1st Edition

Managing and Delivering Performance

By Bernard Marr Copyright 2009
    312 Pages
    by Routledge

    308 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Performance management is at the top of agendas in most government and public organizations, as well as many not-for-profit organizations. In this follow up to his successful book, Strategic Performance Management, the author focuses on the unique challenges public sector organizations face when tackling the issues of strategic performance management.

    Drawing on his extensive experience of working with numerous government, public sector, and not-for-profit organizations over the author covers:

    * The context of decision making in the public sector

    * The significance of the use of budgeting for performance management, and the impact of performance measurements on budgets

    * A huge range of underpinning cases and examples from the public sector, including cases on the Home Office and the NHS in the UK, and the US Air Force

    For senior executives in the public sector and government, and for faculty and students in the field this is the authoritative strategic level treatment of this fast-growing area.

    The new book will be based closely on Strategic Perfomance Managemen (Marr, BH 2006)but all sections will be edited to give a complete public sector focus. All existing case studies will be replaced with public sector case studies drawn from the UK, EMEA and the US where appropriate), and various new sections will be included. The new sections reflect both an evolution of thinking since the last book as well as public sector specific requirements.

    Part I Understanding and Mapping Strategies

    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Clarifying and Mapping your strategy
    Chapter 3: Mapping Strategies in Practice (Case studies from Central Government like the Ministry of Defence, the Home Office, Local Government like Belfast City Council, Agencies like the Scottish Executive, The Government Car and Dispatch Agency, Other pubic Sector bodies such as the Bank of England, the Royal Air Force, the National Lottery Commission, Charities such as the Motor Neurone Disease Association, among others

    Part II Extracting Value from Performance Info/Delivering Performance

    Chapter 4: The Power of Key Performance Questions (New section on the importance of identifying and asking the right questions before designing indicators.)
    Chapter 5: Gathering Relevant Performance Information (Edited Chapter 5 of existing book)
    Chapter 6: Creating an Enabled Learning Environment (Extended Chapter 6 of the existing book with a new emphasis on Strategic Performance Improvement meetings, organisational culture and an RAF case study.)

    Part III Aligning the Organisation
    Chapter 7: Cascading Strategies and Achieving Alignment (New section on organisational cascade with various case studies)
    Chapter 8: Aligning Planning and Budgeting (New section on how to align business planning and budgeting with strategic performance management)

    Part IV Automation

    Chapter 9: Benefits of Automation (Extended Chapter 8 with new case examples)
    Appendix: Selecting appropriate software (edited appendix)


    Bernard Marr

    “I have seen how useful the tools described in this book were for the Royal Air Force and therefore recommend this book as essential reading to anyone who wants to implement a performance management approach that works.”
    Air Commodore Mark Roberts CBE, Director of Air Staff, Royal Air Force

    "Be assured: Any organization that uses this book will become better at managing performance that matters. Kudos to Bernard Marr for writing an immensely practical book that also reflects the state-of-the-art thinking on performance measurement and management."
    Dr. Dean Spitzer, Performance Measurement Thought Leader, IBM Corporation

    “Marr delivers advice that should be of great practical use to a wide variety of government, public sector, and not-for-profit organizations on how to use measurement to improve performance. There's something of value here for just about everyone.”
    Robert D. Austin, Professor, Copenhagen Business School; Associate Professor, Harvard Business School

    “From the intro through the conclusion, this guide to managing and delivering performance sets a new standard for readability. The use of well thought out visualizations of the concepts, coupled with ample and clear practical examples, sets this performance management book apart from the crowd!”
    William H. Leighty, Director, Government Performance Initiative, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government Affairs, Virginia Commonwealth University

    "An important primer in performance management. An essential read for academics and practitioners wanting up to date information and ideas for moving forward".
    Michaela Lavender, Managing Editor: Public Money & Management, USA

    "In this book Bernard Marr demonstrates his outstanding ability to a turn potentially complex topic into simple language and easy to follow tools which will enable organizations to clarify their strategy and measure their impacts." Malcolm Watkins, Director of Operations and Finance, MND Association

    “An enjoyable and thought provoking read! In particular I enjoyed the conversational approach Bernard Marr adopts throughout this book, and his ability to step the reader through the related stages of managing and delivering performance in a way that encourages the reader to reflect on current practice and to assess what is good and what may need to change. A great read for all those who are serious about managing and improving organizational performance.”
    Helen Campbell, Director, Business Consultancy Service, Department of Finance & Personnel

    “Bernard Marr's book addresses performance management in the round, looking at the central issues of culture and values as well as providing useful toolkits. There is a wealth of practical guidance to support the central message that high performance comes from spending time on strategic thinking, collecting the right information, and improving through learning. It is an excellent guide for anyone striving to improve the performance and quality of public services.”
    Robert W Black, Auditor General for Scotland, Audit Scotland

    “This impressive book is the definitive guide to managing, measuring and delivering performance in government and not-for-profit organizations. We have experienced first hand many of the practical tools provided in this book and I believe that reading it will allow you to take your performance management initiatives to the next level.”
    Gerry Millar, Director of Improvement, Belfast City Council

    “Bernard Marr has a remarkable ‘performance sat nav’. This book is a superb and very practical guide on how to move from just measuring performance to actively using performance information to achieve organizational success.”
    John Saunders OBE, Managing Director, Institute of Public Finance