liu & Y. L.Wang
The predicaments of specialized English listening and speaking bilingual teaching for international trade majors
Y.C. Han
Comparative study of open source e-learning systems
V. Manena, M. Manenová & K. Rybenská
Transformation of higher vocational education in the context of economic transition
H.Q. Li & P. Li
Analysis on the japanese language teaching reform in the institutions of higher learning
F. Wu & Z. Chen
Application and research of multimedia teaching technique
L. Xia
Study on the needs of distance education in the development of the transportation industry
P.P. Tang & M.B. Gao
Research on the application of task-based language teaching for the English pronunciation course in high schools in China
Y.L. Nie
Strategies on improving listening ability
H.M. Xing, L. Sun & Y. Zeng
Study on college students’ learning motivation
H.M. Xing, L. Sun & Y. Zeng
Analysis and solutions to the private college students’ mental health education
Y. Deng
A survey of the reform of college physical education teaching
X.M. Zhao & Q. Wei
Study on the application of art education based on multimedia teaching
B.Q. Pan & M.N. Xiong
Research on higher art education based on the aesthetic intuition theory
H.J. Ji
Application of new multimedia teaching in music education
N. Sun
Study on ideological and political education under new media technology background
X.W. Wang
Training model for young teachers based on competency for China’s application-oriented universities
Y.F. Li, F.C. Liu & Y.Y. Feng
The problems and countermeasures of the practical application of case teaching
X.L. Gu
Three mistakes of the teaching methods and means reform
X.L. Gu
The utilization of question-guided teaching model in job-oriented education
X.L. Gu
Listen-to-Write: A computer-assisted approach to improving college English writing in mainland China
Q.S. Gu & J.L. Liu
Problems existing in entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities under the new situation of employment and discussion on countermeasures
X. Yao & L.C. He
Study on middle school students’ overweight lessons-burden in Gansu province
R.F. Zhao & J.M. Han
Teaching strategy on English major in China
R. Dai
Research on innovation of teaching model of office advanced training
X. Cao & F.H. Li
A study on dimensions of university teachers’ research performance
F. Ren
The impact of network embeddedness to the enterprise’s technological innovation performance in the environment uncertainty: Considering the mediation and adjustment
J.J. Duan
Strategic analysis of the entrance of traditional ethnic sports into classrooms of higher educational institutions—taking Guangxi of China as an example
Z.F. Huang & Y.Q. Wei
The current situation in curriculum settings of physical education major and its future conceptions in new undergraduate colleges and universities—taking new undergraduate colleges and universities in Guangxi province of China as an example
Z.F. Huang & Y.Q. Wei
The past meets the future: The inheritance of ethnic opera and reform of opera teaching in local college—taking the “Mulam Opera” in Luocheng autonomous county as an example
H.Y. Wei
Research on the value of establishing traditional ethnic sports course in colleges and universities of ethnic regions—taking Guangxi as an example
Q.S. Zhu
An empirical study of the application of functional grammar theories to the teaching of the English passive voice
X.F. Zhai & G.F. Ding
The effect of teaching methodology on students’ interest in volleyball class
H. Wang
The study of campus sports culture and its construction in higher education institutions
H. Wang
Transformation and development strategies for EGP teachers in higher vocational colleges
X.M. Ping, S.H. Ma, Z.G. Liu & A.M. Zhang
Enlightenment of research themes on the Poyang Lake ecological economic zone on academic tourism research
C.P. Jin
The integration of learning management system and other related information systems in open learning
M.J. Tan, P.J. Shao & Y. Gong
Research and practice on teaching and research team construction of a newly-built undergraduate academy
W. Wei & J. Dai
Study on ideological and political education of college students in the background of new media
A.B. Zheng
Research on theory and practice of teaching mode and teaching design based on network environment
C.H. Liu & H.L. Tang
The application of ecological educational ideas to the English teaching activities
X. Tian
The effect and practice research on the order-oriented personnel training mode
J.L. Zhou & L.F. Xie
Research of college student employability under the perspective of regional economic differences
S.X. Cui, G.H. Li & W.H. Peng
The research on the present state of college students’ physical constitution and improvement measures
Y. Zhou
The research of college English learning strategies based on networks
S.F. Wen & W.S. Bao
Improve the quality of applied talents based on strengthening mathematical culture teaching
H.S. Liu & S.F. Yan
Spoken English teaching strategies in colleges based on grammatical competence
L. Wang
A study on function and application of culture context in translation teaching
X. Li
On the curriculum setting, teaching mode and teacher allocation of ACCA in universities
S. Lv, Y. Feng & H. Su
Investigation of the present situation of Nanchang middle school football development
Q. Xiong, L.H. Chen, F. Chen, Y.H. Wang & J.H. Li
Construction of teaching faculty in the stratified teaching
H.Y. Huang, A.M. Gong & C.Y. Hu
The research of digital language feature extraction and recognition
Q.P. Zou
The research and practice of project teaching method in the teaching of DSP applied technology
G. Yang & B. Guo
How corporate growth influences earnings management
L. Jiang
Application of action-oriented teaching method in courses of art history and theory
H.Y. Liu
Research on evaluation mechanism of university students’ autonomous learning
L.Y. Jiang, L.P. Huang, H.J. Liu & S. Ren
An evaluation system for autonomous learning in the ubiquitous learning environment
H.J. Liu, L.P. Huang & L.Y. Jiang
Research on aesthetic teaching modes of basketball under new curriculum standards
S.Y. Yang
Reform of basic chemistry experiment course for non-chemistry specialties in independent college
T. Liu & B.Q. Jiang
Cultivation of students’ comprehensive quality during teaching of fundamental chemistry experiment course in independent college
Z.P. Chen & B.Q. Jiang
Exploration of physical education teaching reform from the perspective of multimedia
N. Qi & L. Wang
Study of the application of network resources in English reading teaching
H.Y. Jin
The application of multimedia technology in college English teaching
N. Yang
The timer design basketball competitions
J.X. Sun
Analysis of the structure of university ideological and political online education platform
Y. Zhou
Analysis of colleges’ sports cultural patterns
H.Q. Lu & H.J. Zhang
Application of visual simulation technology in business English teaching
T. Yu
Development and design of art multimedia teaching system platform
C. Jiang & Q. Liu
How mobile intervention education can revolutionize wellness market and patient
D.Y.P. Chao, T.M.Y. Lin & Y.F. Yeh
Issues and countermeasures of college English multimedia teaching
H.B. Li
Multimedia college English listening and speaking class under meta-cognitive strategies theory
Y. Li & Y. Song
Multimedia network courseware development and application in preschool teacher training
Z.J. Lai
Analysis on multimedia works and intellectual property protection issues
N. He
Preliminary application of multimedia technology in teaching football
Z.Q. Cai
Research of modern teaching long-distance system based on the streaming media technology
X.F. Liu
Study on communication style and self-identity construction of vocational college students in English communities
D. Yan
The application of communicative approach in English teaching based on the IELT S speaking test
J. Ma, Z.W. Huang & X.Y. He
The applied analysis of the multimodal PPT in the college English audiovisual course
S.H. Ling
The discourse remodeling of ideological and political education in the new media age
N. Sha
The optimization study of Chinese language teaching based on multimedia technology
X.J. Li
Value of network language in linguistics perspective
L.W. Qu
The content construction and use form of resources applicable to the fragmentation of learning
Y.F. Li
Empirical study of user’s behavior based on Folksonomy—taking Douban website as example
H.X. Xiong, C.L. Wang & S.Y. Guo
Ethical thinking on cognitive enhancement
J.F. Hu
A study on elevator Braille graduation system of junior high school in Chang-Hua county
L. Tseng, C.M. Huang & C.Y. Hsia
Hypertext poetry creation under multimedia horizon
G.Y. Li
Neuroathesetics issues on decision-making in different architecture
J.F. Hu
Analysis of educational innovation and schools’ classroom teaching reform
L.M. Zhao, Y. Xu & H. Zhang
Research and thinking on applied talent training modes
L.M. Zhao, Y. Xu & H. Zhang
Analysis on problems in strengthening the class teaching reform
L.M. Zhao, Y. Xu & H. Zhang
Section 3: Engineering management, production management, business and economics Core technologies identification based on a citation-network model: A case of laser technology system
H.L. You, M.J. Li, J. Jiang, J.L. Luo, J.G. Xu & F.Z. Chen
Innovation and scientific breakthroughs in artificial intelligence methods
X. Zou
Study on the application of artificial intelligent technology in intelligent building
S.X. Tang
On the influence of Chinese paintings on ceramic paintings
Y. Gao
Did capital control and financial depth affect the demand of foreign reserves?
D.L. Lu & Z.X. Liu
Study on relationship between debt financing and performance for non-state holding listed companies
J.R. Zhang & W. Xu
Obstacles in listening comprehension and its corresponding measures
H.M. Xing, L. Sun & Y. Zeng
Relationship between the ownership concentration and corporate performance of companies listed on gem
Z. Hu & J.W. Zhang
Problems and corresponding measures of real estate enterprises’ capital structure
T. Wu
Effects of the application of human care theory on the care of cancer patients
Y.L. Sun, L. Gao & T.R. Yu
A review of research on Huashan Rock Paintings and Huashan tourism
X.H. Ma
An analysis for the new high-tech photoelectric equipment under the free-replacement & pro-rate warranty strategy
X. Zou, Y.X. Jia, X.Y. Li, X. Liu & J. Zhou
Effect of Schisandrae chinensis lignin on blood glucose of diabetic rats
X.T. Shao, G.Y. Xu, G.X. Yuan, H.Y. Li, P.G. Du, L.P. An, F.X. Ding & M.Z. Fan
The application of PCR-DGGE to study on the dominant bacteria of chilled mutton during storage time
Y.B. Zhou, W.S. Xu, Q.J. Ai & D.Q. Zhang
Protective mode for Sichuan traditional bamboo weaving craft
Y.J. Luo & W.Y. Zhang
Research on the system structure and cultivation of ecological personality
J. Wei & R. Wei
The analysis to invalid handling of social insurance agreement
X.B. Wang
An empirical study on the components of management quality of industrial enterprises—a case of industrial enterprises in Fujian province
H.L. Duan, Z.P. Zhu & C. Dou
The limitations status and countermeasures analysis of animation creation in Hebei province
T. Zhao, F.X. Qi, Y.M. Zhang, L. Liang, G. Li & D. Li
Study on endowment insurance for new generation migrant workers—based on the survey in Lanzhou city
X.H. Wu & J.M. Han
Conditions and strategies research on construction of international tourism destination in Sichuan, China
R. Jia
The business model of system optimization for The Fifth Party Logistics (5PL)
S.F. Wang
Legal governance of food and drug crimes
G.F. Ding, C. Zhao & X.F. Zhai
On the path to improvement in the environment judicial protection system
G.F. Ding, C. Zhao & X.F. Zhai
Ultimate ownership structure and stock price crash risk: Evidence from China
Z.J. Zeng & Y.J. Zhang
The ways of synergistically developing e-commerce in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region
Z.R. Chen
On the mental health diathesis of netizens
R. Wei & M.L. Jin
Analysis of consumer behavior in e-commerce environment
Z.S. Dong & G.S. Zhu
A new distance minimization model for portfolio selection with fuzzy returns
Y.Y. Zhao
Practice and research of project-driven teaching mode based on tutorial system in computer science and technology specialty
S.Y. Cheng & X.M. Zhou
Work position effects on physiological aspects of machining workers
I.G.O. Pujihadi, I.K. Widana & I.N. Budiarsa
The determinant of profitability—empirical evidence in productive services enterprise of China
Y.Y. Chen & Z.K. Bao
The measure and countermeasures to the bubble of the real estate in Shanghai
K.S. Xiao, C.M. Xia & R.C. Yang
Research on MICE enterprise performance evaluation system based on the balanced scorecard
B. Wang
A comparative analysis of the change in Dongba culture inheritance modes
H.L. Kang, Y.T. Yang & F. Wang
The necessities and approaches of cultivating the entrepreneurial culture of China’s new undergraduate colleges and universities
Q.S. Li
The quality evaluation of logistics park based on extenics
J.H. Feng & M.S. Yang
Empirical study on the influence of city development level on the price of commercial housing
J.B. Wang & G.Y. Deng
Research on the spatial effects of regional economic development to rural labor transfer in China—based on spatial econometrics perspective
C. Yang
MBA comprehensive quality evaluation based on the Grey theory
L.X. Zhang & H. Liu
The exploratory research on the management mechanism of operating university assets
W.M. Wang & L.H. Jiang
Research on the coordinated development of Chinese industrial structure and employment structure
S.R. Liu & D.X. Zhang
Social background study of the social policy in the British welfare state infancy
H.H. Zhao
Problems and countermeasures of tourism management major hotel practice management
Z.P. Bai
Analysis of Eco-tourism development status and trend
H.Y. Li, X.L. Pei & Y.H. Liu
An analysis on the necessity of business and management education for design students
Y. Li, X. Luan & H.X. Chen
The impact of common promotion versus novel promotion on consumer response
H. Zeng
Analysis and countermeasure on employment mentality of contemporary undergraduates
K. Wang & Y.M. Cheng
The application of industrial and engineering technology in business management overall optimization
X.J. Ji & L.H. Ma
Celebrity endorser scandal and companies’ reaction
Y. Zhang, S. Li & W. Li
The analysis of standardized administration in enterprise financial accounting
J. Zheng & L.D. Su
Tourism development in Zuojiang River area from the perspective of world heritage
X.H. Ma
A literature review on warranty and maintenance
X.Y Li, Y.X. Jia & Y.B. Zhang
The utilization of story inspiration at the introduction stage of management courses
X.L. Gu
How to break down ghost towns predicament in China
X.H. Tian & Q.Y. Ge
Approach on the “last kilometer” problem with the commercial mode
C.H. Wang, Z. An, Y.X. Liu & L.F. Yao
Empirical analysis of traditional retail’s transformation to E-commerce
B. Zhang, H.J. Zhang & J.T. Zhang
Application of project management in the organizational change of technology-based small and micro enterprises
L.N. Che & Y. Cheng
Media reporting, company IPO and audit fees—empirical evidence from Chinese listed companies
F. Niu, M. Li & Y.L. Li
Collection uncertainty and treatment center capacity choice
Y.F. Mu
Political connections, enterprise growth and risk taking: Empirical evidence from private listed enterprises of China
C. Xie & D.G. Yin
Corporate governance of state-owned commercial banks in China
L. Pan
Strategic research on the internationalization of Chinese enterprises: A WTO perspective
H.C. Wang
The cloud resource allocation algorithm based on double auction and artificial fish swarm
S. Xu, H.J. Liu, G.Q. Liu & Y.J. Zhang
The influence of economic bubbles by the Wall street crash
N. Ye
Analysis of tourism consumer psychology under the influence of Chinese people’s traditional culture
X.L. Ni & B. Xue
Association between urbanization and economic growth inZhejiang province: 1978 to 2012
H.S. Chen
Survey of new generation employees’ enterprise democratic participation: Compared to traditional staff
Y.H. Xie, G. Lan & P.P. Chen
A research on one product from the special pedagogical approach of the game development specialty
C. He
Study on the influence factors of U.S. federal government performance audit methods
Y.Q. Mei, W.W. Dong, L. Zhang & J. Yang
The exploration about framework of tourism security ethics standards of high-risk groups’ self-help leisure activities in the wild
L. Zhao & C. Cheng
A study of the disclosure of the corporate social responsibility
F.P. Wu
Color extraction from typical Hakkas earth building and applied research relating to landscape
H. Huang & R.F. Gao
Application research of biotechnology in animal husbandry
J.X. Mu
The kinematics analysis of elite tennis athletes double backhand topspin technique
J. Guo & J.H. Zhou
Analysis and design of eco-tourism risk management system
Y. Mei
Analysis of local governments’ response to public emergency under new media environment
Y.Q. Wang
Study on the association of different sources of dietary fiber and colorectal cancer
D.J. Wang, Y.R. Liu & L.B. Yang
Research on the national fitness and sports key technology
C.W. Sun, J. Chai & M.M. Lei
Part biological characteristics study on various diameter seeds in Chinese cabbage
R. Zou & M.L. Wang
Brainwave analysis of positive and negative emotions
F.C. Kao, S.P.R. Wang, C.H. Huang, C.C. Chen & Y.K. Lin
The school comprehensive management system based on SQL design and construction
G.X. Jiang
The design and construction of tourism information management system
L.H. Wu
Numerical simulation of the process of fruit tree growth research
M.Z. Ma

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