1st Edition

Managing Digital Records in Africa

Edited By Mpho Ngoepe Copyright 2023
    152 Pages 12 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Managing Digital Records in Africa draws on the research work of the InterPARES Trust (ITrust) project that investigated interrelated archival issues focusing on legal analysis, infrastructure, trust, authentication, and education within the African context.

    This research-focused book provides a legal analysis and systematic assessment of how African institutions manage digital records in four countries (i.e., Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe). It also examines the extent to which records are managed using Internet-based applications, trust in such records, and digital record authentication to support the auditing process. Finally, it provides a curriculum analysis in digital records at institutions of higher learning in 38 African countries. The book's case studies illustrate the threads of discussion, which span the ITrust domains of legislation, infrastructure, authentication, trust, and education in archives and records management.

    The book can be used as a premier reference source by private and public organizations, researchers, educators, archivists, records managers, and postgraduate students to make informed decisions about digital records, records management systems, cloud-based services, authenticating records, and identifying universities on the continent that offer archival programmes. The book may also find expression to practitioners in other fields such as law and auditing.

    Introduction: background, structure, and methodology; 1 Law and recordkeeping: a tale of four African countries; 2 Digital records infrastructure in Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe; 3 Authentication of records for auditing process; 4 Trust dimension of e-records in an African context: beyond statutory provisions; 5 Tapestry of the education and training landscape for archives and records management in Africa; Epilogue; Annexure A; Index.


    Mpho Ngoepe is a professor at the University of South Africa and the Director of the School of Arts. He was the Director of InterPARES Trust project (2013-2018) for Team Africa.