1st Edition

Manifesting Power Gender and the Interpretation of Power in Archaeology

Edited By Tracy L. Sweely Copyright 1999
    228 Pages
    by Routledge

    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    Power relations among humans have likely been a topic of interest since long before any historical claims to its nature were proffered. This book recognizes that power and gender may be rooted in the experience of power in western society.

    Introduction, Tracy L. Sweely; Part 1 Exploring power through gender; Chapter 1 A resort to subtler contrivances, Alice B. Kehoe; Chapter 2 Egalitarianism, equality, and equitable power, Susan Kent; Chapter 3 Women leaders in native North American societies, Ruth Trocolli; Chapter 4 Gender, power, and heterarchy in middle-level societies, Janet E. Levy; Part 2 Ideology and the negotiation of power; Chapter 5 Writing on the face of the moon, Carolyn E. Tate; Chapter 6 The metamorphosis of Xochiquetzal, Geoffrey G. McCafferty, Sharisse D. McCafferty; Part 3 Manifesting power through material culture; Chapter 7 Artelsand identities, Katharine Woodhouse-Beyer; Chapter 8 Gender, space, people, and power at Cerén, E1 Salvador, Tracy L. Sweely; Part 4 Discussions; Chapter 9 Gendering power, Suzanne M. Spencer-Wood; Chapter 10 Rethinking gender and power, Sarah Milledge Nelson; Chapter 11 Repudiating witchcraft, K. Anne Pyburn;


    Tracy L.Sweely has conducted research in archaeology and anthropology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She continues to study social phenomena and currently works in cultural resources management.

    'In all chapters, the authors' unwillingness to simply accept the frameworks that have gone before, especially those based in Western stereotypes, biases and assumptions, is their greatest contribution ... That they do not agree ... makes this volume even more useful and interesting as well as innovative.' - Kelley Hayes-Gilpin Northern Arizona University