2nd Edition

Manufacturing Engineering Processes, Second Edition,

By Alting Copyright 1993

    Responding to the need for an integrated approach in manufacturing engineering oriented toward practical problem solving, this updated second edition describes a process morphology based on fundamental elements that can be applied to all manufacturing methods - providing a framework for classifying processes into major families with a common theoretical foundation. This work presents time-saving summaries of the various processing methods in data sheet form - permitting quick surveys for the production of specific components.;Delineating the actual level of computer applications in manufacturing, this work: creates the basis for synthesizing process development, tool and die design, and the design of production machinery; details the product life-cycle approach in manufacturing, emphasizing environmental, occupational health and resource impact consequences; introduces process planning and scheduling as an important part of industrial manufacturing; contains a completely revised and expanded section on ceramics and composites; furnishes new information on welding arc formation and maintenance; addresses the issue of industrial safety; and discusses progress in non-conventional processes such as laser processing, layer manufacturing, electrical discharge, electron beam, abrasive jet, ultrasonic and eltrochemical machining.;Revealing how manufacturing methods are adapted in industry practices, this work is intended for use by students of manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering and engineering design; and also for use as a self-study guide by manufacturing, mechanical, materials, industrial and design engineers.

    A morphological process model; properties of engineering materials; engineering materials; basic theory of metalworking; classification of the manufacturing process; solid materials - mass-conserving processes; solid-materials - mass-reducing processes; solid materials - joining processes; granular materials - powder metallurgy; liquid materials - casting processes; plastics and plastic processing; nontraditional manufacturing processes; manufacturing systems; cleaner manufacturing; notes on industrial safety; problems; answers to selected problems. Appendix - unit conversions.


    Leo Alting (Author) , Terry L. Cooper (Edited by)

    ". . .help[s] the reader understand where a particular process fits within the overall manufacturing scheme and what processes might be suitable for the manufacture of a particular component. Well illustrated with clear line diagrams, the subject matter is well presented in an informal manner which makes the book easy to read and understand. . .well worth reading and keeping for reference. "
    ---Materials and Manufacture