1st Edition

Mapping the Posthuman

Edited By Grant Hamilton, Carolyn Lau Copyright 2024
    346 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book works to delineate some of the major routes by which science and art intersect. Structured according to the origin myths of the posthuman that continue to shape the idea of the human in our technological modernity, this volume gives space to narratives of alter-modernity that resonate with Ursula K. Le Guin’s call for a new kind of story which exposes the violence and exploitation driven by a sustained belief in human exceptionalism, anthropocentrism, and cultural superiority. In this context, the posthuman myths of multispecies flourishing given in this collection, which are situated across a range of historical times and locations, and media and modalities, are to be thought of as kernels of possible futures that can only be realized through collective endeavour.

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    Introduction: An Orientation

    Grant Hamilton and Carolyn Lau

    PART I

    ELIZA (1964–1966)

    Grant Hamilton and Carolyn Lau

    1 Posthuman Bodies: Why They (Still) Matter

    N. Katherine Hayles

    2 Quantum Machine Intelligence

    Alessandra Di Pierro and Luca Vigano

    3 Berty

    Angela Su

    4 Simulation in the Post-reality Feedback Loop

    Kenny K.N. Chow

    5 An Object Misplaced in Time

    Jule Owen


    Anansi (1526)

    Grant Hamilton and Carolyn Lau

    6 An Interview with Rosi Braidotti

    Grant Hamilton, Carolyn Lau, and Rosi Braidotti

    7 Technogenesis as White Mythology

    Stephen Cave and Kanta Dihal

    8 The First VIRS

    Danbee Kim

    9 In the Lap of the Synth

    Stephen Oram

    10 Utopianism in the Technological Age

    Lizzie O’shea


    R.U.Radius (1921)

    Grant Hamilton and Carolyn Lau

    11 Raised by Robots: Imagining Posthuman "Maternal" Touch

    Amelia Defalco and Luna Dolezal

    12 Tender Bodies

    Zheng Mahler

    13 Smartwatch

    Jennifer L. Rohn

    14 The Tablet Stroker, Redux

    Christine Aicardi

    15 CHOM5KY vs. CHOMSKY: A Reflection on Machines, Meanings, and Metaphors

    Sandra Rodriguez

    16 Biospheres

    Ta-Wei Chi, Translated by Ari Larissa Heinrich


    Anansi, Reprised (1526)

    Grant Hamilton and Carolyn Lau

    17 Storying Relations as Posthuman Ethics

    Carolyn Lau

    18 The World After, Lost Eons

    David Blandy

    19 Hello, World! Hello, Poetic Zombies!

    Winnie Soon and Susan Scarlata

    20 Foreign Bodies

    Pippa Goldschmidt

    21 Melanin Object

    Ari Larissa Heinrich

    22 An Interview with Jes Fan

    Ari Larissa Heinrich and Jes Fan

    PART V

    Potnia Theron (6000 BC)

    Grant Hamilton and Carolyn Lau

    23 Beyond Transcendence: From "human" to "Human" in Tchaikovsky’s Children Series

    Sherryl Vint

    24 Scoby skin, Yellow soup


    25 Posthuman Spirituality

    Francesca Ferrando and Debashish Banerji

    26 The Left-hand Click and the Left-hand Lay: Intersecting Technology and Folk Belief in Posthuman Spirituality

    Evelyn Wan

    27 Towards a Low-Trophic Theory in Feminist Posthumanities: Staying with Environmental Violence, Ecological Grief, and the Trouble of Consumption

    Cecilia Asberg and Marietta Radomska




    Grant Hamilton is Associate Professor of English Literature at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He teaches and writes in the areas of literary theory, twentieth-century world literatures, African literature, and computational literary studies. He is the author of The London Object (2021), The World of Failing Machines (2016), and On Representation (2011). He is the co-editor of A Companion to Mia Couto (2016), and editor of Reading Marechera (2013).

    Carolyn Lau teaches and researches on global speculative fictions, contemporary literature, and narrative futures in the Department of English at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is the author of Posthuman Subjectivity in the Novels of J.G. Ballard (2023).