1st Edition

Managing Start-ups for Success Entrepreneurship in Difficult Times

By Rajat Kanti Baisya Copyright 2021
    354 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge India

    354 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge India

    354 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge India

    World economics and the industrial environment has recently created a fertile ground for the creation of new enterprises and start-ups. This book skilfully identifies the challenges of building a new business venture from an idea to a marketable product.

    It highlights

    • Robust methods for keeping up with innovation;

    • Designing new ways to grow, improve and market your product; and

    • Managing the changes in the business environment, market dynamics and other uncertainties.

    The volume is rich with examples and case studies of many small and large businesses. It further reflects on the business and entrepreneurship ecosystem, the challenges and opportunities in India, entrepreneurship and women, e-commerce, the new generation of entrepreneurs, and exit strategies for entrepreneurs.

    An essential guide for entrepreneurs and professionals working in business management and marketing communications, as well as scholars of business administration and financial sciences, this book by an industry expert offers many new and practiced approaches, examples and lessons for innovative thinking and breaking new ground in business.

    1.Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship: Challenges and opportunities

    2. From an idea to a marketable product: Deciding on the industry category and a product to be launched

    3. Entrepreneurship ecosystem and start-ups funding

    4. Managing risks and negotiating deals

    5. Marketing management and strategies for start-ups

    6. Business family entrepreneurs and new-generation entrepreneurs

    7. Managing growth and transition of start-ups

    8. Exiting the business: Routes and processes

    9. Concluding lessons for success


    Rajat Kanti Baisya is an accomplished business consultant and has held senior leadership positions in large companies and served on the boards of many public sector undertakings and multinationals. He has worked as Professor and Head of Department of Management Studies at IIT Delhi and has taught in reputed international business schools, such as ENPC (France) and NPU (China), among others.

    ‘The conventional wisdom has been that entrepreneurship is an innate skill that only a chosen few possess. In this book, Prof Baisya debunks that myth by presenting a framework for practising entrepreneurship. This is a rare book and a must-read for anyone contemplating a plunge into entrepreneurship.’

    Dr Arindam Bose, Leading biotechnology consultant, Member of the US National Academy of Engineering, Director of Dyadic International, Inc., and Former Vice President of worldwide R&D for Pfizer

    ‘This book has been designed to give critical lessons and insights into business functions for managing a start-up successfully. It covers how ideas are developed and how it progresses through various stages; giving key insights, it will be a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and a lesson in entrepreneurship.’

    Mr Yousef Abdul Latif Jameel, Chairman of YALJ Group of Companies, Saudi Arabia

    ‘Professor Baisya has a brilliant academic standing and decades of experience in large organisations and leadership roles in a global environment. This book reflects his key insights on the subject. It will be valuable for entrepreneurs, start-ups, students and researchers in the subject of entrepreneurship.’

    Dr Esben Østergaard, Co-founder of Universal Robots and Founder & CEO at REInvest Robotics