1st Edition

Managing IT for Innovation Dynamic Capabilities and Competitive Advantage

By Mitsuru Kodama Copyright 2021
    336 Pages 51 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    336 Pages 51 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    With recent advances in IT in areas such as AI and IoT, collaboration systems such as business chat, cloud services, conferencing systems, and unified communications are rapidly becoming widely used as new IT applications in global corporations’ strategic activities. Through in-depth longitudinal studies of global corporations, the book presents a new theoretical framework and implications for IT-enabled dynamic capabilities using collaboration systems from the perspective of micro strategy theory and organization theory.

    The content of the book is based on longitudinal analyses that employ various qualitative research methods including ethnography, participant observation, action research and in-depth case studies of global corporations in Europe, the United States and Asia that actively use collaboration systems. It presents a new concept of micro dynamism whereby dynamic "IT-enabled knowledge communities" such as "IT-enabled communities of practice" and "IT-enabled strategic communities" create "IT-enabled dynamic capabilities" through the integration of four research streams - an information systems view, micro strategy view, micro organization view and knowledge-based view. The book demonstrates that collaboration systems create, maintain and develop "IT-enabled knowledge communities" within companies and are strategic IT applications for enhancing the competitiveness of companies in the ongoing creation of new innovation and the realization of sustainable growth in a 21st century knowledge-based society.

    This book is primarily written for academics, researchers and graduate students, but will also offer practical implications for business leaders and managers. Its use is anticipated not only in business and management schools, graduate schools and university education environments around the world but also in the broad business environment including management and leadership development training.

    1. Introduction - Issues in Information Systems Research and New Research Approaches

    2. IT-enabled Dynamic Capabilities and Collaboration Systems

    3. IT-enabled Knowledge Communities and Collaboration Systems

    4. Product Development Through Ambidextrous IT management

    5. Dynamic Business Process and Collaboration System

    6. Accelerating IT-enabled Dynamic Capabilities through the Creation of Ba

    7. Accelerating IT-enabled Dynamic Capabilities Through Ma Creation

    8. Developing IT-enabled Dynamic Capabilities Through Holistic Leadership

    9. Sustainable Growth through IT-enabled Dynamic Capabilities

    10. Implications and Conclusion



    Mitsuru Kodama is Professor of Innovation and Technology Management in the College of Commerce and Graduate School of Business Administration at Nihon University, Japan.