1st Edition

Mapping Career Counseling Interventions A Guide for Career Practitioners

By Shékina Rochat Copyright 2022
    250 Pages 27 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    250 Pages 27 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Mapping Career Counseling Interventions provides an innovative insight into identifying and resolving problems within career management. In recent years, myriad of counselling tools has been developed so that practitioners can offer the most appropriate support possible. To guide the selection of such tools, this book offers a "map" that introduces and links 63 frequent career management difficulties with more than 160 qualitative interventions and solutions.

    Through its highly organized layout and extensive detail, major career management difficulties—namely lack of motivation, indecisiveness, dysfunctional beliefs, lack of information, conflicts, and lack of employability—are scrutinized and divided into specific, more manageable sub-difficulties. Targeted interventions to address each of those difficulties, originating from vocational, motivational, and positive psychology, are then suggested and described. From these conclusions, the book delivers practical advice to help conduct these interventions in a sensitive and respectful manner. Overall, this book outlines the most effective ways to foster a good working alliance. One of the book’s standout features is its inclusion of an inventory and card sort to facilitate the identification of obstacles to professional choice and career management.

    This book is a pivotal resource for the large and diverse community of career development practitioners, such as career counsellors, career advisors, employment counsellors, and career coaches, regardless of their specific audience and work settings.

    1. Lack of motivation

    2. Indecisiveness

    3. Dysfunctional Beliefs

    4. Lack of Information about the Career Decision-Making Process

    5. Lack of Information about the Self

    6. Lack of Information about Career Options

    7. Internal Conflicts

    8. External Conflicts

    9. Lack of Employability


    Shékina Rochat, PhD, is substitute Senior Lecturer at the University of Lausanne and previously worked as a career counsellor and service manager at the Vaud state office of career counselling. Her research focuses on the effects of methods and processes in career counselling, positive psychology, and motivational interviewing interventions (www.shekinarochat.com).