1st Edition

Marine Biomaterials Characterization, Isolation and Applications

Edited By Se-Kwon Kim Copyright 2013
    840 Pages 244 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    840 Pages 244 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Oceans are an abundant source of diverse biomaterials with potential for an array of uses. Marine Biomaterials: Characterization, Isolation and Applications brings together the wide range of research in this important area, including the latest developments and applications, from preliminary research to clinical trials. The book is divided into four parts, with chapters written by experts from around the world. Biomaterials described come from a variety of marine sources, such as fish, algae, microorganisms, crustaceans, and mollusks.

    Part I covers the isolation and characterization of marine biomaterials—bioceramics, biopolymers, fatty acids, toxins and pigments, nanoparticles, and adhesive materials. It also describes problems that may be encountered in the process as well as possible solutions. Part II looks at biological activities of marine biomaterials, including polysaccharides, biotoxins, and peptides. Chapters examine health benefits of the biomaterials, such as antiviral activity, antidiabetic properties, anticoagulant and anti-allergic effects, and more.

    Part III discusses biomedical applications of marine biomaterials, including nanocomposites, and describes applications of various materials in tissue engineering and drug delivery. Part IV explores commercialization of marine-derived biomaterials—marine polysaccharides and marine enzymes—and examines industry perspectives and applications. This book covers the key aspects of available marine biomaterials for biological and biomedical applications, and presents techniques that can be used for future isolation of novel materials from marine sources.

    Part I: Isolation and Characterization of Marine Biomaterials

    Introduction to Marine Biomaterials
    Se-Kwon Kim and Jayachandran Venkatesan

    Hydroxyapatite from Marine Fish Bone: Isolation and Characterization Techniques
    Jayachandran Venkatesan and Se-Kwon Kim

    Hydroxyapatite and Calcium Phosphates from Marine Sources: Extraction and Characterization
    Clara Piccirillo, Manuela M. Pintado, and Paula M.L. Castro

    Isolation and Characterization of Chitin and Chitosan as Potential Biomaterials
    Nitar Nwe, Tetsuya Furuike, and Hiroshi Tamura

    Structure Elucidation and Biological Effects of Carrageenans from Red Algae
    Wei Zhang, Ming Liu, and Poul Erik Hansen

    A Study of Marine-Derived Fatty Acids and Their Therapeutic Importance
    Parimal C. Sen

    Marine Toxins for Natural Products Drug Discovery
    Muthuvel Arumugam, Thangavel Balasubramanian, and Se-Kwon Kim

    Conotoxins: A Source of Biomaterial for Pharmacology and Neuroscience
    Ngo Dang Nghia

    Pigmented Marine Heterotrophic Bacteria: Occurrence, Diversity, and Characterization of Pigmentation
    Marit H. Stafsnes and Per Bruheim

    Antitumor Pigments from Marine Bacteria
    Azamjon B. Soliev and Keiichi Enomoto

    Structural Characteristics of Bioactive Marine Natural Products
    Snezana Agatonovic-Kustrin, David Morton, and Christine Kettle

    Environmental and Human Impact on Marine Microorganism–Synthesized Nanoparticles
    L. Karthik, Gaurav Kumar, and K.V. Bhaskara Rao

    Biosynthesis and Characterization of Different Nanoparticles and Its Larvicidal Activity against Human Disease Vectors
    Arivarasan Vishnu Kirthi, Chidambaram Jayaseelan, and Abdul Abdul Rahuman

    Mussel-Derived Adhesive Biomaterials
    Dong Soo Hwang, Yoo Seong Choi, and Hyung Joon Cha

    Part II Biological Activities of Marine Biomaterials

    Biological Applications of Marine Biomaterials
    A. Malshani Samaraweera and Janak K. Vidanarachchi

    Health Benefits of Sulfated Polysaccharides from Marine Algae
    Se-Kwon Kim, Dai-Hung Ngo, Thanh-Sang Vo, and Dai-Nghiep Ngo

    Biological Activities and Potential Applications of Marine Biotoxins
    Alberto Otero, María José Chapela, Jorge Lago, Juan M. Vieites, and Ana G. Cabado

    Compounds from Marine Organisms with Antiviral Activity
    Se-Kwon Kim, Fatih Karadeniz, and Mustafa Zafer Karagozlu

    Biological Activities of Marine-Derived Bioactive Peptides
    Chen Zhang, Yuanfeng Ruan, and Se-Kwon Kim

    Health Beneficial Effects of Docosahexaenoic Acid: A Marine Treasure
    Na-Young Song and Young-Joon Surh

    Treatment of Obesity and Diabetes with Marine-Derived Biomaterials
    Se-Kwon Kim, Fatih Karadeniz, and Mustafa Zafer Karagozlu

    Potential Anticoagulant Effect of Seaweed-Derived Biomaterials
    Se-Kwon Kim and Quang Van Ta

    Microbial Biomaterials and Their Applications
    Se-Kwon Kim, Ira Bhatnagar, and Ramjee Pallela

    Marine Biomaterials for Antiallergic Therapeutics
    Se-Kwon Kim, Thanh-Sang Vo, and Dai-Hung Ngo

    Part III Biomedical Applications of Marine Biomaterials

    Biomedical Potential of Unchlorinated Briarane Diterpenes from Gorgonians and Sea Pens
    Bruce F. Bowden and Ioana M. Vasilescu

    Application of Marine Collagen-Based Scaffolds in Bone Tissue Engineering
    Ramjee Pallela, Jayachandran Venkatesan, Ira Bhatnagar, Yoon-Bo Shim, and Se-Kwon Kim

    Biocomposites Containing Chitosan for Bone Tissue Engineering
    Sekaran Saravanan, Mohita Trivedi, Ambigapathi Moorthi, and Nagarajan Selvamurugan

    Marine Plants and Algae as Promising 3D Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
    M. López-Álvarez, J. Serra, J.M. Sánchez, A. de Carlos, and P. González

    Application of Marine Biomaterials in Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Surgical Challenges
    Samit Kumar Nandi, Uttam Datta, and Subhasish Biswas

    Marine Materials in Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering: From Natural Role Models to Bone Regeneration and Repair and Slow Delivery of Therapeutic Drugs, Proteins, and Genes
    Besim Ben-Nissan and David W. Green

    Polysaccharides from Seaweeds: Modification and Potential Application in Drug Delivery
    Héctor J. Prado, María C. Matulewicz, Pablo R. Bonelli, and Ana L. Cukierman

    Marine Biomaterials: Role in Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering toward Biomedical Applications
    Devarai Santhosh Kumar and Kota Sobha

    Application of Marine Biomaterials for Gene Delivery
    You-Kyoung Kim, Hu-Lin Jiang, Bijay Singh, Yun-Jaie Choi, Myung-Haing Cho, Toshihiro Akaike, and Chong-Su Cho

    Advantages of Chitin-Based Nanobiomaterials in Nanomedicine
    S. Sowmya, Shantikumar V. Nair, and R. Jayakumar

    Chitin Nanofibrils for Biomimetic Products: Nanoparticles and Nanocomposite Chitosan Films in Health Care
    P. Morganti, G. Tishchenko, M. Palombo, I. Kelnar, L. Brozova, M. Spirkova, E. Pavlova, L. Kobera, and F. Carezzi

    Role of Nanocomposites and Nanostructured Biomaterials in Biomedical and Nanobiotechnology
    Abdul Bakrudeen Ali Ahmed, R. Arun Kumar, and Rosna Mat Taha

    Part IV: Industrial Applications of Marine-Derived Biomaterials

    Industry Perspectives of Marine-Derived Proteins as Biomaterials
    Se-Kwon Kim, Dai-Hung Ngo, Thanh-Sang Vo, and BoMi Ryu

    Marine Polysaccharide (Chitosan) and Its Derivatives as Water Purifier
    Y. Dominic Ravichandran and R. Rajesh

    Industrial Applications of Marine Polysaccharides
    S.N. Joshi, A.N. Bedekar, and P.N. Sudha

    Application of Enzymes from Marine Microorganisms
    Xiujuan Shi, E. Song, and Chen Zhang



    Professor Se-Kwon Kim, Ph.D., is a senior professor in the Department of Chemistry and is the director of the Marine Bioprocess Research Center (MBPRC) at Pukyong National University in the Republic of Korea. His major research interests include investigation and development of bioactive substances derived from marine organisms and their application in Oriental medicine, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals via marine bioprocessing and mass-production technologies. He is a board member of the International Society of Marine Biotechnology and the International Society for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods. To date, he has authored more than 500 research papers, holds 110 patents, and has written or edited more than 40 books.

    "… stuffed with best and recent information, techniques, delivers good ideas and motivates for further research and forecasts future activity in the marine renewable sectors on specified topics. Essential reading …"
    —Dr. P.N.Sudha, D.K.M. College for Women, Tamilnadu, India

    "… should be on the shelf of every university library and laboratory actively involved in Marine Biomaterials research. The book will inspire the new scientists and will continue to be a useful reference material for many years."
    —Vassilios Roussis, University of Athens, Greece

    "… includes several interrelated topics associated with development and use of marine biomaterials including isolation, characterization, biological activity, medical use, and industrial use. … a strong effort … "
    —Roger Narayan, UNC/NCSU Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

    After the 2011 publication Chitin, Chitosan, Oligosaccharides and Their Derivatives, and the 2012 Marine Cosmeceutical, both edited by professor Se-Kwon Kim, this third book… represents another precious source of ideas useful for increasing the knowledge on chitins and the other interesting raw materials obtained from the sea …"
    ––The Journal of Applied Cosmetology, 2013

    "This is an extremely informative and thoroughly referenced volume that covers essentially all aspects of the various stages involved in the commercialisation of a broad range of marine-derived bio-materials, beginning with isolation and characterisation, through assessing bioactivity, to specific applications. It is therefore highly recommended to individuals, both in academia and industry, with interests in any aspects of the isolation, identification, testing, and application of marine-derived biomaterials ..."
    —Charles J. Knill and John F. Kennedy, Chembiotech Laboratories, Tenbury Wells, UK, from International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, September 2015