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Managing Aviation Operations

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The purpose of this series is to provide a comprehensive set of materials dealing with the key components of aviation operations. To date, this innovative approach has not been evident among aviation topics and certainly not applied to operational areas of airlines. While more recent works have begun, in brief, to consider the various characteristics of operational areas, the Managing Aviation Operations series will expand coverage with far greater breadth and depth of content.

Airlines and airports are devoid of specific topic knowledge in ready-made, easy-to-read, creditable resources. Tapping into industry expertise to drive a range of key niche products will resource the industry in a way not yet seen in this domain. Therefore, the objective is to deliver a collection of specialized, internationally sourced and expertly written books to serve as readily accessible guides and references primarily for professionals within the industry. The focus of the series editors will be to ensure product quality, user readability and appeal, and transparent consistency across the range.

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Strategic Airport Planning

Strategic Airport Planning

1st Edition

By Mike Brown
April 11, 2022

This book will explore a new approach to airport planning that better captures the complexities and velocity of change in our contemporary world. As a result, it will lead to higher performing airports for users, business partners, investors and other stakeholders. This is especially pertinent ...

Aviation Leadership The Accountable Manager

Aviation Leadership: The Accountable Manager

1st Edition

By Mark J. Pierotti
December 21, 2021

This book identifies the responsibilities of management in the regulatory territories of the FAA (USA), the EASA (European Union) and the GCAA (UAE), identifying the daily challenges of leadership in ensuring their company is meeting the regulatory obligations of compliance, safety and security ...

Airline Operations Control

Airline Operations Control

1st Edition

By Peter J. Bruce, Chris Mulholland
December 29, 2020

This text is among the first to reveal the intricacies of an airline’s Operations Control Centre; especially the thought processes, information flows, and strategies taken to mitigate disruptions. Airline Operations Control provides a deep level of description, explanation and detail into the ...

Managing Airline Networks Design, Integration and Innovative Technologies

Managing Airline Networks: Design, Integration and Innovative Technologies

1st Edition

By Markus Franke
December 29, 2020

Managing Airline Networks: Design, Integration and Innovative Technologies is a fully comprehensive description of state-of-the-art network management practices at airlines. Designed as a compendium on current practices and future trends in the field, the book offers an instructive guide through ...

Airline Governance The Right Direction

Airline Governance: The Right Direction

1st Edition

By Victor Hughes
October 01, 2020

Anyone becoming a company director faces a steep learning curve; this book will give every director and especially one joining the board of an airline, a head-start on the process.Airline Governance: The Right Direction will help existing directors, those who have been newly appointed and those ‘in...

Airline Management Finance The Essentials

Airline Management Finance: The Essentials

1st Edition

By Victor Hughes
December 05, 2019

Airline Management Finance: The Essentials is of significant benefit to airline industry practitioners seeking a focused, neatly contained and accessible resource that provides explicit financial information pertinent to their current or future role. The book explains and demystifies an airline’s ...

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