1st Edition

Many Faces Of Homosexuality: Anthropological Approaches To Homosexual

By Evelyn Blackwood Copyright 1986
    232 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This groundbreaking book examines the diverse manifestations of homosexuality in various historical periods and non-Western cultures. The distinguished authors examine Kimam male ritualized homosexual behavior, Mexican homosexual interaction in public contexts, male homosexuality and spirit possession in Brazil, and much more.

    Contents Preface
    • Foreword
    • Breaking the Mirror: The Construction of Lesbianism and the Anthropological Discourse on Homosexuality
    • Age, Structure, and Sexuality: Reflections on the Anthropological Evidence on Homosexual Relations
    • The Hijras of India: Cultural and Individual Dimensions of an Institutionalized Third Gender Role
    • Growing Yams and Men: An Interpretation of Kimam Male Ritualized Homosexual Behavior
    • Sisters and Brothers, Lovers and Enemies: Marriage Resistance in Southern Kwangtung
    • The Lesbian Community: An Anthropological Approach
    • “Mummies and Babies” and Friends and Lovers in Lesotho
    • Mexican Male Homosexual Interaction in Public Contexts
    • Male Homosexuality and Spirit Possession in Brazil
    • Masculinity, Femininity, and Homosexuality: On the Anthropological Interpretation of Sexual Meanings in Brazil
    • Men and Not-Men: Male Gender-Mixing Statuses and Homosexuality
    • Why Was the Berdache Ridiculed?
    • Persistence and Change in the Berdache Tradition Among Contemporary Lakota Indians