1st Edition

Margery Perham and British Rule in Africa

Edited By Mary Bull, Alison Smith Copyright 1991

    Margery Perham was an outstanding influence on official and academic thinking on British Colonial rule and decolonization in Africa during the middle part of the century. The book traces how the Second World War transformed her view of colonial rule and of the rate at which it would have to be relinquished.

    Introduction, Alison Smith, Mary Bull; Chapter 1 Prologue, Roland Oliver; Chapter 2 Margery Perham’s Image of Africa, Cherry Gertzel; Chapter 3 Margery Perham’s Initiation into African Affairs, Deborah Lavin; Chapter 4 Forging a Relationship with the Colonial Administrative Service, 1921–1939, Anthony Kirk-Greene; Chapter 5 Margery Perham, Christian Missions and Indirect Rule, Andrew Porter; Chapter 6 Margery Perham and Africans and British Rule, Michael Twaddle; Chapter 7 Margery Perham’s The Government of Ethiopia, Edward Ollendorff; Chapter 8 Writing the Biography of Lord Lugard, Mary Bull; Chapter 9 The Coming of Independence in the Sudan, Wm. Roger Louis; Chapter 10 ‘Dear Mr Mboya’, Alison Smith; Chapter 11 Margery Perham and the Colonial Office, Kenneth Robinson; Chapter 12 Margery Perham and Broadcasting, Prudence Smith; Chapter 13 The Nigerian Civil War, Martin Dent; Chapter 14 Margery Perham and her Archive, Patricia Pugh;


    Alison Smith