5th Edition

Managing Indoor Air Quality, Fifth Edition

By H.E. Burroughs, Shirley J. Hansen Copyright 2011
    ISBN 9781439870143
    350 Pages
    Published April 25, 2011 by River Publishers

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    ISBN 9781003151654
    350 Pages
    Published December 17, 2020 by River Publishers

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    Finding solutions to indoor air quality problems is often a complex, multifaceted endeavor. This practical desk reference serve as a guide and information resource – both on treating existing indoor air problems effectively – and on preventing costly IAQ problems from occurring in the first place. A single discipline approach unfortunately tends to narrow both the control and the treatments options. This book cuts across professions to offer those concerned with the total facility a broader, more comprehensive approach to managing indoor air quality and mitigating indoor air quality problems. The fifth edition is extensively updated and edited in response to the rapid pace of changes and advances in the IAQ industry.

    Indoor Air Quality: An Overview – Where Are We?
    Indoor Air Quality in Retrospect: How Did We Get Here?
    Classifying Indoor Air Problems: What Kind & How Big a Problem Do We Have?
    Investigating Indoor Air Quality Problems: How to find Out What Went Wrong
    Controlling Indoor Air Problems: How to Keep the Building Working Well
    The Thermal Environment: An Internal Habitat
    HVAC: The Heart of the System
    Filtration: Understanding an Underutilized Asset
    Building Security & Safety: Readying Your Building for "Extraordinary" Environmental Stress
    Operations & Maintenance: An Ounce of Prevention
    Management Procedures: The Soft Side of IAQ Success
    What "They" Say: from Whence Does My Help Cometh?
    Appendices, Index


    H. E. Burroughs, Shirley J. Hansen

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