1st Edition

Managing New Product Innovation

Edited By B. Jerrard, R. Newport, Trueman Copyright 1999

    New product design and development is often the result of personal vision. Harnessing this often requires a special receptiveness and enthusiasm at all levels of an organization, which serves to unlock potential and can turn the entire organizational pyramid upside-down. It is particularly important to understand and develop those aspects of design which can be constructively employed by designers in a strategic alliance with management and research.; The papers in this volume result from the conference of the Design Society held at the University of Central England in September 1998. They show how design-led product development has worked in a range of industries, from engineering through to design and management consultancy.

    System operated product development and the "craft" of integration; heros and villains? the contradictory and diverse nature of design management; Building Electronic Totems To Manage Automotive Concept Development; design orientation in new product development; enhancing the in-house design capability of industry through TCS projects - a key characteristic in co-development performance measurement systems transparency; improving product development performance measurement systems transparency; improving product development performance - two approaches to aid successful implementation; one phone number to Europe - cultural diversity, technology and innovation; type and identity - a scientific approach to graphic design research; empowering the design team - a multimedia design resource to facilitate the capture, retention and reuse of knowledge acquires during product development; designing over networks - a review and example of using internet collaboration and communication tools in design; the long term benefits of investment in product perception; "prototype theory" and the modelling of new product perception; directing designers towards innovation solutions; networking new product development - the integration to technical and product innovation; an innovative approach to developing the new British standard on innovation management; an "open system" approach to the new business of design; multimedia network applications in the fashion industry; putting practice into practice; assimilating design within the corporate culture.


    Jerrard\, B.; Newport\, R.; Trueman\,