Mao's Road to Power : Revolutionary Writings: Volume VIII book cover
1st Edition

Mao's Road to Power
Revolutionary Writings: Volume VIII

ISBN 9780765643353
Published August 17, 2015 by Routledge
1072 Pages

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Book Description

This eighth volume covers the period 1942 to 1945 when Mao asserted his status as the incarnation and symbol of the Chinese Revolution and the sinification of Marxism-Leninism.

Table of Contents


Preface to Textbook for Literacy (January 17)
Instructions for Troops in All Border Regions to Study the "Resolution of the Ninth Party Congress of the Fourth Red Army" (January 23)
To Zhou Enlai, Dong Biwu (January 23)
Inscription for the Third Anniversary of the Publication of the Military and Political Journal of the Eighth Route Army (January 25)
The Main Points of Propaganda of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee (January 26)
Decision of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Regarding Agrarian Policy in the Anti-Japanese Base Areas (January 28)
To Zhou Wen (February 1)
Rectify Our Study Style, Party Style, and Writing Style (February 1)
Oppose Party Formalism (February 8)
Celebrate the Twenty-Fourth Anniversary of the Red Army (February 18)
Internal Rectification and Cadre Training Should Be Our Core Work at Present (February 20)
Telegram to Zhou Enlai (February 21)
Decision of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party on Educating Cadres on the Job (February 28)
Increase Strength, Prepare to Counterattack (March 4)
Inscription for the Special Issue of Yan'an's Liberation Daily for March 8 Women's Day (March 8)
Party Newspapers Should Recruit Non-Party People to Express Their Opinions (March 14)
How to Study the History of the Chinese Communist Party (March 30)
Speech at the Forum on the Reform of Liberation Daily (March 31)
On the Relationship Between Communist Party Members and Non-Party Persons (March)
Inscription in Honor of Children's Day (April 4)
Letter to Ouyang Shan (April 9)
Letter to Ouyang Shan and Cao Ming (April 13)
A Letter to Ouyang Shan and Cao Ming (April 17)
On the Rectification of the Three Styles (April 20)
Talks at the Yan'an Forum on Literature and Art (May 2)
An Inscription (for Nurses) (May 12)
Literary and Art Workers Should Unite with Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers (May 28)
Elegy to Dai Anlan (May)
To Luo Feng (June 12)
Telegram to Nie Rongzhen (July 4)
The Task of the New Fourth Army Is Not to Develop Toward the South but to Sustain Its Present Base Area (July 6)
Shandong May Become the Pivot for Strategic Redeployment (July 9)
To Zhou Enlai (July 17)
An Appraisal of the Guomindang-Communist Relationship (July 31)
Suggestions for Crack Troops and Simple Administration for Central China (August 4)
To Xie Juezai (August 17)
To Xie Juecai and Chen Zhengren (August 19)
A Telegram of Congratulations to the British Worker's Daily on the Resumption of Publication (August 31)
Resolution of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party on Unifying Party Leadership in the Anti-Japanese Base Areas and Rectifying Relationships Between Various Organizations (September 1)
A Most Important Policy (September 7)
To Xie Juezai (September 15)
A Letter to He Kaifeng on Press and Translation Questions (September 15)
Try the Utmost to Avoid Clashes (September 15)
Methods for Soliciting Manuscripts for Page Four of Liberation Daily (September 20)
Ensure That Press Propaganda Follows Party Policies (September)
A Comment on Liu Shaoqi's "on Inner-Party Struggle" (October 9)
The Great Victory of the Red Army (October 12)
An Inscription for the Establishment of the Yan'an Institute for the Study of Ping Ju Opera (October 12)
The Lessons of History (October 14)
A Comment on the Berlin Declaration (October 16)
Seek Unity through Struggle with Diehard Troops (October 25)
The Eighth Route Army Is an Army Led by the Communist Party and United with the People (October 25)
News Agency and Press Propaganda Must Follow Party Policy (October 28)
Northwest Shanxi Must Actively Promote Guerrilla Warfare (October 31)
Celebrating the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the October Revolution (November 6)
Telegram to Peng Dehuai, Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Northern Bureau and Deputy Commander of the Eighth Route Army (November 17)
To Ouyang Shancun, Zhu Dan, and Cheng Yin (November 23)
To Nan Hanchen (December 13)
Letter to Nan Hanchen About Drafting the Report on Economic and Financial Problems (December 20)
Elegy for Dr. Kotni (December 29)
Economic and Financial Problems (December)


General Orientation for the Work of the New Fourth Army (January 5)
Letter to Wang Zhong (January 10)
Inscriptions (January 14)
Strive to Establish Peace with the Guomindang After Victory in the War of Resistance (January 25)
Request to Each Area to Summarize the Rectification Study Experience (February 10)
Telegram of Congratulations from the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Officers and Soldiers of the Soviet Red Army-In Celebration of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Founding of the Red Army and of the Great Victory of the Red Army (February 21)
Women Workers Must Participate in Economic Work (February 24)
Key Points of a Speech Delivered at a Meeting of the Politburo of the Central Commmittee (March 16)
An Elegy to General Dai Anlan (March)
Letter to the Indian National Congress (April 5)
Letter to He Kaifeng (April 22)
Instructions of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Regarding Propaganda Work on the Problem of When Japan Will Be Defeated (May 1)
Inscription in Memory of Zhidan (May 2)
Report on the Question of the Dissolution of the Communist International (May 26)
To Zhou Xiaozhou (June 1)
Strenuous Efforts Should Be Made to Consolidate and Stand Undefeated in the Next Three Years (June 1)
Decision of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Regarding Methods of Leadership (June 1)
Letter to Peng Dehuai (June 6)
Comrade Mao Zedong Summarizes the Twenty-Two Years of Heroic Struggle at the July First Evening Party for Cadres (July 1)
Two Lines in Anti-Traitor Work (July 1)
The Declaration of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Commemorating the Sixth Anniversary of the War of Resistance (July 2)
Central Committee Decision to Launch a Propaganda Counteroffensive (July 8)
Prepare to Counter Chiang Kaishek's Military Deployments to Attack the Border Region (July 9)
Quickly Send Out the "July 7" Declaration and So Forth to Every Newspaper Office and to Personalities in Various Circles (July 9)
Secretly Distribute the Open Telegram and So Forth from the Yan'an Mass Meeting to Various Social Circles (July 9)
The Chinese Communist Party's July 7 Declaration Is Suppressed in Chongqing (July 11)
Chinese Politics Is Dark, Its Resistance Is Weak, and the British and American Allies Are Highly Dissatisfied (July 12)
Calling the Guomindang to Account (July 12)
Our Propaganda Blitzkrieg Has Already Yielded Results (July 13)
Principles for Dealing with Various Factions of the Guomindang Army (July 15)
On Publishing the "Critique of China's Destiny" (July 21)
Letter to Lin Boqu (July 24)
On the Nine Guiding Principles for Cadre Screening and the Eight Policies for the Areas Behind Enemy Lines (July 30)
Talk During the Inspection at Nanniwan (July)
Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Should Be Determined in Carrying Out Crack Troops and Simple Administration (August 5)
Talk at the Opening Ceremony for the Second Class of the Central Party School (August 8)
Telegram to Peng Dehuai (August 11)
Telegram to Dong Biwu Regarding Launching the Propaganda Movement to Oppose Chinese Fascism (August 11)
Decision of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party on Cadre Screening (August 15)
Telegram to Deng Xiaoping, Secretary of the Taihang Sub-Bureau of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, to Pass on to Each Comrade of the Sub-Bureau (August 16)
Telegram of Encouragement from Comrade Mao Zedong in Reply to the Shandong Provisional Representative Assembly (September 1)
Letter to Qin Bangxian (September 11)
Directive of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Regarding Reducing Rent, Production, Supporting the Government and Cherishing the People, and Propagandizing the Ten Major Policies (October 1)
Every Locality Should Widely Distribute the Comments in Liberation Daily on October 5 (October 5)
A Comment on the Eleventh Plenary Session of the Guomindang Central Executive Committee and the Second Session of the Third People's Political Council (October 5)
Instructions for Materials on the Anti-Espionage Assembly in Suide (October 9)
Conscientiously Carry Out the Ten Great Policies (October 14)
Letter to Hou Jiancun (October 21)
On Cooperatives (October)
Telegram to Stalin in Celebration of the October Revolution (November 5)
Speech at the Yan'an Party for Cadres in Celebration of the October Revolution (November 6)
Get Organized (November 29)
The Current International Situation and Its Influence on the Current Political Situation in China (December 16)
Regarding Basic Human Characteristics and Other Things (December 17)
Letter to Hu Qiaomu (December 20)
Letter to Liu Shaoqi (December 24)
The Anti-Spy Struggle Must Uphold the Policy of Not Killing One Person and Not Arresting the Majority (December 27)


Letter to Yang Shaoxuan and Qi Yanming (January 9)
Letter to Guo Moruo (January 9)
Letter to Peng Dehuai (January 10)
Implement the Principle of Self-Defense When the Guomindang Army Attacks (January 18)
Letter to Lin Boqu (January 19)
There Is a Need for and a Possibility of Coordination Between the Guomindang and the Communist Party (February 4)
A Speech to the Representatives of the Yan'an Masses (February 7)
The General Policy for Dealing with the Eastward Advance of Yan Xishan's Sixty-First Army (February 8)
Letter to Luo Ronghuan (February 8)
Directive to Various Areas Concerning Opposing the Erroneous Idea of Too Many Spies (February 26)
On the Question of Constitutional Government (March 1)
Problems Concerning the Study of Lines, the Style of Work, and the Current Political Situation (March 5)
Chen Yi Made Contributions During the Civil War and the War of Resistance (March 15)
Cultural Education Problems in the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region (March 22)
Letter to Zhou Yang (April 2)
We Must Do Economic Construction Work Well (April 3)
Letter to Chen Yi (April 9)
Elegiac Couplet Mourning the Death of Zhu De's Mother (April 10)
Our Study and the Current Situation (April 12)
Letter to Li Dingming (April 29)
Twenty Ideas to Be Raised with the Guomindang Regarding Negotiations (May 15)
Work Report to the Seventh Plenum of the Sixth Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (May 21)
Comrade Mao Zedong Calls for Developing Industry and Overthrowing the Japanese Bandits (May 22)
Talk at the Opening Ceremony of Yan'an University (May 24)
Educational Principles of Yan'an University (May 24)
Letter to Hu Qiaomu (May 27)
Chinese Communist Party Central Committee Directive on Work in the Cities (June 5)
Talk While Meeting the Delegation of Chinese and Foreign Reporters Visiting the Northwest (June 12)
Commemorating United Nations Day, Defend Xi'an and Northwest! (June 14)
Chinese Communist Party Central Committee Directive on the Reform and Training of Troops (June)
Letter to Ding Ling and Ouyang Shan (July 1)
Decision to Convene the Second Session of the Second Provincial Assembly in the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region (July 5)
Talk with the British Journalist Gunther Stein (July 14)
Notice on the Recent Shape of the Current Political Situation (July 15)
Letter to Xie Juezai (July 28)
Request That Every Locality Investigate and Reply to Ten Questions (July 28)
Developthe Guerrilla War Around Shanghai and Hangzhou and on Both Sides of the Shanghai-Nanjing and Shanghai-Hangzhou Rail Lines (August 3)
What the Guomindang Can Do After the Fall of Hengyang (August 12)
Han Jun Tells the Inside Story of the Western Shanxi Incident (August 13)
Welcome the Comrades-in-Arms of the American Army Observation Group (August 15)
Opinion on Reform and Training of the Central China Forces (August 22)
Letter to Qin Bangxian (August 31)
Adopt New Organizational Forms and New Work Methods (September 5)
National Political Council Is Held, Mr. Chiang Kaishek Makes Inappropirate Comments, and Mr. Lin Hu Refutes Them (September 6)
Death in the Interests of the People Is Weightier Than Mount Tai (September 8)
Chairman Mao Strongly Encourages Fighters to Persist in Serving the People (September 18)
Authoritative Person in Yan'an Comments on the Negotiations Between the Guomindang and the Communist Party: the Remedy for the Present Crisis Requires the Reorganization of the Government and the Supreme Command (September 19)
Letter Drafted on Behalf of Lin Boqu Replying to Wang Shijie and Zhang Zhizhong (September 27)
The New Fourth Army's Victorious Attacks and China's National Salvation (October 1)
Zhang Pingqun's Speech Is Erroneous, the People Demand Immediate Reorganziation of the Government and Supreme Command (October 8)
Chiang Kaishek's Speech Is Dangerous, Comments the Yan'an Observer (October 11)
Arrangements for Establishing the Western Henan Base Area (October 14)
General Policy for the United Front in Culture and Education (October 30)
Prepare Forces to Develop the Jiangsu and Zhejiang Area (November 2)
Conversation with Hurley (November 8)
Letter to American President Roosevelt (November 10)
Congratulary Telegram to Roosevelt Upon His Re-Election (November 10)
The Major Direction of Development in Southern China in the Future Is Guangxi and Nanlu (November 14)
Inscription for the 'Special Edition Commemorating the Passing of Mr. Zou Taofen' (November 15)
Letter to Guo Moruo (November 21)
Letter to Liu Yazi (November 21)
Letter to Shen Yanbing (November 21)
Letter to Chen Yi (December 1)
Letter to Xie Juezai (December 1)
Tasks for 1945 (December 15)
Troops of the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Region Should Strive to Develop into Areas Occupied by the Japanese Army (December 18)
How to Run a Local Newspaper (December 20)
Letter to Deng Baoshan (December 22)
We Must Diligently Educate Model Heroes (December 24)


New Year's Congratulatory Message-Strive to Bring About Victory as Quickly as Possible (January 1)
Completely Master Economic Work in Two to Three Years (January 10)
Letter to Liu Kunlin (January 11)
Production Is Both Possible and Necessary in the Guerrilla Zones (January 31)
Letter to Sun Yi (February 7)
Chairman Mao's Elegy in Memory of Comrade Peng Xuefeng (February 7)
Be Resolute in Striking Reactionaries and Win over Those Who Are Relatively Good (February 11)
Wipe Out Diehards and Puppets, Mobilize the Popular Masses, and Establish Consolidated Base Areas (February 11)
Letter to Qin Bangxian (February 12)
The Current Situation and Other Problems (February 15)
Negotiations Between the Guomindang and the Communist Party Were Fruitless, Comrade Zhou Enlai Returned to Yan'an (February 17)
Letter to Xiao San (February 22)
Congratulatory Telegram to Stalin on Soviet Red Army Day (February 22)
To Wang Zimu (March 2)
Telegram Extending Condolence on a. Tolstoy's Death (March 6)
New China News Agency Reporter Comments on Wang Shijie's Talk (March 8)
Explanation of "On Coalition Government" (March 31)
Reply Telegram to 359th Brigade of the 120th Division of the Eighth Route Army (March 31)
Get to Work on Your Own, Overcome Difficulties (April 9)
Telegram Extending Condolences to Truman on the Death of President Roosevelt (April 13)
Explanation of the Draft "Resolution on Certain Historical Questions" (April 20)
Working Principles of the Seventh Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (April 21)
Comrade Mao Zedong's Opening Speech at the Seventh National Congress (April 23)
On Coalition Government (April 24)
Oral Political Report at the Seventh National Congress of the Communist Party of China (April 24)
This Year Is the Year When Production and Self-Sufficiency in the Entire Army Should Be Generally Promoted-On the Historical Importance of Rectification and Production (April 27)
Congratulatory Telegram to Stalin to Celebrate the Liberation of Berlin by the Red Army of the Soviet Union (May 3)
The Hunan-Hubei-Jiangxi Border Region Base Area Must Be Established (May 4)
Our Communist Party Must Be One That Labors at Industrialization (May 22)
Electoral Policies of the Seventh Central Committee (May 24)
Conclusion at the Seventh National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (May 31)
On the Question of the Election of Alternate Members to the Central Committee of the Seventh National Congress (June 10)
The Guiding Policies of Action for the Sections under Wang Zhen and Wang Shoudao (June 15)
Responsible Official of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee Announces It Will Not Attend This Session of the National Political Council (June 16)
Speech at the Memorial Assembly for Chinese Revolutionary Martyrs (June 17)
Chairman Mao's Telegram in Reply to Seven Members of the People's Political Council Welcoming Them to Come to Yan'an to Discuss National Affairs (June 18)
The Areas Occupied by the Japanese Military in Central and Eastern Henan Are Relatively Well-Suited for the Establishment of Base Areas (June 18)
Mainly Fight the Enemy and Puppet Troops, Only Fight the Diehard Troops in Self-Defense (June 24)
On Chiang Kaishek's Speech at the Political Council-The Hurley-Chiang Kaishek Duet Seems to Be a Flop (July 10)
New China News Agency Reporter Comments on the Danger of the Hurley Policy (July 12)
It Is Essential to Develop Zhengzhou, Xuchang, and Other Places (July 14)
Operational Policies for Troops Entering Henan (July 15)
New China News Agency Reporter Discusses the Current Situation: the Danger of Civil War Has Never Been More Serious (July 22)
Seize the Moment to Establish the Wuling Base Area in Northen Guangdong and Southern Hunan (July 22)
Strive to Reach Wuling by the End of the Year and Join Forces with Wang Zhen's Troops (July 22)
Warfare at Yetai Mountain Has Expanded (July 25)
Comrade Mao Zedong's Congratulatory Telegram to the American Communist Party on Its Overcoming Capitulationism and Re-Establishing the Communist Party (July 29)
Telegram Regarding Criticism of America's China Policy (July 30)

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