1st Edition

Managing Severe and Enduring Anorexia Nervosa A Clinician's Guide

    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    Based on the only evidence-based randomized controlled trial yet undertaken in patients with severe and enduing anorexia nervosa, Managing Severe and Enduring Anorexia Nervosa uses the results of that trial to present a new paradigm for treatment. Moreover, this informative new text assembles the leading scientists across three continents to provide a comprehensive overview and new paradigm for treatment and stimulate interest in the development of new psychosocial approaches. Students, clinicians, and researchers in the field of eating disorders will find this edited volume a valuable reference handbook in the clinical management of patients with anorexia nervosa.

    Preface  1.What do We Know about Chronic Anorexia Nervosa? Wonderlich, Steven  2. The Chronic Patient: A Clinician's Perspective Strober, Michael  3.Are Patients with Chronic Anorexia Nervosa Able to Respond to Psychological Treatments?: Findings from a Randomized Controlled Trial Touyz, Stephen; Le Grange, Daniel; Hay, Phillipa; Lacey, Hubert  4. Who Should Treat? Bamford, Byrony; Mountford, Victoria; Rieger, Elizabeth  5. Specialist Supportive Clinical Management for Chronic Anorexia Nervosa: A Clinician's Manual McIntosh, Ginny; Hay, Phillipa  6. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Chronic Anorexia Nervosa: A Clincian's Manual Pike, Kathleen  7. Is Involuntary Treatment Ever Justified in Patients with Chronic Anorexia Nervosa? Touyz, Stephen; Carney, Terry; Yager, Joel; Lacey, Hubert  8. Is There a Role for Palliative Care in Patients with Chronic Anorexia Nervosa? Kaplan, Allan  9. Pharmacotherapy in Chronic Anorexia Nervosa: Helpful or Harmful? Hay, Phillipa; Claudino, Angelica  10. Treating MAles with Chronic Anorexia Nervosa: Different to Females? Weltzin, Theodore  11. SEED: A Transdiagnostic Perspective Robinson, Paul  12. A Life Wasted: The Patient Perspective Alexander, June  13. To Admit or Not to Admit to Hospital Long, Clive; Fitzgerald, Kirsty-Anne; Hollin, Clive  14. Caring for Patients with Chronic Anorexia Nervosa: An Impossible Life Touyz, Stephen; Strober, Michael; with input from BEAT, Buttefly  15. Case Vignettes from our RCT


    Stephen Touyz, PhD, FAED is a Professor of Clinical Psychology and Clinical Professor in Psychiatry at the University of Sydney. He is Chair of the Executive Committee of the Centre for Eating and Dieting Disorders, Co-Editor in Chief Journal of Eating Disorders, on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Eating Disorders and other leading journals in the area. In 2006 he was elected President of the Eating Disorders Research Society. He has received numerous awards for his work in research in the field of eating disorders including the prestigious Leadership in Research Award from the international Academy for Eating Disorders in 2012.

    Daniel Le Grange, PhD, FAED is Benioff UCSF Professor in Children’s Health, and Eating Disorders Director in the Department of Psychiatry and Department of Pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco, CA, and Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience at The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL. Dr. Le Grange is a Fellow of the Academy for Eating Disorders, a Member of the Eating Disorders Research Society, Associate Editor for the Journal of Eating Disorders and BMC Psychiatry, and serves on the Editorial Boards of the European Eating Disorders Review and the International Journal of Eating Disorders. Dr. Le Grange is the 2013-2014 recipient of the Presidential Chair Award at UCSF, and the 2014 recipient of the Academy for Eating Disorders Leadership in Research Award.

    J. Hubert Lacey, MD, MPhil, FRCPsych is Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at St George’s, University of London where he was Chairman of Department. He is Medical Director of the Eating Disorders (ED) Units at Newbridge House, Birmingham and the Nightingale Hospital in central London. He developed the St. George’s ED Service into the largest in the United Kingdom (UK) for which he received NHS awards. He has designed and established seven other ED services, in-patient, day- and out-patient services. He is Senior Board Trustee on the UK charity for ED. He has held senior positions in the University of London, the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the National Health Service. He is Chairman of the European Council on ED and member of other international ED organisations. He is on the Boards of ED journals. Prof Lacey has published extensively on ED over 45 years including the first published treatment for bulimia and first description of multi-impulsive EDs. He has published on diagnosis, pathogenesis and different treatment approaches. He has received many award for teaching He has a special interest in patients with SE-AN.

    Phillipa Hay, DPhil (Oxon), MD (Otago), FAED, FRANZCP is Foundation Chair of Mental Health at Western Sydney University and Senior Consultant in Psychiatry at Campbelltown Hospital. Amongst other journal responsibilities she is Co-Editor-in-Chief Journal of Eating Disorders, Academic Editor for PLOS Medicine, and on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Eating Disorders. She is Deputy Chair of the National Eating Disorders Collaboration and was Chair of the 2014 Royal Australian and NZ College of Psychiatrist Clinical Practice Guidelines for Eating Disorders. In 2015 she received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Australian and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders.

    “Stephen Touyz and his co-authors are to be complimented on this, “overdue and timely“  textbook shedding light on the neglected area of severe and enduring anorexia nervosa – and stimulating interest in new treatment approaches for this particular patient group.”—Professor Stephan Zipfel, Centre of Excellence for Eating Disorders, University of Tuebingen, Germany

    “People in the severe enduring stage of anorexia nervosa differ both in the form of presentation and their care needs to people in the early stage of anorexia nervosa . Prolonged malnutrition has severe consequences on brain, body, and social functioning.  The enigma posed by this stage of anorexia nervosa is clarified by chapter in this book written by leaders in research and clinical practice which map the underlying maintenance mechanism and treatment targets.”—Professor Janet Treasure OBE, PhD, FRCP, FRCPsych. IOPPN, Kings College London and South London and Maudsley Hospital

    “This multi-author book made me want to weep with joy. Written by leading authorities in the field it focuses on the plight of a neglected group of patients, and as such it addresses a major gap. Packed with research knowledge, clinical wisdom, and describing the lived experience and journey to recovery of one long-term anorexia sufferer, it provides enlightenment and gives hope to sufferers, families, and clinicians alike. This will be a classic.”—Ulrike Schmidt, MD PhD FRCPsych FAED, Professor of Eating Disorders, King’s College London, UK

    “Touyz, LeGrange, Lacey, and Hay treat what is possibly the most important concern in the eating disorders field in a volume that is sensitive, well-balanced, comprehensive, and (it is no understatement) paradigm shifting. Their book blends attunement to latest evidence with that kind of clinical savvy that is the mark of the most seasoned of clinician-scientists.”—Howard Steiger, PhD, Head, Eating Disorders Continuum, Douglas University Institute, Professor, Psychiatry Department, McGill University