Manufacturing Strategy : How to Formulate and Implement a Winning Plan, Second Edition book cover
2nd Edition

Manufacturing Strategy
How to Formulate and Implement a Winning Plan, Second Edition

ISBN 9781563273179
Published March 9, 2005 by Productivity Press
448 Pages

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Book Description

To stay competitive and meet market expectations in a global economy, both domestic and foreign companies must realign their manufacturing processes, make improvements, and increase their manufacturing capabilities. With large numbers of employees working in a network of domestic and foreign facilities, production processes are as varied as the products being produced. Manufacturing managers need a manufacturing plan or strategy that will bring structure to this complex environment.

In Manufacturing Strategy: How to Formulate and Implement a Winning Plan, 2nd Edition, John Miltenburg offers a sensible and systematic method to: (1) evaluate domestic and foreign factories and international manufacturing and (2) plan the appropriate manufacturing strategy to be first in the market.

Incorporating comments and suggestions from managers who used the first edition of Manufacturing Strategy, John Miltenburg expands and improves on his focus in the areas of: International Manufacturing — where the focus is on a company's international network of factories; Competitive Strategy — where managers must understand the role manufacturing strategy plays in their company's business strategy; and Manufacturing Programs — showing how programs such as quality management, six sigma, agile manufacturing, and supply chain management fit within the manufacturing strategy.

Manufacturing Strategy gives managers a common language for dealing with manufacturing problems at both strategic and operational levels. It improves communication between manufacturing managers and those outside manufacturing (who will now have a better understanding of what manufacturing can and cannot do).

Table of Contents

Publisher's Message
Chapter 1. Introduction
Part I. Principles of Strategy
Chapter 2. Principles of Competitive Strategy
Chapter 3. Partnerships, Challenges, and Responses
Part II. Manufacturing Strategy in a Factory
Chapter 4. Manufacturing Outputs and Production Systems
Chapter 5. Manufacturing Levers and Capability
Chapter 6. Competitive Analysis: Selecting the Best Production System
Chapter 7. Framework for Manufacturing Strategy in a Factory
Part III. Manufacturing Strategy in an International Network of Factories
Chapter 8. Principles of International Competitive Strategy
Chapter 9. Manufacturing in the World's Major Trading Regions
Chapter 10. International Manufacturing Networks
Chapter 11. Network Outputs, Levers, and Capabilities
Chapter 12. Factory-Types in International Manufacturing Networks
Part IV. Manufacturing Strategy and Business Strategy
Chapter 13. Integrating Manufacturing Strategy with Business Strategy
Part V. Programs Used Frequently in Manufacturing Strategy
Chapter 14. Improvement Programs in Manufacturing
Chapter 15. Focus, Soft Technologies, Hard Technologies
Chapter 16. Benefits of Experience and the Product Life Cycle
Chapter 17. Evaluation of Investments in Manufacturing
Part VI. Seven Production Systems for Focused Factories
Chapter 18. Job Shop Production System
Chapter 19. Batch Flow Production System
Chapter 20. Flexible Manufacturing System
Chapter 21. Operator-Paced Line Flow Production System
Chapter 22. Just-In-Time Production System
Chapter 23. Equipment-Paced Line Flow Production System
Chapter 24. Continuous Flow Production System
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"I have been using Dr. John Miltenburg's work for the better part of two decades. I was delighted when he first assembled his material into a text, and am equally pleased to see a Second Edition. This new book cycles between the macro and the micro.  It provides an excellent overview of manufacturing in the current global business context. It then dips into detail and walks you through the tools to build a sensible, winning manufacturing strategy for your business in its own unique context.  John has added material to cover strategy for your company's international network of factories. He has retained his Manufacturing Strategy Worksheet which enables your marketing people to understand the manufacturing reality (and vice versa!) on a single page.  A clearly-written book for those who want to see the whole as well as the parts of manufacturing strategy."
Bob Marshall, P. Eng., Director, Ontario Center of Excellence 03/18/05