1st Edition

Mapping Motivation Unlocking the Key to Employee Energy and Engagement

By James Sale Copyright 2016
    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    210 Pages
    by Routledge

    Ever wondered what motivation is, and why organizations do not and cannot - until now - measure it? James Sale tackles the question of what motivation is, why we need it and what happens when we don’t have it. He defines and measures motivation from an individual, team and, most critically, organizational or workplace point of view and he introduces the reader to the core concepts of how it relates to fundamental issues such as performance and productivity, and its role in a number of key management functions: team building, performance appraisal, leadership development, engagement and change management. Motivation is a core aspect of all people development initiatives and programmes - if we wish them to succeed. Based on over ten years of research into motivation and performance, James created Motivational Maps, the first and only accurate diagnostic tool that describes, measures, monitors and maximizes motivation and performance through an easy, simple to use, online questionnaire that takes only 10 minutes to complete, and which readers have access to. Mapping Motivation, therefore, is the definitive book on motivation, its language and metrics, written by its creator are full of knowledge, insight and practical tips; this will appeal to leaders, managers, HR specialists, trainers, coaches, consultants and visionaries around the world, who wish to engage with people development and productivity in a new, dynamic way.

    1. Introduction: What is motivation?

    2. The roots of motivation

    3. The nine motivators and their properties

    4. Mapping your motivation

    5. Motivation and performance

    6. Motivation and teams

    7. Motivation and appraisal

    8. Leadership, motivation, and engagement

    9. Motivation in practice: two case studies

    10. Conclusions

    11. Resources section


    James Sale FRSA is an inspiring public speaker, fluent writer of management, educational, and spiritual ideas with nearly 20 books to his credit, including one best seller: York Notes: Macbeth (Longmans). He is a leading expert, trainer and coach on motivation and performance, and the creator and licensor of Motivational Maps worldwide. The Maps are now in seven languages in thirteen countries, and through its application-rich set of tools - Reward Strategies, Leadership Development, Appraisal and Team Building - James achieves outstanding results for the people and organizations he works with. He is also a business and personal coach and mentor who has enabled individuals to grow and succeed in extraordinary ways. James is also a poet and a lover of Shakespeare and Milton.