1st Edition

Managing Corporate Liquidity

Edited By Lance Moir Copyright 1999

    Cash, as every manager knows, is the life-blood of a business. Managing cash flow, interest rates, and banking relations are some of the most important functions of treasury management. Managing Corporate Liquidity is a practical and concise guide designed specifically to offer advice and insight into the fundamental decisions of liquidity management. This book also takes into account the increased use of liquidity instruments, looking in detail at interest-rate hedging and the various control mechanisms that have been developed in recent years. An essential guide for treasury managers, financial managers at all levels, and entrepreneurs, business owners, and their advisers.

    Chapter 1 What is liquidity and how does it arise?; Chapter 2 Forecasting liquidity; Chapter 3 The management of uncertainty; Chapter 4 Money transmission and bank services; Chapter 5 The structure of interest rates and the yield curve; Chapter 6 Liquidity and the use of deposit and borrowing instruments; Chapter 7 Interest rate risk: definition and management; Chapter 8 Instruments for interest rate management; Chapter 9 Liquidity management in practice; Chapter 10 Organising liquidity management;


    Moir, Lance