1st Edition

Manual of Forensic Science An International Survey

Edited By Anna Barbaro Copyright 2018
    301 Pages
    by CRC Press

    302 Pages 258 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    A truly international and multi-disciplinary compendium of current best practices authored by top practitioners from around the world, the book covers current trends and technology advances in the following disciplines within forensic science: bloodstain pattern analysis, forensic photography, ballistics, latent prints, forensic genetics and DNA, questioned documents, forensic toxicology, forensic clinical medicine, forensic pathology, forensic odontology, forensic anthropology, forensic entomology, forensic biometry, forensic psychology and profiling, law comparison and ethics, and much more. The book serves as an invaluable resource and handbook for forensic professionals throughout the world.

    1. Crime Scene Investigation [Anita Zannin and Linda Huber]  2. Crime Scene Investigation in the Underwater Environment: Underwater Forensics [Mack S. House, Jr.]  3. Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BSPA) [Anita Zannin]  4. Latent Print Examination [Andrew R. Reitnauer]  5. Forensic Biology [Samar Ahmed and Amarnath Mishra]  6. Forensic Genetics [Anna Barbaro]  7. Forensic Facial Recognition [Shelina Khalid Jilani and Stephen Driver]  8. Forensic Odontology [Alan Diego Briem Stamm and María Cecilia Pastor Carson]  9. An Introduction to Digital Audio Forensics [Michael Dixon]  10. Forensic Toxicology [Amarnath Mishra and Nino Nardareshvili]  11. Clinical Forensic Medicine: Child Sexual Abuse [Dalia M. Al-Saif and Lori D. Frasier]  12. Forensic Entomology [Adrienne Brundage, Jason Byrd, and Lerah Sutton]  13. Forensic Veterinary [Víctor Toledo González and Francisco Carvallo Chaigneau]  14. Ethics in Forensics [Ghada Hasabo]  15. Forensic Digital Imaging [Michael Dixon, Mark Wood, and Stephen Cole]  Appendix A. Ethical, Legal and Professional Aspects: Art of Cross Examination [Filomena Paciello and Kay Michiels]


    Anna Barbaro is the Chief of the Forensic Genetics Department at SIMEF (Studio Indagini Mediche E Forensi) in Reggio Calabria, Italy, and teaches Forensic Genetics at the 2nd Level Master in Forensic Sciences of the University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy. She serves as the founder and president of the Worldwide Association of Women Forensic Experts (WAWFE).