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Margins of Development

About the Series

This book series is concerned with the most recent emerging production of margins in different societies. It is about the people who feel, at best, ignored by and, at worst, further or newly marginalized by systemic changes in labour and capital movements and local state programmes and policies. It draws inspiration from sociology and anthropology’s overarching aim to explore and better understand the condition of people who feel that they are living on the margins of society under the contours of development. Although sociology and anthropology provide the guiding framework, we invite contributions from related disciplines and fields of study including development studies, human geography, migration and refugee studies, labour studies, leisure and tourism studies, cultural studies, feminist studies.
We want to expand the old boundaries of marginality studies. The actors involved can extend from poor migrants to other actors in society who feel marginalized. The subject matter involved can extend from resource and power distributions to the pursuits of particular cultural values and lifestyles.

If you would like to propose a book for this series, please contact Dr Wing Chung Ho, Hong Kong City University, [email protected].

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Living in the Margins in Mainland China, Hong Kong and India

Living in the Margins in Mainland China, Hong Kong and India

1st Edition

Edited By Wing Chung Ho, Florence Padovani
May 06, 2022

With a range of case studies from Asia, this book sheds light on empirical realizations of marginality in a globalized context using first-hand original research.In the late 2000s, the financial crisis witnessed the fragility of high levels of market integration and the vulnerability of ...

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