1st Edition

Managerial Finance in the Corporate Economy

Edited By Dilip K. Ghosh, Shahriar Khaksari Copyright 1995

    In most countries the economic structure and financial landscape are dominated by corporations. A critical examination of the various facets of the corporate economy is thus vitally important. In Managerial Finance in the Corporate Economy the authors use new theoretical apparatus and empirical evaluations to present such a study.

    The book includes new findings on mutual and pension funds, portfolio diversification, market volatility, financial institutions and corporate behaviour in the context of the international economy.

    D. Allen and G. MacDonald, Curtin University, Australia; Paul van Aalst and G. Guus Boender, Erasmus Universitiet, The Netherlands; Zakri Bello, Salisbury State University, USA; Mohamed Ariff, K. Kuhan, National University of Singapore and A.M. Nassir, M. Shamsher, University Pertanian, Malaysia; John Woods, Farleigh Dickinston University, USA; Krishnan Dandapani, A.M. Prakash and A.M. Parhizgari, Florida International University, USA; Keith Chan, University of Technology, Australia, Damien McColough, University of New South Wales, Australia and Michael Skully, Monash University, Australia; Paul Kutasovic, Conway Lackman and Alfred Tepperberg, Duquesne University, USA; Edward J. Kane, Boston College; Hua Yu, Universite du Quebec, Canada; Ramakrishnan Koudinya, University of Massachusetts, USA; Jiachu Song and William Rayburn, University of Mississippi, USA; Mei-Ying Liu, Tseng-Chuan Tseng and Soushan Wu, National Chiao University, Taiwan; George Philipatos, University of Tennessee, USA and T. Puri, Temple University; J. Jay Choi, Temple University, USA; Mitchell Ratner and Belmont F. Haydel, Rider College, USA; Klaus Fischer, Universite Laval, Canada, Edgar Ortiz, Universidad Nacounal Autonoma de Mexico and A.P. Palasvirta, Memorial University on Newfoundland, Canada; Rama Seth, Federal Reserve Bank of New York; A. Alisdair Lonie, University of Dundee, C. Donald Sinclair, University of St Andrew's, David Power and Rosa Michaelson, University of Dundee; Krishna Moorti Kasibhatla, Bennet College, USA, John Malindretos, New Jersy Institute of Technology, USA and Luis Rivera-Solis, Dowling College, USA


    Dilip K. Ghosh, Shahriar Khaksari