2nd Edition

Managing a Public Relations Firm for Growth and Profit, Second Edition

By Alvin C Croft Copyright 2006
    322 Pages
    by Routledge

    328 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The one-of-a-kind how-to book that puts effective agency management strategies at your fingertips

    The classic text that describes in detail how to successfully manage and market a public relations firm, has been completely updated with three new chapters and is now more than 50% longer. This one-of-a-kind new edition is bursting with creative tips, instructions, philosophies, theories, and guidance, all to help you steer your firm to success. It demonstrates how to market, promote, and sell a firm to attract, win, and hold the right clientele. You will learn how to manage a new or existing firm so that it is productive and profitable and has a long-range future.

    Information in Managing a Public Relations Firm for Growth and Profit, Second Edition is based on author A. C. Croft’s extensive experience in the field—almost twenty years as a consultant to PR firm principals and more than 25 years as an employee or principal of three medium-sized successful PR agencies. Croft begins each chapter with a brief profile of a seasoned and successful PR firm principal from a mid-sized firm. These professionals tell of their successes and also relate early mistakes that you would do well to avoid. The text includes tables and figures to make data easily understood.

    The extensively revised Managing a Public Relations Firm for Growth and Profit, Second Edition discusses pertinent topics such as:

    • keys to new business success
    • developing a marketing plan
    • serving clients
    • communication to prospects
    • management strategies for success
    • installing efficient systems and procedures
    • managing staff productivity
    • forecasting income
    • management systems and procedures
    • managing profitability
    • client and agency budgeting
    • recruiting, training, and retaining staff
    • crisis planning
    • planning the future of your firm
    Covering everything from billing practices and self-promotion to the use of computers and student interns, Managing a Public Relations Firm for Growth and Profit, Second Edition is one guide you are sure to refer to again and again for practical advice. It is must reading for owners of small- and medium-sized PR firms; senior managers of small, medium, and national firms who wish to expand their management knowledge and ability or who are considering starting their own firm; lower-level staff members who want to increase their knowledge of agency management; and university public relations professors who would like to include a primer on PR firm management in their classes.

    • Foreword (Thomas L. Harris)
    • Preface
    • Chapter 1. What Is a Public Relations Firm?
    • Is It a Firm or an Agency?
    • On Being Successful
    • Your Basic Responsibilities
    • Marketing and Managing Your Firm
    • Profile 1: Cathy Ackermann
    • Chapter 2. What Is an Agency Principal?
    • Professional Experience and Skills
    • Personal Dedication and Resiliency
    • Management Interest and Skills
    • Marketing and Sales Interest and Skills
    • Take the Good with the Bad
    • The New Business Game
    • PR Firm Principals I Have Known
    • Things You Should Never Say
    • The PR Agency Principal’s Prayer
    • Profile 2: Richard Blewitt
    • Chapter 3. Anatomy of an Agency Search: How the Game Is Played
    • The Beginning
    • The Situation
    • The Search
    • Another Ending
    • Footnote
    • Profile 3: Joe Boyd
    • Chapter 4. Developing a Marketing Plan
    • Assess Agency Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Evaluate Service Potential
    • Examine Market Potential
    • Consider the Profit Potential
    • Analyze Competition
    • Develop a Unique Strategic Position
    • DNA Branding for PR Firms
    • How Does Your Firm Stack Up?
    • Profile 4: John Charleston and Lyle Orwig
    • Chapter 5. Communicating to Prospects
    • Be Visible
    • Write and Speak
    • Treat Employees and Applicants Well
    • Use Business Contacts
    • Communicate Regularly
    • Focus Your Marketing Program
    • Profile 5: Herbert Corbin
    • Chapter 6. New Business Rules
    • Croft Rule Number One: Never Work in the Dark
    • Croft Rule Number Two: Never Put Your Prospect to Sleep
    • Designing a New Business Campaign
    • Self-Marketing Campaign Elements
    • Profile 6: Roger Fischer
    • Chapter 7. New Business Secrets
    • Ten Ways to Build Business
    • How David Can Beat Goliath
    • Seven Secrets to Sell Service
    • Questions to Ask Prospects
    • The Killer Questions That Prospects Ask
    • Ten Ways to Ruin a New Business Presentation
    • Mistakes That Prospects Make
    • Things I’ve Learned About Successful Agency Pitches: Tom Harris’s Secrets
    • Ten Reasons Why PR Should Be Part of Every Marcom Program
    • Benefits Provided by a PR Firm over Internal Staff
    • Twenty-Five Reasons to Walk Away from a Prospect
    • What About Those Clients You Can’t Stand—Do You Need Them?
    • Profile 7: Michelle Flowers
    • Chapter 8. New Business Singular Truths
    • Truth Number 1: The First Encounter with a Prospect Is Critical
    • Truth Number 2: A Prospect’s Agenda May Not Be As It Seems
    • Truth Number 3: The Importance of Culture Compatibility Cannot Be Overestimated
    • Truth Number 4: Prospects’ Priorities Are Seldom the Same As Yours
    • Truth Number 5: You Must Be Able to Accept and Bounce Back from Rejection
    • Truth Number 6: Be Patient—Winning New Clients Takes Time
    • Profile 8: Tom Gable
    • Chapter 9. Serving the Client
    • What Do Clients Want?
    • Providing Outstanding Client Service
    • Client Service Audits Provide a Record of Achievement
    • Measuring Client Satisfaction
    • Keep Satisfaction Surveys Simple
    • Understanding the Prospect’s/Client’s Needs
    • Establishing New Accounts
    • Dealing with People Who Always Want a Deal
    • Profile 9: Steve Haweeli
    • Chapter 10. Management Strategies for Success
    • Develop a Practical Long-Range Busi


    Alvin C Croft