1st Edition

Mapping the Journey Case Studies in Strategy and Action toward Sustainable Development

    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    This illuminating new book presents a series of in-depth case studies from around the world based on numerous personal interviews with organizational leaders and focusing on their journey towards sustainability. The aim is to provide visions of a more sustainable future, and shed light on the path, milestones and solutions – in particular the management processes these organizations employed – to provide a reliable compass that others can follow. 

    Although each organization must take steps to fit its particular circumstance, business conditions and culture, Mapping the Journey proves that valuable lessons can be learned by setting aside critique as to where these organizations may yet make progress and instead focusing on the guidelines, targets, measures of success, tools and techniques and valuable wisdom about how pioneer organisations are travelling toward a prosperous, sustainable future. Each organization included has crafted its own unique strategic responses to an identified need for increased sustainability. While none can be said to have reached the end-point of a sustainable development strategy, all have found that, by addressing the challenge of sustainable industrial practices, they have found innovative solutions, new opportunities for revenue generation, better relationships with customers, new business and product opportunities and a boost to morale from the executive ranks to front-line employees. 

    Mapping the Journey examines both public and private organizations worldwide: SJ Rail of Sweden; Sony Corporation; SC Johnson; TransAlta Corporation; Patagonia; Henkel; Volvo; ASG; Interface Flooring Systems; Suncor; DaimlerChrysler; AssiDoman; Germany's Centre for Technology Assessment and the Dutch National Environmental Policy Plan.  These case studies provide an inspiring framework of effective processes for defining a sustainable development strategy and transforming it successfully into actions and results.

    Case 1: Volvo. Strategic action toward sustainable mobility for society  Case 2: AssiDoman. Foresters integrating dual goals of economy and environment  Case 3: Patagonia. First ascents: finding the way toward quality of life and work  Case 4: Interface Flooring Systems. Driving industrial standards higher  Case 5: Sony. Operationalising the slogan 'Entertaining the world: caring for the environment'  Case 6: ASG. Trailblazing toward sustainable logistics and transport  Case 7: SC Johnson. Eco-efficiency and beyond  Case 8: DaimlerChrysler. Redefining cost  Case 9: Center for Technology Assessment. Pursuing regional approaches to qualitative growth and sustainability  Case 10: Henkel. Traditional values and ecological leadership  Case 11: SJ Rail. Turnaround to sustainable transport for the 21st century  Case 12: TransAlta. New terrain: reducing greenhouse gas emissions  Case 13: The Netherlands National Environmental Policy Plan. Developing sustainable industrial strategy  Case 14: Suncor. Taking stakeholder relations to a new level


    Rowledge, Lorinda R.; Barton, Russell; Brady, Kevin; Fava, James; Figge, Cynthia; Saur, Konrad; Young, Steven

    Each case study is an in-depth analysis of the context, motivations for change, steps to implementation, processes and people involved. The presentation is clear, factual, free of hype and clearly referenced ... This book has the potential to become a standard textbook for corporate management and for anyone interested in industry and sustainable development. - Tomorrow magazine

    An inspiring framework on how to define a sustainable development strategy and translate it into strategy, action, and results. - The Green Business Letter

    Stimulating; interesting; and challenging in parts. A definite buy for business leaders and managers – primarily to get them thinking about what they and their companies have to add to the 'journey'. - Social and Environmental Accounting

    At last! A book with some real, live information on how the international companies have approached the journey of implementing sustainable development programmes ... packed with useful ideas for industry leaders and managers. - Eagle Bulletin

    Well written and incisive, this work is a useful tool for those considering their own stance on sustainability issues. - Community Affairs Briefing

    The worlds of business and indigenous knowledge do not often interact, unless there is a conflict over natural resources. Certainly, indigenous knowledge (IK) research is rarely encountered on business management book shelves ... perhaps by reading more books like Mapping the Journey, we will discover the need for increased multi-disciplinary interaction. Perhaps there is value inviting CEOs and business researchers to learn from our detailed map of the global IK experience. - Indigenous Knowledge Monitor

    ... innovative solutions which will prove inspirational to others. - Warmer Bulletin