1st Edition

Mapping World Anglophone Studies English in a World of Strangers

Edited By Pavan Kumar Malreddy, Frank Schulze-Engler Copyright 2025
    264 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge India

    264 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge India

    This book explores core issues in the emerging field of World Anglophone Studies. It shows that traditional frameworks based on the colonial and imperial legacies of English need to be revised and extended to understand the complex adaptations, iterations, and incarnations of English in the contemporary world.

    The essays in this volume make three significant interventions in the field,

    - Firstly, it showcases the emergence of Anglophone literatures and cultures in parts of the world not traditionally considered Anglophone – Cuba, the Arab world, the Balkan region, Vietnam, Algeria, Belize, among others.

    - Secondly, it features new zones of contact and creolization between Anglophone literatures, cultures, and languages such as Swahili, Santhali, Ojibway and Hindi, as well as Anglophone representations of colonial encounters and contemporary experiences in non-Anglophone settings such as Cuba, Angola, and Algeria.

    - And finally, the volume turns to Anglophone literary and cultural productions on new platforms such as social media and Netflix and highlights the role of English in emergent sites of resistance involving women, indigenous populations, queer and other non-heteronormative sexualities, as well as post-conflict societies.

    Mapping linguistic transgressions and the transmigration of cultural tropes between Englishes, vernaculars, and beyond with a rich set of case studies, this volume will be essential reading for courses such as world literatures in English, postcolonial studies, anglophone studies, literature and culture, Indian Ocean worlds, Global Englishes, and Global South studies.

    Introduction: Shouting Loudest into the Anglophone

    Pavan Kumar Malreddy and Frank Schulze-Engler


    I: Rethinking World Anglophone Studies

    1. Editing the Global Anglophone: Publishing History as a Framework for an Emergent Field

    Ben Fried


    2. ‘Now a Netflix Original Series’: Indian TV Shows in World Anglophone Studies

    Annika McPherson and Ashumi Shah


    3. South African Fiction in English: From Post-Apartheid to World Anglophone

    Deniz Gundogan Ibrisim


    4. Questioning the Emergence of National Englishes: Non-teleological Paths of Language Development in Contexts of Postcolonial Diversity

    Britta Schneider


    II: Deterritorializing the Anglophone

    5. The Anglophone Imaginary and Agency in Contemporary Egyptian Literature in English

    Pavan Malreddy and Stefanie Kemmerer


    6. “Bilingual Silence”? New Anglophone Literature from the Balkans and Its Migrational Metamultilingual Mode

    Miriam Wallraven


    7. Invisibilising Feminism in Translation: Representation of Women in Dreaming in Cuban and Soñar en cubano

    María Laura Escobar-Aguiar


    8. Decolonisation, Authenticity, and the Other: Talking in and about Englishes in Algeria

    Camille Jacob and Leonald Kazibwe


    III: Contact, Crossover, and Creolization

    9. Performing Masculinities Using Sheng in Kenyan Popular Culture: The Billingsgate Genres

    Alex Nelungo Wanjala


    10. Situating Chick Lit of the Global South in Print and Online

    Nicklas Hållén and Delphine Munos


    11. “Too much joy, I swear, is lost”: Ambiguity in Ocean Vuong’s On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous

    Elena Furlanetto


    12. Towards Shonglish? An Analysis of Chenjerai Hove’s Ancestors

    Tanaka Chidora


    13. The Migrant Child: Doing the Puzzle of Home in Suneeta Peres da Costa’s Novella Saudade

    Jean Page


    IV: Embattled Englishes: Revolt, Emancipation, Transformation

    14. ‘The Indian Queer’: For Lack of a Better Term

    Umesh Patra


    15. Tricksters, Hustlers, and Moral Saints: Students and Other Strangers in Post-Apartheid South African Literature

    Ibrahim Abraham


    16. Spokeswomen: African Authors’ Historical-Fictional Witnessing in the Literary Anglosphere

    Annie Gagiano


    17. Toward a “most subtle and fluent self”: Indigenous Englishes and the Pursuit of Self-Sovereignty in The Translation of Dr. Apelles

    Vanessa Evans


    Pavan Kumar Malreddy specializes in 20th and 21st century comparative Anglophone literatures & cultures with a regional focus on East Asia, Africa, and South Asia and with a thematic focus on conflicts, communal bonds, insurgencies, populism, public life and migrancy.  He co-edits Kairos: A Journal of Critical Symposium; his recent books include several co-edited volumes and the forthcoming monograph Insurgent Cultures: World Literatures and Violence from the Global South (2024).

    Frank Schulze-Engler was Professor of New Anglophone Literatures and Cultures at the Institute of English and American Studies at Goethe University Frankfurt and retired in 2023. His research and publications focus on African, Asian, Caribbean, Pacific and indigenous literatures and cultures, comparative perspectives on anglophone literatures in English, Indian Ocean Studies, ‘postcolonial’ Europe, postcolonial theory, and transculturality in a world of globalized modernity.