1st Edition

Managing Evaluation and Innovation in Language Teaching Building Bridges

    Managing Evaluation and Innovation in Language Teaching focuses on the connections to be made between evaluation and change in language education with a specific focus on English Language Teaching. The book demonstrates the central importance of evaluation in relation to language projects and programmes, the management of change and innovation, and in improving language teacher development.

    The introductory chapter provides an overview of the present trends in evaluation as well as offering examples of recent evaluation projects. Subsequent chapters identify contemporary issues in evaluation and their relevance to language teaching, covering a number of cultural and ethnographic studies in evaluation management in different world-wide contexts, as well as drawing insights from other related disciplines. The editors seek to draw attention to the possibilities of inter-disciplinary exchange to inform the reader of current practice, and highlight emerging issues in the expanding field of evaluation in language teaching, especially in ELT.

    The contemporary nature of the studies presented here will be relevant to both post graduate students following language education programmes as well as to professionals involved in language teaching. It will be of particular interest to those involved in the management of innovation and the evaluation of projects and programmes, such as curriculum developers, Director of Studies, and professionals with a special responsibility for bringing about change in language teaching contexts.

    List of Contributors
    General Editors Preface

    Chapter 1: The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing: Trends in Language Programme Evaluation

    Part I: Evaluating Innovation in Language Education
    Chapter 2: Evaluating the Implementation of Educational Innovations: Lessons from the Past, Kia Karavas-Doukas
    Chapter 3: Language and Cultural Issues in Innovation: the European Dimension, Celia Roberts
    Chapter 4: Programme Evaluation by Teachers: Issues of Policy and Practice, Richard Kiely

    Part II: Managing Evaluation
    Chapter 5: Using Institutional Self-Evaluation to Promote the Quality of Language and communication Training Programmes, Ron Mackay, Sally Wellesley, D. Tasman and E. Bazergan
    Chapter 6: Managing Developmental Evaluation Activities in Teacher Education: Empowering Teachers in a New Mode of Learning, Tricia Hedge
    Chapter 7: Managing and Evaluating Change: the Case of Teacher Appraisal, Jane Anderson

    Part III: Views from the Bridge
    Chapter 8: Evaluating the Discourse: the Role of Applied Linguistics in the Management of Evaluation and Innovation, Adrian Holliday
    Chapter 9: Evaluating and Researching Grammar Consciousness-Raising Tasks, Rod Ellis
    Chapter 10: Linking Change and Assessment, Michael Fullan
    Chapter 11: Eavesdropping on Debates in Language Education and Learning, Elliot Stern



    Pauline Rea Dickins, Kevin Germaine, Pauline Rea-Dickins